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liska wolfe


Location: San Francisco, Northern California

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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

 I’m in front of you, red lips and sparkling eyes. Caresses & warmth take your mind away from the stress of the week. The next moment I’m behind your ear, whispering, “what mischief will we get into next?” My breasts almost touch the back of your neck as I consider pressure points, advanced rope bondage techniques, poses and a bit of amateur wrestling. 

You’ve told me all that you desired, but your heart still races with the unknown. So why be nervous? The only tangible reason is that you’ve given me the most valuable thing. Your trust.

As we begin our play the adrenaline washes away into endorphins. The impact and pacing matches your breath. The rhythm excites you for what could be possible.

I notice a strain in the way you hold your foot in place, so I tie a futomomo while overlaying rope on the shins, so when you move the pain is more intense. Some call me a helpful sadist.

After I release you, we spend a bit of time just enjoying a sweet conversation. How you ended up here, where you will go, what charms me about you. The weight of the world shifted on your shoulders, the demands left your mind. I gave you back the most valuable thing. Trust in yourself.


Would you like to try a new kind of wrestling experience, where I dance my body over you, embracing you tighter than any scissoring could do? And if your lucky, fly in my embrace through suspension?

Your First Test:

Are you ready to brave the dark deep waters of your desires, to be vulnerably seen in the presence of a sorceress, to alchemically shift what’s imaginable?

I seek clients who are in alignment with my high expectations & values. The best way to see if we are a good fit is a phone call. Accurate, serious and respectful clients will be responded to in 48 hours.

Phone consultation requests are only accepted through my website (no email requests will be tolerated). A free fifteen minute phone consultation will cover consent, desires, verification, and times to meet. If you would like to have a sexual fantasy phone call, please see the niteflirt site.

Same day appointments are available, but at times I have a high volume of requests. To rise above the others, send a gift my way.



Mistress Wolfe

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Honolulu December 9th-12th 2019

If you get the chance I highly recommend you taking the time to book liska wolfe for a session. She is a lot stronger than she looks. After first meeting liska, I have to say I was a bit nervous: her calm, outgoing, informative approach put me right at ease.
As the match begins I found it to be quite a struggle: liska begins to overpower me at times when I thought I had pinned her down she would escape and before I knew it I found myself submitting to power and eventually found myself tied up. Since this amazing fun experience I have been making numerous sessions to see liska wolfe again over the past yr and a half. I would love to schedule another wrestling/bondage session with liska wolfe.


Liska was early to our wrestling match. She proved to be a beginning-stage enthusiastic wrestler who laughs a lot, is comfortable with her dancer’s body, learns eagerly and is a delightful conversationalist. She responded promptly to my emails as we sorted out details. Need I say more?

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