Location: Athens,
E-mail: madam.mysteria@yahoo.com
Phone: GR 00306980077849
Travel Phone: CZ 00420604263747
Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 55
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Pat from Boston

What an amazing and interesting lady! I met her for a sleepy lift and carry (ots and fireman’s carry) session with light domination.
I’m 5’8 175-180 lbs. I usually like to reverse the sleepy roles an carry the lady as well. But didn’t get the chance. When I walked in we talked briefly and pulled me into a close slow dance. She hypnotically said you are getting sleepy to the point I really was. She then tossed me over her shoulder and carried me around for an extended period of time. I’ve had ladies much larger thst could not have done this so effortlessly. She eventually put me in the bed and did light domination. Lifted me again and did her own role play with me. She did this for an hour straight using her imagination to talk and bring this experience to
Amazing depths. She definitely knows how to make a session unique and her own. You can tell when a lady enjoys her work and Mysteria certainly did. One of the very top ladies I’ve met with and I’ve met over 50. Well worth your time and money. One point I almost forgot to make. Her videos appear very hard core. But I want to point out she can tone it way down for a gentler session like mine.


This is a super hot femme fatale. Great physique and she does amazing teasing. I've enjoyed many online sessions with her. Highly dependent. Fantastic feet! Kisses to madam!


January 2019, i had a session with madam mysteria, i've been doing sessions since 1998 it's one of the best i had... i wanted a fantasy session, with a lot of lift and carry, and a little bit of domination. I was served......
She is very nice, not in a hurry. Igot everything i asked for, even more... I was scared at one point that she did more than was planned. She proved to me that i could not stop her. It was a great sensation. She is STRONG.....
she is one never to be missed.


Just met Mysteria for the first time in Boston on friday for a 2 hr semi-comp session. Wow ,wow and wow please come back again this year don’t make me wait till next year. What a session!! This beautiful woman can wrestle and wrestle hard. Good conversation great personality and very polite and makes sure you get exactly what you want in a session. Whenever she comes back I’m in for 2 more hrs that’s for sure. Thanks Mysteria


Today she was with her in Amsterdam. What a top body and very strong! I enjoyed and recommend it to everyone. It is worth repeating. Thanks Madam!


10-28-17 Los Angeles,, I'm still speechless, I haven't had many sessions like I had with Mysteria. Fun , intense well beyond my expectations. Can flat out wrestle. She is not a clock watcher just kept going. Mysteria I'm really looking forward to you coming back to Los Angeles. I'm definitely going to have a rematch and a longer session next time. Hurry come back and " Let's Roll"


I just came from my first session with Madam Mysteria In Boston and it was amazing.I had a sleeper hold / scissor hold and strangling session with mysteria. It was amazing her sleeper holds are awesome her scissor holds are deadly. She strangled me with her bare hands.Then she grabbed her leggings and started strangling me with that. It was totally awesome. One of my best sessions yet.Setting up the session with mysteria was easy she answers emails quickly. She is a very nice lady allways smiles.I would definitely book her again. Till the next time Mysteria. Rich

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