Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
E-mail: littlemissrampage@gmail.com
Height: 4'11” - 150 cm
Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 28
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I recently had a fun, hard ballbusting session with Little Rampage. When it came to scheduling a session, she was very easy to talk to. She was open and honest and the planning was easy.

When I arrived at her place, I was very much attracted to her. She even put on a top which I requested which was very attractive. She was very attractive because of her physical beauty and also her kinkiness.

When the session started, she took it easy then slowly started getting more commanding. By the end of the session, I knew she was in control and was absolutely fine with it. Along with her command, I was also impressed by her knees. She kneed my balls with those battering rams of hers. Those thighs were powerful and punishing. By the end of the session I was good and busted. At the end we gave each other a nice hug, and then I walked to my car while still feeling a good throbbing :)

I certainly recommend Little Rampage and would have to say she is a ball of fury and fun!


I had a blast caving your nuts in ❤️


I sessioned with Rampage a few days ago, and I’m still feeling the effects haha. It was easy to tell she really loved to fight, which is an attitude I always love. So you can try to wrestle her if you want to, in fact she might make you, but you might as well not even try. She’s really skilled and with her low center of gravity and beautiful thiccness combined, you just can’t move her or do anything. Everything she does has a little more umph behind it. She can squeeze, she can smother, she can dominate, she will kick your ass straight up. And her laugh is amazing.

Would definitely book again 100%


I’m gonna miss you 😭


Just had a session with LR last week. She was awesome. Lot's of fun. Very fast, VERY strong. Her scissors are incredible and impossible to get out of. She was very professional and accommodating as far as setting up session. She's a great person which made the session that much more enjoyable. I will definitely see her again if/when she comes back around.


Thank you 🙏 💕

DM Patrick

I met Rampage during her recent visit to Boston, and had a fantastic experience. As many have said do not let her size fool you; Rampage is short but packed with more power than you can imagine.

Her scissors are legitimately inescapable, and her surprising upper body strength will keep you pinned as she laughs at your weak attempts to escape.

Gents, she is powerful, sexy as hell and on top of that a gracious hostess who enjoys the session as much as you do (if not more). Here’s hoping she visits here again soon.


Awww thank you !! 😍


^^What this guy said^^

The sexiest person alive, what more needs said.


Hey thanks ;)


A bit late here, but here it goes.

It's rare to meet a fellow weeb in our world and Rampage was a delight to session with! She was polite and quick to reply in the e-mails and in the session, she was amazing. She did her character perfectly and was fun to talk to after. And as someone noted before, those arms of hers are ridiculous, and her legs are almost as strong! She also knows her way around grappling too.

Highly recommend!


Thank you so much for your review !<3


I met Rampage when she came to Raleigh, and what can I say? This was a treat.

I’d first become aware of Rampage a year or so ago, and I became an instant fan. While I love many different body types, hers was particularly interesting - as you can see, there are few wrestlers out there with her height and combination of muscle. I really respected that she was into working out and improving her body, and you can see the result. As someone who combs this website frequently, I can tell you, you won’t find anyone built quite like her, and I treasure that uniqueness.

You can see that, though. I’m bringing this up because I want to emphasize that, as much as I’d built up a high opinion of her from a distance, she exceeded my expectations.

We started with simple wrestling, and while her hip was hurting and she couldn’t quite give me the full power of her squeeze, I was able to tell that she has power to spar. I like to compare her to a wrecking ball. Small, compact, but strong and fast, able to really bowl into you. Her size works more to her advantage than you might think. I’m a fairly tall man, about six feet, and it was difficult to catch and hold her down for any real period of time. She was able to wiggle out of my holds, get on top, worm her way around me, and it only got harder as we become sweatier. She’s fairly skilled, too, catching you in holds easily and locked them in tight. Once on top, she’s hard to get off.

But she has fun, which is a good thing. Whatever the position, whoever is on top, she’s smiling and having a good time, and you want to have a good time with her. She has an infectious personality.

It’s what made the second part of our session so good. In the past few months, I’ve been trying to incorporate more traditional BDSM into my sessions - things like whips, wax candles, clothespins. I hadn’t thought she would be into it that much, that she would be more for standard session wrestling fare. I almost left my toys outside, thinking they wouldn’t be used. As it turned out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

She made use of just about everything she could get her hands on, with a surprising love for scorching my skin with the candles. She wrapped me up, rode me around, trampled me, squeezed me, and left my breathless under her smooth, fulsome flesh, laughing the whole time. Rampage is great at a playful, fun, giggling dominance.

Some dommes are more serious, some are sensual, but she’s one of the few who can pull off of a schoolgirl kind of act, like you’re just a toy for her amusement. Her size probably helps that image, but her attitude really drills it in. The way she laughs, the way she carries herself the things she says, the way she looks at you, her smiles, it all comes together to paint the image of someone who truly delights in your pain, and it makes for the kinkiest time. When we meet again - and I hope that happens - it’s something I’d definitely want to delve deeper into, and if you’re a sessionguy with my sort of mindset, Rampage is perfect.

For someone who’s been on the scene a relatively short time, Rampage is an exceptional session wrestler, and I strongly feel she’s only getting better with time. I might sound like I’m gushing, and maybe I am, but it’s all too easy to expect more out of dommes than they can reasonably give, to put them on top high of a pedestal. It’s refreshing to not only have those expectations met, but exceeded.

If you’re in Florida or if you’re lucky enough for her to come anywhere near you, book with Rampage. You’ll get a memorable experience.


👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This was beautiful

I truly enjoyed our time together - a memorable experience indeed. Can’t wait to come back and torture you some more !


Little Rampage was a delight!

