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loren blaine


Location: Jacksonville, Florida
E-mail: lorenblainexxx@gmail.com

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Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33

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I love to be in charge and dominate others. I am strong and getting stronger every day. I love to grapple, squeeze necks with my legs and arms and shove my feet deep into throats. I travel often so please give me a shout if youre anywhere in the USA and interested in a session! Check out my modeling page: http://www.modelmayhem.com/2844588 Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lorenscissors/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lorenblainexxx Buy my clips on C4S: http://clips4sale.com/studio/26416/Reality-Girls-Scissors#startingpoint Watch previews of me here: http://clips4sale.com/preview/flowview.php?id=12579443 http://clips4sale.com/preview/flowview.php?id=12505387

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I travel frequently throughout the USA so feel free to email me with your location and perhaps Ill be near you !

I just had a great session with loren. I have sessioned with a few women on this website but Loren is the most beautiful one in person. She is also pound for pound the strongest. If you are looking for an intense and hard session, she is the girl for you. We started off with a boxing beatdown. I lasted maybe 5 minutes. Each punched cracked my face and had seeing stars. I have two blacks eyes as I write this and could be more amazed at the power she packed. I wanted a beatdown and got it. She smiled the whole time while she wacked me in one eye, punched me in the stomach to lower my guard just to hit the other one. Before I knew it i was on the ground.

Her scissors are also strong, the strongest Ive felt. I was tapping like crazy. She had me begging to stop the whole time.

Overall 10/10. She gave me exactly what I was looking for. Shes great to talk with and very friendly and nice. More beautiful than her pics. If you want an intense babe with knockout power shes the one.


I was fortunate enough to have a session with Loren recently. She is a MUST SEE woman.

Loren was extremely accommodating and answer my many questions. I was nervous and she took the time to ease my concerns and worries.

When we met I couldn't believe how pretty Loren is. She is actually prettier in person than in her photos. Her smile makes you smile.

We arm wrestled and I couldn't even move her arm. She won 5 out of 5 and laughed the entire time. At that point, I knew I was in trouble.

When we wrestled I had a ton of fun but was scared to death. She is strong as anyone I have ever met and had me seeing stars.

She was kind and nice but loved hurting me. She didn't even break a sweat.

Loren is a must see!!!!


Recently I made the four hour drive to Pittsburgh to session with Loren Blaine. You might think that's quite a long distance to drive for a session but in this case it was well worth the trip. First off Loren is even more beautiful in person. She has one of the most athletic toned bodies I've ever seen. I like to include role play in my sessions and am always a little skeptical when I go to see a new girl. My skepticism was unfounded as Loren is as good at role play as any of the over twenty girls I've seen.
We started out with a fifteen minute "get to know each other" wrestling match on the bed before getting into the two role play scenarios I had planned out for our two hour session. Loren quickly took me down with a tight headlock and combined it with a body scissors. I instantly felt the strength of those toned arms and legs. As she pinned me on the bed she said,"C'mon try to get away." I was to embarrassed to tell her I had been trying but judging from the look of satisfaction on her face I think she knew. After a few minutes of struggling I was forced to tap. Loren smiled and looked deep into my eyes and said,"Surprised aren't you? C'mon you can do better than that" as she rolled me over, took my back and locked on a sleeper. Having been a fan of Loren's video clips this was a moment I had long been waiting for. I was not disappointed. Now I've experienced many girls sleeper holds over the years and Loren's is by far the best. When locked in it you are forced to tap immediately. A vision of Meisha Tate knocking out Holly Holm raced through my head. But the best part is that Loren is so technically sound there is no chance to escape once she locks it on. She eased off on the pressure a bit to tease me and I foolishly thought I was going to escape. I tried but I couldn't pry her arm off my neck and she hid her hands so well I couldn't get to them. She spared me a knockout (for the moment, that would come later) and released the hold as she locked on a head scissors. I soon found her legs to be as strong as her arms. My screams for mercy were ignored as she locked both hands over my mouth and poured on the pressure with those muscular legs. Next came the arm bar. Talk about pain. I screamed and begged and pleaded but she wouldn't release it. (I had told her to play the heel and she seemed to enjoy it).
Now it was time for our first role play session and after experiencing a fifteen minute beatdown I was so excited to see what she would come up with. In this scenario Loren was to play the meanest female wrestling champion that ever lived. I played the part of a wrestling magazine editor that wrote a very negative article about her. She breaks in to my apartment to get her revenge. As I entered the room Loren jumped on my back, locked her legs around my mid section and locked on her patented sleeper. Now I've been in this hold many times but I've never felt anything like this before. It felt like my ribs were going to shatter. I grabbed her thighs and I can honestly say I've never felt muscle like that before. Rock hard!!! She increased the pressure on the sleeper hold and at this point I realized I was 100% at her mercy. I begged her not to knock me out. She again decided it wasn't time yet. She forced me to the ground, pinned me down and went with a two handed choke. I squirmed but I couldn't shake her. I felt so helpless as I felt myself starting to go out. She spit on my face as she berated me for writing that article. Then came the slaps to the face. At least twenty with each one harder than the previous. Next came a full nelson body scissor combo as she continued to soften up my mid section. Another sleeper brought me to the edge and once again I found myself locked in a head scissors. This one was the most unbearable of all as she held me for ten minutes and at least half of that time she had her hands locked over my mouth and nose. I remember thinking I didn't know how much more I could take. I knew now it was useless to fight back. I was no match for her. Another headlock had me begging for mercy again but there be no mercy. I had to pay for writing that article. She pinned me down, forced my mouth open and jammed her fist down my throat. (I had actually requested this). I'm not sure I ever felt such a panic rush in all my sessions. It felt like I was going into convulsions. I've seen this done on some video clips and always thought it was kind of fake. Boy was I wrong!!! As I'm gasping for air she takes a tube sock and shoves it in my mouth and then wraps duct tape around my mouth to keep it in place. Still flat on my back I experience my first ever foot choke and once again my lights start to dim. I remember thinking how amazing it was that a girl I outweigh by 100 pounds was wiping the floor with me and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop it. It was time for some striking and I was the recipient of a dozen hard punches to my stomach. Wow does Loren pack a punch. She gets her full body weight into each punch. I have the bruises to show for it. Finally Loren decided she had punished me enough. She dragged me to the mirror and orders me to watch. She starts to lock on the sleeper and I'm out before she can even get her second arm behind my head. That's right a one arm choke out. Damn those arms are incredible.
In the interest of time I will save the second role play review for a future post. But in conclusion I'd just like to state that Loren was a true professional and definitely not a clock watcher. In fact she took the time to talk "session wrestling" after our session and was genuinely engaged. One last comment. I have never met anyone with the energy that Loren possesses. She was as energetic the last minute of our two hour session as she was the first. Loren Blaine is definitely a must see!!!!!!!

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