lilix hellfire

lilix hellfire


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 26

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About Me

Dare to take on Philadelphias latest vixen? With years of semi-competitive, fantasy, and domination. Very fetish friendly with a love of suffocating my little victims in strong scissorholds. Dont let my height and petite stature fool you. Behind the beauty lies a dangerously strong and fast goddess. Can you take me on? 

Lilix is experienced in Mixed Martial Arts from boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, and krav maga, to domination and fetish play. Her speciality? Smothering, facesitting and scissorholds. Lilix has the ability to knock you out multiple times in a session if desired. 

Please email:

I host in my private, discreet, clean and inviting play space with excellent quality wrestling mats. Reach out to me with the details below for a response: 

My rates are as follows:

$300 an hour / $400 for 90 minutes and $550 for 2 hrs.


Please let me know the following in your session request:

Who are you? How long have you been doing sessions and what do you desire the most? What do you want to explore?

When Emailing please include- Type of Session, Experience level, Date and Location.

Please send me References and detailed description of Special Requests for a Session and or Pertinent Details. Look Forward to a Fun Session With You SOON!!

Please dont bother asking a bunch of other various things about what will happen during the session... we can figure details out AFTER the session is confirmed with a deposit

I have a strict FOUR email policy in which a session must be setup and deposit made

I will not entertain anyone that emails me and needs convincing to session or anyone that tries to negotiate with me. My rates are what they are for the service I provide. This is a luxury so make sure you can afford it before you even message me.

I have a $100 minimum for anything (like Skype, phone, email, pics)

$100 deposit  for all sessions required via PayPal

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Semi-Competitive Boxing
Fantasy Boxing
Foxy Boxing
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Belly Punching


Want to session Please email me with any questions your wrestling experience and your availability. Email with your session interests availability and references.

No response whatsoever to several emails and direct messages after seeing her Tweet that she was now available.

I can understand not offering sessions. But I will never understand the discourteous unprofessionalism of not replying at all.


That is uncharacteristic of her. She has always been very professional with me and answered my emails within a day. Give it a bit, we are all going through some trying times....BTW-her sessions are amazing!!


I first sessioned with Lilix in February of 2020. We began a correspondence via email where we discussed her requirements, arrangements and the particulars of my desired experience.

From the onset she was attentive, professional and judgement free. I felt safe.

On meeting her I was struck not only by her beauty, but her competence and confidence regarding our up and coming session. This quickly allayed my anxiety a great deal. I was in good hands.

I must admit, this experience was a new adventure for me, and she took the time to ease me into the place I needed to be.

During the session she was incredibly insightful with respect to my triggers. She possessed a high level of intuition, nearly bordering on clairvoyance, when it came to executing elements of fantasy I myself had not yet been able to articulate.

She knew what I wanted even before I did.

Lilix was (is) amazing to be with. My search for someone who could truly understand me, and my rather odd idiosyncrasies, was over before it even got started.

JJ (West Chester)

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