Location: Charleston, South Carolina
E-mail: loracrossmodel@gmail.com
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Height: 5'2” - 157 cm
Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 35
Deadlift: 230 lbs
Benchpress: 120 lbs
Squat: 170 lbs
Legpress: 400 lbs

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About Me

 Personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness model and Fetish actress thats ready to kick your ass (or just have so fun roleplay if thats more your speed).

Love to domme men and boys who think they can take me! Also, ive been getting a ton of people emailing that are concerned about me going to hard during a fantasy roleplay session, and i assure you that i just want us both to be safe and to have a blast getting to know each other in a very unique way!

Limit: 3 emails before a deposit has been paid due to a heavy influx of messages that take a large amount of time to keep up with and respond to. Im more than happy to continue to email you and figure out the specifics with a phone call or further emails after the deposit is paid!

Please state in your first email: age, weight, location, the type of session you are wanting, any questions you have for me before you make a decision and state and health issues or concerns that i need to be aware of!


oh also for lift and carry sessions - 210# weight limit 


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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
10-25-2021 10-28-2021 Las Vegas Nevada
10-28-2021 11-01-2021 Colorado springs Colorado
11-06-2021 11-07-2021 Richmond Virginia
11-07-2021 11-09-2021 Washington DC Virginia
11-09-2021 11-11-2021 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
11-11-2021 11-14-2021 Boston Massachusetts
11-14-2021 11-15-2021 Newark New Jersey
11-15-2021 11-16-2021 Harrisburg Pennsylvania
11-16-2021 11-18-2021 Charlotte North Carolina
11-22-2021 11-24-2021 San Antonio Texas
11-26-2021 11-28-2021 Fredericksburg Texas
12-26-2021 12-28-2021 Chattanooga Tennessee
Hey yall! Yes Im originally from Texas Im a personal trainer with a masters in exercise physiology a dietitian competitive cat fighter and fetish actress thats into everything from fantasy wrestling oil wrestling foot domination scissoring sessions and semi-competitive matches where we go all out. Ive been training 3 x a week primarily in jiu jitsu. My current strength is submission wrestling and particularly with longer matches... I tend to shine In the second half of the hour session or two hour sessions Must provide a recent reference with contact info or do a skype session before our in-person session! Deposits are 150 to book and theres a 3 email policy before booking! Lets have some fun!

I had a second lift and carry session with with Lora in Atlanta. She has gotten stronger and was able to keep me up in a back breaker much longer this time. I think she could’ve kept me on her shoulders for a long time. She couldn’t be sexier, nicer and more accommodating. We did cradles, shoulder sits, racks, and a few fireman carries. You definitely will leave the session looking for more, and will want to see her again and again.


Wow. Just finished the absolute best session of my life with the incredible Goddess. Strong, Smart, and beautiful inside and out. She was an absolute pleasure to speak with and her skills are on point. I weigh a solid 170 of muscle and she lifted me up like I was nothing. Her scissors are devastating and her demeanor is just perfect. I cannot recommend her enough.

Frank O

I just finished a session a few days earlier with Lora and it’s given me time to process.

First, she’s super easy to book and she’s a very good communicator. She also didn’t back out last minute which has unfortunately happened to me a few times.

She is very pretty and yes her body is that good. Not bulky but super fit, lean and chiseled. Those pictures don’t lie. Insane.

As for our match, it was competitive (no pins) with 5 min rounds and 2 min breaks. I needed all 2 mins. Her energy is off the charts. She keeps going and moving and is never in one place. She is also super strong and may be the strongest women I’ve wrestled pound for pound. There is a lot of power in that 108 pounds.

She has a lot of good jiu jitsu and wrestling moves. Armbar, triangle and rear naked choke. She ended up getting a RNC in one of the rounds that was so fast, I didn’t know what happened. I went from an advantage to tapping within a few seconds. Another round I had the advantage the whole round and thought I would get her to tap but she doesn’t give up and wiggled out with less 30 seconds left and submitted me as I had no gas left. Those losses mess with your head and she loves to get those late round taps.

The last 2 rounds were probably my favorite part of our match from an adrenaline standpoint. I was ahead and she was not having that. “I want my point” was her battle cry. So add nonstop energy to a determined and very competitive woman, I felt like a palm tree getting blown around in a hurricane wind.

Ultimately, I did squeak out with the victory. She truly is a Wonder Woman but I was able to find a small hole in her game and exploit it. The bad news for all of us is that she knows what the hole is and she’ll go back and get it fixed. She told me she wanted to take a few months off and train hard in the dojo. My suggestion for anyone who wants a competitive session would be to set up a session before she gets any better.

Overall, A+. You don’t want to miss her because she has all the right stuff ( personality, attitude, beauty, fitness, skill) to make any match memorable.

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