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Height: 6' - 183 cm
Weight: 245 lbs - 111.1 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 31

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About Me

I am naturally dominant, tall and curvy girl. I am very friendly but also bitchy person ;)

You can meet me for fetish, wrestling or domination session in Prague, Czech republic or schedule session somewhere else if youre willing to help with expenses.

They say Im very strong, especially my legs can squeeze very hard. Dare to try?

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
09-09-2019 09-12-2019 Tel Aviv Israel
Israel - 10-12th possible double sessions with Amazon Olga Only guys who will pay deposit and for wrestling always with reference! Bookings via

I met Madam Lucrecia in Tel Aviv. This is my second session with her. She is after an injury so it was more light wrestling and holds sessions. This only showed how talented she is. Her holds are unbreakable. She is very flexible and quick to her size and she is using her size and strength very professionally. Also trying, I couldn't got any upper hand on her or to break any hold. Even with my extreme effort I managed to loose a little one of the holds she easily switched to another hold. Another good point is that she really enjoys wrestling and as she told me, she had to restrain herself in order not to ruin me. To know that also I am a big strong guy, 181 cm, 85 kg, and that I'm powerless against her and practically she can outwrestle me whenever she wants makes it even more exciting. She is very friendly, respectful and professional. Respects her limits and you will got a real amazon that can crush you.


Had an absolutely fantastic time with Madam Lucrecia in Dublin, Sept 2018.

Firstly she was very patient and flexible with her time as I was on a strict schedule. She facilitated me even though I was running late.

For the session itself she was amazing. Completely overwhelmed me with scissors and some moves like I've never experienced. Now I will admit I'm a bit of a limp fish when it comes to sessions but Lucrecia was more than capable of taking control and showing off her strength.

Very easy to talk to between bouts and very respectful of my limits. Would highly recommend for everyone.


Hello wrestling fans,
I would like to share with you my experience with private session with marvelous Madam Lucrecia. We agreed semi-competitive match for 30 minutes and for winner of match next 30 minutes of domination wrestling with bondage. From the beginning I knew who would be winner because 3 months before I had first session with Lucrecia and I got terrible beating.

Lucrecia invited me in her private wrestling studio with a smile, in good mood. She was charming and beautiful as I remember her from our first meeting. For your information I middle size man 183cm, 83kg with sporty body and you know Madam Lucrecia is big and strong lady.

She agreed with video recording of our session which i appreciated a lot. We started with arm-wrestling. I was happy because I overcomed her by both hands (2:0 for me). J Lucrecia mentioned she is not good in armwrestling. However she has other strong weapons.

We started and she let me push her down and straddle her. I could sit on her chest and tried for schoolboy pin. She easily unseated me. I attacked by bodyscissor. I squeezed as strong as I could. She was only smiling and asked me to squeeze harder. No way I was unable to make her submit. After a few of my hopeless attempts for her submission She suddenly threw me down straddle on my chest and pin my hands down on the mat. I was in classical schoolboy pin. I tried to unseat her but there was no chance she is too heavy for man as me to escape from that hold. After while she move more front and my head was between her mighty thighs. She pull my helpless hands straight in front of my head. Then she sat on my face. My head disappeared in her big boom. After a while I couldn’t breathe. She moved up and let me take a breath and sat again she tortured me like that for a while then i finally tapped out.

1:0 for Lucrecia after 7 minutes.

2. Round

I was determined to score at least one point. Lucrecia obviously did not struggle with all her might. It was chance for me I got her down and sit on her chest and tried to push hands to the mat. Lucrecia protect herself and rolled over by chest down. I was on her but I could not flip her on her back. So I tried to apply reverse head-scissor. Lucrecia reacted quickly, stand up on knees wrapped her hand around my neck and pulled me between her legs and squeezed my midsection. It was terrible pain. I could not withstand it. I resigned quickly and tapped out. 2:0 for Lucrecia, 10:20 match time.

3. Round

It began similarly as previous round. Lucrecia let me wrestle her and I tried to score my first point. However I had to admit I was unable to score. As soon as she decided to make a point she did it even though I protect myself as strong as I could. 3rd point she scored by reverse head-scissor. She clamped her mighty thighs around my neck and head and squeezed. I tapped out immediately. Score 3:0 for Lucrecia, 13:50 match time.

4. Round

Lucrecia finished me very quickly because she applied grapevine in combination with breast-smothering. This hold in performance of Lucrecia is impossible to resist I think nearly for anyone. Of course in my case I submitted in a moment. Guys I like this hold very much. Lucrecia is wonderful women. So I didn’t mind when my face disappear in her cleavage and I could not breathe. J Score 4:0 for Lucrecia, 19:20 match time.

Fight should continue for another 10 minutes according original schedule but Lucrecia changed her mind and decided to tie me. She released grapevine and facesat me, pulled my hands above my head and sat on them. I was so easily trapped, I tried to release myself by my all force. However I could not do anything. It was very humiliating. Lucrecia was smiling to my face when she was tying my hands by a rope. She bondage me so easily I felt as a puppet in her hands. Then she started to play with me.

Firstly she facesat me from front and rear as well. I enjoyed it a lot, even though I cannot breathe. In fact this scenario was in my dreams.

Then she breastsmothered me by her nice big boobs. She smothered me until I tapped out and I tapped out many times. I enjoyed that torture so much. J

Of course She squeezed me by her strong legs from many positions. It was the most painful part of our session.

She beat my ass by a ropes and finally she did little trampling to me. It is quite dangerous because of her weight but she was very careful did it gently.

Then she released the bondage and I thought it was end but it was mistake she wanted to continue with wrestling. I noticed she like to wrestle and I was delighted that even though I am one many guys she wrestled she enjoyed wrestling with me. So I tried to be good opponent to her for another 10 minutes. However no point on my score side was added.

It was my second session with Madam Lucrecia and I have to say it was really nice, exciting time for me again and I know that in the near future I will ask Lucrecia for next session.

Be well.

Frank alias Franta

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