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Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic

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**Fully vaxxed 4/3


Dont let my size or my smile fool you. I may be small in stature but Im competitive in nature with a bark as sharp as my bite. Its always fun and games for me. I enjoy watching you lose.


In addition to wrestling, I specialize in FemDom--specific to humiliation. Its a game of cat and mouse - where I try to keep you just enough alive so I can conitnue having fun.


Triangle and Scissorhold are my favorite.


Available for custom trash talk videos


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Figuring out travel dates but they are flexible


06-06-2021 - 06-06-2021
Erotic Asphyxiation: A Wrestling for Lovers Production (ONLINE)

LT and Lola slow things down with a specialized class on all those chokes you wanted to know more about
This special edition of Wrestling for Lovers will focus on the popular fetish of Asphyxiation. Blood chokes, breath chokes, fantasy chokes.....if you thought there was only one kind, you have much to learn! There's no denying porn has made choking seemingly ubiquitous and normalized in a sexual setting. That doesn't mean that everyone desires this, but if you do, you should learn to do so properly! In an effort to teach individuals safe and sexy ways to execute this without hurting your lover. Knowledge is power, don't attempt anything unsafe without proper knowledge and especially without consent!
With a very heavy focus on safety, there will be much to learn to understand the mechanics of the body as well as how to utilize your own to administer chokes and holds. Tapping out is EXTRA important with this focus. We will discuss why individuals may find this desirable and distinguish the difference between the physicality versus the fantasy approach. Prepare to be educated on common mistakes individuals make. We always err on the side of caution for our classes.

Anthony in DC

Lola did an excellent trash talk video for me. Look forward to wrestling her in person sometime. Highly recommended !


Due to the pandemic wasn't able to face Lola live but was able to request a trash talk video from her.

She is amazing. She hit every aspect of what I wanted to hear and then some. Cannot recommend enough, and hope that when things return to normal I'm able to face her for real.


So had a session with LolaJean yesterday (Thursday), and it was fantastic as always! Post covid, so was trying to be as careful as can be (wash your hands, etc), anyway, Sessioning with LolaJean always makes me feel comfortable. If possible, she has gotten stronger, asked for semi-comp/ fantasy, but you know how that goes! Once you’re in a hold of hers, it’s hard to break away. Then, you tire yourself out and she dominates you! Good trash talker as well, super easy to talk to, smile on her face before, during, and after the session. Check her out, shoot her an e-mail, highly recommend!

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