Location: Brooklyn, New York
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Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Dont let my size or my smile fool you. I may be small in stature but Im competitive in nature with a bark aa sharp as my bite. Its always fun and games for me. I enjoy watching you lose.


In addition to wrestling, I specialize in FemDom--specific to humiliation. Its a game of cat and mouse - where I try to keep you just enough alive so I can conitnue having fun.


Triangle and Scissorhold are my favorite.



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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
10-15-2019 10-30-2019 London United Kingdom
11-27-2019 11-30-2019 Charlotte North Carolina United States
12-10-2019 12-14-2019 San Francisco California United States
12-22-2019 12-26-2019 Naples Florida United States
12-27-2019 12-28-2019 Miami Florida United States
Figuring out travel dates but they are flexible

I've had several sessions with Goddess Lola Jean. I can vividly remember so many moments with her. After my first match, I was lying on the floor, beaten and broken, and instead of just letting me lay, she put on her boots said, "I emasculated you," and then made me lick her boots. Another time she beat me, she made me look into her eyes and said, "Remember this moment. Remember how you feel right now, powerless to do anything against me."

Every match I get some "offense" for a brief second or two, and then she reverses my momentum and I'm back where I belong, on the bottom. While I can never beat Lola in a competitive match, the real match is our mental game vs. each other.
She is my superior, while I am her mental midget, unable to compete.

She answers emails quickly, is super professional and I'm sure I will be seeing the bottom of her boot again.


Sorry for the late review, but, had a session with lola jean just before christmas and it was phenomenal! Caught her just in time, she’s flexible with her schedule, but not all the time. She totally dominated me with ease! She has gotten better and better! Check her out!


Great session with Lola Jean on tuesday night!! Due to my work schedule and the time i got off, Lola was able to accommodate me by meeting up at my desired time, which was late, but she obliged. Pretty strong gal, headscissors(reverse, front, side). Facesitting was phenomenal! A bit of trash talking involved, but couldn’t hear anything!! If you know what i mean! Very strong grip as well, keeps you in a specific hold unless you tap out, would definitely recommend, go see her!!

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