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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Slim
Age: 22

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Hi, I’m Madison. I’m your shy,  innocent but sexy schoolgirl available for fantasy to light competitive wrestling matches. I love to wrestle you down, get you in my schoolgirl pin & either slowly move up to smother you with no mercy or trap you between my legs, roll and squeeze you and watch you struggle to escape. Whether it’s forward or reverse head scissors or forward or reverse facesitting, my goal is to dominate and control you. 

I’m kinda new at this so always open to new ideas and ways to make you beg for mercy. I’m sweet but have a mean streak where I sometimes don’t let up just because you tap. 




Unfortunately I have been the victim of a lot of scammers, time wasters and people not serious about scheduling a session. So if I come across as rude to those of you who are serious and for real, I apologize in advance. Soooo....



DO NOT contact me unless you want to schedule a session. I’m sorry but I’m not here for endless back n forth emails and questions.  Please respect that thank you. If your email does not include WHEN you want to schedule a session, I will ignore you. If we don’t have a date scheduled w/in 3 emails, SEE YA!  These are my rules, I’ll ignore you if you ignore my rules:

1. Include the following in your FIRST EMAIL:

  -Your height/weight/age

  -Where you’re from

  -COMPLETE details of what type of session you want; to include what you would like me to wear and what you want to wear  

  -When you would like to schedule a session. If possible, give me a range of dates/times

  -ALL questions you have for me  ALL. 

-A list of references of other girls you have wrestled from this or the WB site if you have that  

2. DO NOT ask if I do something not listed that I obviously cannot do. I’m 5’3”, 120 lbs. NO I don’t do competitive or semi-competitive. NO I don’t do lift and carry. 

3. I am currently NOT traveling so please don’t ask  

4. I will NOT meet you anywhere besides my session house

5. NO sexually explicit talk.

6. I will not call or text you so don’t provide me with your phone # & don’t ask for mine. 

7. Unfortunately, in the short amount of time I’ve been on this site, I’ve had quite a few fakes and time wasters, so I now require a small deposit. IF you have verifiable references from other session girls, I’m totally willing to waive a deposit. Let me know if you will pay a deposit via Cash App or PayPal  

8. Tribute is 300 per hour and a deposit of 50

I do NOT do lift and carry or anything more than light competitive, but I’ll smother you with my feet, force you to kiss, lick and suck my feet and toes, I’ll bust them balls; I’ll kick em, knee em, grab em and squeeze em, I’ll punch your belly and your face, I’ll stand on you, trample you, tickle you, wrap you in Saran Wrap...

I have a very nice, safe and private home out of which I do sessions. Your comfort and privacy are guaranteed.  I have a 12’ x 14’ area  

Sorry bout all the rulez boyz but a girlz gotta have rulez. 


Services Offered

Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Couples Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Belly Punching



Had the unfortunate "pleasure" of trying to arrange a catfight session with Maddie as a surprise for my hubby's birthday. I spent 3-4 weeks making arrangements and getting the details worked out. Had to send multiple deposits because of an issue with the first one that I had to address directly with my bank due to being double-charged. With that resolved, or so I thought, the day we had arranged for the session arrived. On the morning of, she asked for my driver's license and other personal items that could have been provided several weeks prior. Seemed extremely shady with her approach along with her multiple interactions with a "trainer." Session was cancelled. Maddie will provide sob stories of how many times she has been screwed over by people, but she had no issues screwing us over.


As EVERYONE who has dealt with me (EXCEPT this fraud!) will attest, I’m 100% honest, with integrity and always more than willing to book a session. No different with this person.

After tons of back and forth emails, “she” sends the very small deposit of $50 to my trainer’s PayPal account, as my profile clearly states. She said she kept sending the deposit to my Cash App but it kept getting screwed up so that’s when she sent it to the PayPal account.

Up to this point, everything had been going fabulously. Then my trainer calls me and said she disputed the deposit and her bank reversed the deposit back to her and then charged him a $20 fee!

Still very nicely, I tell her what happened and she apologizes, says her bank accidentally double charged her or some BS and so she sends another $50 deposit and then she disputes that one and my trainer is charged ANOTHER $20 fee from her bank.

I personally spent over 45 minutes on a conference call with PayPal and my trainer so I could know exactly what the heck was going on, so I know all of what I’m saying is 100% TRUTH. AND he showed me all the transactions on his PayPal app.

NO OTHER GIRL ON THIS SITE or on the planet for that matter, would’ve given this fraud their deposit back after this unbelievable BS, but yet that’s exactly what we did. Luckily, after my trainer bitched up a storm, PayPal refunded him the $40 fees. So only hours of our time completely wasted by this psycho and not a penny to show for it.

And you’re damn right I asked for her ID, after 2 times in a row of “her” BS, what the F does she expect me to do?!

I even added that I’m available for catfights with girls after 1st hearing from her, why in the world would I do that if I wasn’t serious?!

This is 100% “her” who’s doing the screwing over and for “her” to try and flip this back on me is a pathetic lie.



I had a very pleasant session with Maddie last weekend. Her communication was prompt and professional, and setting up the session was quick and simple. Like SGS posted below, Maddie looks quite young and has a private house with a session area set up in a basement room with furniture and a small bathroom. She does seem quite shy, but is a total sweetheart. She is new at this but is willing to work with you and try new things if you ask. Maddie only does fantasy and light competitive, but she has a very nice scissors and seemed quite comfortable walking on me. (Having her walking on my back was probably the best massage I've ever had.)

I will be looking forward to seeing her again on my next trip north.

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