Location: Brooklyn, New York
E-mail: lolajean2198@gmail.com
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
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I recently had a session with Lola and it was one of my favorites! Lola was very easy to talk to and I immediately felt comfortable after meeting her. We did lifts, semi-comp wrestling, and some domination play afterwards. All the lifts were done with squats, impressive for someone her size! Her legs are no joke. I don’t have any experience with wrestling so she was able to control things rather easily. Communication was great. Overall, a top-quality session. I will surely try to schedule another in the future.


I recently had an incredible session with Miss Lola Jean. The main reason it was so good was due to Miss Lola providing my ideal session exactly how I detailed it. We had a 2 hour session and she really nailed the physical and mental aspects of her domination.
Miss Lola is a very solid wrestler. I asked for semi-comp because I wanted to put more energy towards the domination. I could tell that she could have easily done more to me if we were in a more fully competetive match. But again, she provided me with my specific wrestling request.
Miss Lola is truly impressive with her domination play. Her trash talking is off the charts amazing. She serms to have a vast range of talk that she can throw at your to provide a mental beatdown.
If you are looking for a wrestling and domination experience, Miss Lola is near the top of this profession. On this final note, I also found Miss Lola to be very professional, witty and enjoyable to speak with. She is a gem in this business and I would definitely session with her again.


After my match with Lola Jean, I was tired. Not just a little exhausted, not minor fatigued - I was weak-kneed, aching, barely able to walk, and all of this despite having a full night’s sleep before our session and coming in with as much energy as I could spare. I walked into the room with a full head of steam and left worn down to the nub, and I’m emphasizing this because I want to give you a full understanding of just how energetic of a session this was, all around.

I’d asked for a session that mixed wrestling with more traditional BDSM - whipping, candles, sensation, temperature, and impact play, and she delivered far beyond my wildest expectations. While she was hardly the first session wrestler that I’ve indulged in this sort of thing with, I will say that she was the best I’ve encountered so far, showing an expertise and creativity that was refreshing and welcome. Some of the women I’ve done with - not all, but some - just sort of randomly use the tools I bring, applying them without much thought, experimenting with this and that. It can be fun, but after a session with Lola Jean, I fully understand just how intense such a session can be.

She has mind games down to a science. Tied up and blind folded, she could work me to her will, playing with my senses, makinf it impossible to guess what was coming or where the next blow would land. She’d tease a blow to my chest, then light up my legs with candles. Pinch my legs with clothespins, then take my chest with her sharpened fingernails. It made for a maddening experience, and it’s not hard to see why - Lola focuses on the mental aspect in ways and with a skill that, I feel, few of her peers can match.

That’s not to say that she’s a slouch physically, however. In fact, I was surprised to learn how powerful her legs were, and that’s not a compliment I pay easily, having my head crushed by the likes of Sara Lips and Ava Simone. I took her to have a more petite frame - not short or too skinny, but I figured she would be on the lower side when it came to strength. I was proven wrong the moment she got her legs around my waist, crossed her ankles, and proceeded to pour on the pressure. Her thighs are solid, dense muscle, and it feels like she’s literally into you with each pulse of her thighs. When she got those legs around her my head and locked them, in there was precious little I could do to escape, and she dragged me right to the edge of conscious in short order.

She was also very formidable in combat. Quick on her feet, agile, and flexible, she was adept at working a situation to her benefit and manipulating me as she wanted. I feel I did a decent job of holding her off for the first few minutes, but after she got the first submission, it was as if she figured my deal out and didn’t have much of a problem after that. She wracked them up, one after the other, until I was nothing but a pathetic toy for her to manipulate.

If you wrestle her, I can bet that you’ll have a similar fate, and you won’t be disappointed. Lola Jean’s one of the best women in this industry - professional, easy to set up with, knowledge, athletic, skilled, fun and reasonable. If you live in NYC or have the good luck of having her drop by your area, I definitely recommend sending her an email to get a session going. You will not be disappointed.


I've had several sessions with Goddess Lola Jean. I can vividly remember so many moments with her. After my first match, I was lying on the floor, beaten and broken, and instead of just letting me lay, she put on her boots said, "I emasculated you," and then made me lick her boots. Another time she beat me, she made me look into her eyes and said, "Remember this moment. Remember how you feel right now, powerless to do anything against me."

Every match I get some "offense" for a brief second or two, and then she reverses my momentum and I'm back where I belong, on the bottom. While I can never beat Lola in a competitive match, the real match is our mental game vs. each other.
She is my superior, while I am her mental midget, unable to compete.

She answers emails quickly, is super professional and I'm sure I will be seeing the bottom of her boot again.


Sorry for the late review, but, had a session with lola jean just before christmas and it was phenomenal! Caught her just in time, she’s flexible with her schedule, but not all the time. She totally dominated me with ease! She has gotten better and better! Check her out!


Great session with Lola Jean on tuesday night!! Due to my work schedule and the time i got off, Lola was able to accommodate me by meeting up at my desired time, which was late, but she obliged. Pretty strong gal, headscissors(reverse, front, side). Facesitting was phenomenal! A bit of trash talking involved, but couldn’t hear anything!! If you know what i mean! Very strong grip as well, keeps you in a specific hold unless you tap out, would definitely recommend, go see her!!


Awesome session with Lolajean! Called her the same day, and she made it happen, despite my schedule and hers. Also, very responsive to e-mails! Highly recommend her, she was a blast!


FYI: I do not manage the WB270 profile - that is run by a wrestling agency I sometimes work with. This is my independent and personal profile.


Met Lolajean for a session Thursday night on the same day it was scheduled. So, she was able to set up the session and accommodate my time on short notice. Now, as as the session, semi-competitive/fantasy, pure heaven! Thrash talking was great as well. She’ll definitely bring you down and make you see stars, highly recommended!


Hi I had a great time my first time doing it she made it so easy for my first time her power is unbelievable I would see her again


Met with Ms. Loyla for a session and wow, do not underestimate her. She was pleasant and outgoing. Loyla was very accommodating and really works to make her sessions what you want.

Do not let this young lady fool you, she's strong and knows exactly what she's doing.

I highly recommend Loyla if you're in NY, she won't disappoint you.

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