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Height: 6' - 183 cm
Weight: 245 lbs - 111.1 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 33

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I am naturally dominant, tall and curvy girl. I am very friendly but also bitchy person ;)

You can meet me for fetish, wrestling or domination session in Prague, Czech republic or schedule session somewhere else if youre willing to help with expenses.

They say Im very strong, especially my legs can squeeze very hard. Dare to try?

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Bern 27.10. evening only Zurich 28.-29.10. Vienna 12.-13.11. Only guys who will pay deposit and for wrestling always with reference! Bookings via

Based on the video with her going up against Ina Black, she seemed very easy to beat. She did not seem that strong, skilled or even committed to winning.


Ina Black might be the most skilled and lethal woman offering sessions in the world, so saying Lucrecia couldn't hang with her doesn't say much of anything at all.


Wrestling against Lucrecia
Going in I knew that it would be a very one-sided affair as she not only topped my 5’6” by six inches, in addition she outweighed me by a hefty 81 pounds. Yet, I intended to give it all I had and to make her work and work very hard for each submission and for each pin. Prior to the match I told her I wanted to struggle and that I would mainly leave it up to her what holds to apply to force a submission or to have my shoulders solidly pinned for ten seconds.
We had wrestled a couple of times a while ago. Even though I was soundly defeated both times, I felt I had been in the fight and that I had made her work for each pin and submission. I had realistic expectations that I would do a little better this time around. As it was, this time she totally cleaned my clock. True, she had gained about 3 or 4 kilos since our last meeting. That alone does not explain her total domination. I believe she has improved her wrestling skills and as a rank amateur I had no defense.
We started out on our knees. We managed to encircle each other’s body with our arms. So far so good. Two seconds later I was on my back and Lucrecia on top of me. She put her knees onto my shoulders, basically using all her weight to nail my shoulders to the mat. She slowly started to count, during the early part of the match I occasionally even managed to lift one of my shoulders, she repositioned herself a little, again pinning me, and whether I liked it or not, this time she was able to reach the ten count without me being able to escape the pin. Total time elapsed, certainly less than a minute.
In this fashion she was able to pin me over and over again and there was nothing I could do to stop her. With some variation each fall started the same way. Once she had encircled my body or neck with her arms, she heaved either to her right or to her left and I found myself looking up at her as she mounted my body. From that mount position she would pin me as before or easily would catch me in head or body scissors. The first time she applied head scissors I thought I could hang on for a bit, but that was mainly due to the fact that she only applied minimal pressure initially. Once she increased the pressure I quickly tapped out as I did not want to be knocked out, which she very easily could have done.

Had she wanted to she could have scored a ten-count pin or a submission in less than a minute each time we squared off. To break the monotony, she moved me around straddling me various ways. I had a difficult time with her weight to the point that I felt I had to tap out at times when all her weight was on top of me, even though she did not apply any submission holds at this very moment. No matter what I tried I was unable to prevent her from applying various submission holds, including face sitting whenever she chose that particular hold or decided to sit on my face. Once she decided to end a fall, in seconds I either was counted out or had to signal my submission.
It certainly was a very sobering one-sided affair. I have a difficult time to replay in my mind the various holds I found myself in. The one scene that remains in my brain is, when she was reverse face-sitting me on my lower face, so that I was still able to breath through my nose. As she was leaning backwards cutting off the air totally, I still could see the curvature in her spine creating a little valley in her muscular back. With my shoulders solidly pinned to the mat, it became a race whether I would tap out or whether Lucrecia would reach the ten count before I tapped.
I believe to achieve a ten count against a struggling opponent signifies a more convincing victory than forcing an opponent to tap out. I have no idea how many times I was forced to tap out as I quickly lost count. I am convinced, however, that the number of times she pinned me for ten seconds was significantly higher than the number of my tap-outs.
As an interlude we tried bondage wrestling with the obvious results. By the time I managed to get a piece of rope half way around one of her legs, she basically had me solidly tied up. I did achieve a moral victory when I managed to loosen one knot, she thought she had secured. That delayed the final outcome by perhaps 30 seconds.
Even though I was soundly defeated, and felt this in my body for a couple of days afterwards, Lucrecia was very careful throughout the match not to cause any injury. Once she had secured a superior position, she gradually increased the pressure and immediately released the hold when I tapped. It is obvious that she enjoys to wrestle and I think she likes it when her opponents struggle in vain. That probably is the reason why I find her so attractive.
Afterwards I told Lucrecia that this potentially could have been our last meeting on the mats as she simply was too strong. Now, about a month after we met, I am thinking to give it another try.

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