madam muriel

madam muriel


Location: Cabo, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

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Height: 6'4” - 193 cm
Weight: 225 lbs - 102.1 kg
Physique: BBW

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I am a 6 foot 4 inch Giantess Glamazon, very dominant, fetish enthusiast, wear a womens Size 13 shoe, and delighted to cautiously offer sessions now. I am fully vaccinated and you should be too. 

I have been doing sessions for many years, just recently returning to this site. I enjoy advanced set appointments with references, and am never available at the last minute. 

I LOVE size comparison, foot everything, thumb wrestling, arm wrestling, fantasy wrestling, leg wrestling, and love modeling and posing. Piggyback rides considered, and I can put you through an unusual and sexy training regime too! 

I do not offer sensual/sexual services, so please dont ask! Gift cards (a.mazon/g.oogle etc) are not accepted under any circumstances. No scammers/flakes. 

Services Offered

Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Tickle Wrestling


Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09-26-2021 09-28-2021 Athens Greece
10-01-2021 10-03-2021 Los Angeles California
I will be in Athens Greece however for the week prior will be at sea with unpredictable wifi connectivity. Please be patient if you do not hear back from me right away I will drive booking sessions during the listed dates in Athens. Please include desired type and length of session desired overall tone of session. Please be thorough in your emails or I will not take you seriously and completely disregard you as a time waster. I am not a wrestler but rather a very experienced Dominant Fetishist and extreme adventurer. I am very open minded.

Had a wonderful session with Madam Muriel a few weeks ago. Leading up to it she was very professional in our email exchanges that showed a clear intelligence and love of life and very generous with her thoughts and asking about your expectations for the session.

During the session she was the perfect Amazon. Every bit of 6'4" with a curvy and strong body to boot, she was completely dominant and loved to explore my limits. As the other poster here stated, she loves to hold your gaze and stare at you, in my case as she was standing on me waiting for me to tap out. I can't recommend her enough. Very engaging conversationalist, again with a deep intelligence and warmth.


Wow! Had an incredible session with Madame Muriel this week. Do not miss an opportunity to session with her if you have a chance! She is tall, statuesque and beautiful. She is also intuitive and very dominant.

She asked me to meet at the elevators, and this just increased the anticipation. So many favorite moments! If she is sitting on your chest and pinning your arms down you will not get up. She loves to hold your gaze. In fact, at one point she took her thumb and forefinger and held my eyes open so I could not look away. I didn’t want to look away, but I had no choice. At another point in our session she put me face down and had me in a combination chokehold and covered my mouth with her large beautiful hands. Heaven!

She could destroy and devour you but will match your intensity. Highly recommend.


Amazing goddess! She is very understanding and is breath taking with her beauty and how tall she is!!:)

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