Her ass and thighs had me practically drooling. Her breasts suffocated me, and her face was both pretty and cute/sweet at the same time. Her bubbly, affectionate personality was exactly what I wanted out of a youthful little shorty like herself. Her face-sitting was the best I've ever experienced. Her arms were probably her strongest weapon, and were too much for me, so I asked her to just keep it to leg-scissors and face-sitting.

Thank you Rampage, and please come back to NYC this year!


Thanks for the accolades ! I hope to make it back out soon


Thanks for the accolades ! I hope to make it back out soon


I was traveling in Florida and some plans fell through. Somewhat last minute, I reached out to Rampage and she was very responsive. Made a deposit to book our session. She showed up at my hotel on time with several outfits to choose. She was pleasant and easy to talk to. I enjoy sleeper holds and other holds in a mostly fantasy to semi-comp style session. We had a good time and I must admit, while not s “technical” wrestler, had a lot of fun. She’s very good with her chokes etc

A really good time.


Thank you for your review !
I am a white belt in jujitsu 😅 so I’m still learning for sure !


Met with littlerampage at fellow session girls house. She definitely is worth meeting. Able to easily pick me up and probably carry me for miles. Great to talk to on any subject from nerdy things to whatever subject carries over to. Had many great positions for face sitting and would knock me out from limited breathing from her muscular ass and thighs. She wasn't lying when I was there, stating that one of her thighs is possibly bigger than both of my legs. Easy to communicate and set up a session. Overall if you have the chance, you should do a session with her. Maybe my next time I will do some wresting, I would lose easily LOL.


<3 It was such a blast sessioning with you ! Thanks, hope to get a chance to do it again soon ;]

Philly Femdom

I just recently had my first session/shoot with Rampage for my clips4sale shop Philly Femdom, and I loved it. We got along right away as acquaintances, and once our session started it was clear we passionately enjoyed many of the same things both on and off the mat, and quickly she opened up and started doing whatever she wanted with me in our session and I loved it. I love intense sessions, I love being thrown around, held down, even knocked out for real, and Rampage could easily handle that. She's short and thicc, and she is hiding a ton of dense muscle in that little body, and once she puts it on you without going easy on you you will tap out or pass out very quickly, like she's made me tap out within 4 seconds of trying to make me tap out, and she's also made me pass out within 4 seconds of applying a rear naked choke. She assured me her rear naked choke was scary, but it's only scary if she wants it to be, which she did to me several times, but when she told me she wanted to give me a rear naked choke for real and not just tease me, I passed out so fast I didn't even have time to be scared, I didn't even feel it coming, she is that good. When her biceps and forearms flex, you feel your throat not even able to stand against it at all, your throat instantly shrinks in her grip, usually leading you to pass out. I don't think an anaconda can squeeze that quick with that much power.

Her legs were no joke, either. She put me in a reverse headscissor and didn't go easy on me, and yet again I passed out so quick I didn't feel it coming. Those legs are mostly muscle for sure, and she'll turn you purple literally just by gripping your throat properly without applying any power. But when those inner thighs tighten, and those glutes tighten, you won't have time to tap, so make sure you're OK with real KOs before you tell her to not go easy on you. At one point she even took me down to the ground using a handstand reverse scissor, and as soon as she had me down there she adjusted her grip and flexed so hard her hips came off the matt, and as soon as her inner thighs tightened in that hold, I was out, didn't even feel it coming as I was just staring at her voluptuous ass.

But Rampage doesn't have to be intense, she also loves to tease and has the endurance to do a ton of it. She'll wrestle you down into a hold and just keep you locked up in it and apply enough pressure to keep you sweating and keep you tapping here and there if that's what you want. And if you want her to smother your face with her epic ass afterward, she'll completely cover it until you're tapping out.

She loves to be competitive, but she also loves to dominate. Sometimes we'd just go at it and she'd use trips and grapples to take me down for real, other times she'd just walk up to me with a dominating aura, fiercely tell me to get down, and then once I did it she'd put me in an intense hold and shit talk me while she did it. Rampage is two girls in one; your sweet, sultra, happy-go-lucky girl who will please you and test you and compete with you while laughing or smiling, the kind of girl you can speak open and freely to and just relax with, and she's also that dominant woman who legitimately wants to use you for sadistic fun or for grappling/choking training, and she will tell you where to go and what to do and as soon as you accomplish it she will saunter up to you in a super sexy, dominant manner and just start using you like a rag doll, trying to make you beg and holler, if that's what you tell her you enjoy.


She is heaven on earth. A sweet voice with a commanding presence. She is power packed into a tiny package. Safety is her first concern, but after within that she will have you begging for more pain and punishment. More than worth the money. I need to see here again.


Smallest girl::biggest fun. Not sure what it was that tipped me off for wanting to meet her (I usually pick girls a foot taller) but I'm very glad I did. She's got good moves, wicked speed and legs a 200 pound powerlifter would be proud of. I'm psyched to book an even longer session with this gnarly mega pixie dream girl.


Such an awesome personality this girl has ! You can tell she actually loves what she does and her rear naked chokes will tear your head off. Absolutely will be returning to Florida for another session.


Rough and tough! This mighty midget really kicked my ass! Shes super fast and has killer ground work. I will absolutely be returning for the goddess rampage and all of her fury!


Just did a Female vs Female session involving Little Rampage and my Girlfriend. Awesome and fun session. Rampage was sporty and a bundle of energy. The session was easy to set up and she has a very down to earth personality. You can tell she definitely likes to session which made it fun. We will definitely session with her again.


WOW WOW WOW ! I just had a session with Rampage and I must admit, this little fire cracker does not disappoint. She requires a deposit in order to schedule (fair), Is prompt with correspondence besides when she is working on weekends (fair), and she is very upfront and honest! Nearly popped my head off! I highly recommend sessioning with this alternative busty beauty

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