Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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Height: 6' - 183 cm
Weight: 245 lbs - 111.1 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 31

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About Me

I am naturally dominant, tall and curvy girl. I am very friendly but also bitchy person ;)

You can meet me for fetish, wrestling or domination session in Prague, Czech republic or schedule session somewhere else if youre willing to help with expenses.

They say Im very strong, especially my legs can squeeze very hard. Dare to try?

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Bern 27.10. evening only Zurich 28.-29.10. Vienna 12.-13.11. Only guys who will pay deposit and for wrestling always with reference! Bookings via

Perhaps it's a bit late but two months ago I just had a wonderful and amazing double session with Lucrecia and Amazon Olga in Israel.
This was my second time I met Lucrecia and this time was even better and more powerful (physicially and mantally) than the last time,which was also in Tel Aviv,about 10 months ago.
Anyway,I enjoyed from every second of the session and really hope to meet her again someday and that the experience will be even more delightful and special.
during the session I was totally crushed,smothered.flattened and trampled by those two tall and beautiful amazons and it was really great to worship and admire their perfect body,to submit completely to them and to be like a toy at their feet.
The session lasted about 2 hours.Two hours at heaven! :D
Anyway,I highely reccomed about those two fadies and you may read also my review about Olga at her profile,that although she's very new to this world.she did a really good job during the session and she learn quick... :)


I met Madam Lucrecia in Tel Aviv. This is my second session with her. She is after an injury so it was more light wrestling and holds sessions. This only showed how talented she is. Her holds are unbreakable. She is very flexible and quick to her size and she is using her size and strength very professionally. Also trying, I couldn't got any upper hand on her or to break any hold. Even with my extreme effort I managed to loose a little one of the holds she easily switched to another hold. Another good point is that she really enjoys wrestling and as she told me, she had to restrain herself in order not to ruin me. To know that also I am a big strong guy, 181 cm, 85 kg, and that I'm powerless against her and practically she can outwrestle me whenever she wants makes it even more exciting. She is very friendly, respectful and professional. Respects her limits and you will got a real amazon that can crush you.


Had an absolutely fantastic time with Madam Lucrecia in Dublin, Sept 2018.

Firstly she was very patient and flexible with her time as I was on a strict schedule. She facilitated me even though I was running late.

For the session itself she was amazing. Completely overwhelmed me with scissors and some moves like I've never experienced. Now I will admit I'm a bit of a limp fish when it comes to sessions but Lucrecia was more than capable of taking control and showing off her strength.

Very easy to talk to between bouts and very respectful of my limits. Would highly recommend for everyone.

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