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Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Skype: https://Madison Swan
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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 29

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About Me

Happy Wrestling!

I am an energetic, strong female wrestler with a passion for head scissors! I have been in the industry since 2011! In 2013, I transitioned to wrestling andd modeling full-time! I have been providing personalized sessions on SessionGirls since 2018. I began working for the company FemWrestlingRooms. This company opened the doors for me to discover the dominant and strong woman within me! From there, I began to explore my new found passion. I began to explore other fetish productions and fell into artistic modeling! Soon after, I was so comfortable in my own skin became a very pro-active, professional artistic nude model. After this, I was determined to sharpen and fine-tune my wrestling skills! I began training as a Professional Indy-Wrestler, however, felt a pull back into the fetish industry! (YOU are ALL so much more FUN!!!) Anyways, I consider myself to be more submissive then dominate, however, I many people call me a classic SWITCH!  

I am currently offering the following services: personalized sessions, Skype/video/phone/text session, photoshoots, and custom videos. Most importantly, I am not here to hurt anyone (unless that is what you want :)), I am here to have fun and enjoy the experience together! I am a professional and I expect to be treated as a professional. I do require a non-refundable deposit for any pre-booked sessions, especially for first time clients. I am currently offering travel across the USA, as well. 


Personalized Bikini Style Sessions: 

30 Minutes- $200

1 Hour-$350

2 Hour-$700

3 +Hour-$300 per hour

Full Day Session-$2,000

8 Hours of Session Time with 1 Hour Meal-Time- 9 Hours 

+Topless is an additional $50 per hour +Nude is an additional $150 per hour

Skype Video/Phone/Text Sessions:

Skype or Video Style-$100 per hour +Topless is $150 per hour +Nude is $200 per hour)

Phone Chat Style-$75 per hour

Text Chat Style-$50 per hour

Private Photo Shoots: 

$100 per Hour for Athletic, Bikini and Lingerie

$150 per Hour for Above, Implied Nude, and Artistic Nude 

Custom Video Shoots: 

***Typically Two Week Turn-A-Round from Purchase Date****

$100 per 10 minutes per model

+$50 fee for topless models  +$100 fee for nude models

Additional $50 filming and editing fee for 10-20 minute videos; $100 fee for 20+ minute videos

Examples: A15 minute custom POV video with topless is $250

                A 10 minute custom with 2 models is $250


Please Contact me by Email for Bookings and Questions!

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Phone Chat
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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
10-25-2021 10-27-2021 Washington DC District of Columbia
10-27-2021 11-01-2021 Greensboro North Carolina
11-01-2021 11-06-2021 Knoxville Tennessee
11-06-2021 11-07-2021 Madison Wisconsin
11-07-2021 11-11-2021 Springfield Missouri
11-11-2021 11-14-2021 Peoria Illinois
11-15-2021 11-30-2021 Phoenix Arizona
12-01-2021 12-29-2021 Panama City Panama
ATTENTION Emails May NOT be responded to in the order received Rather Emails Will be responded to in the order of upcoming City Dates PRETTY PLEASE Put The Location City In Which You Are Requesting a Session INTO the Subject Line In Email

Hey It's Kyle and I'm really Intrested in doing a headscissors wrestling challenge with you Madison in Madison WI


Great person great session I had a great time I highly recommend her she makes it fun


Despite the rave reviews, I was hesitant to arrange a session with Madison. Something about her photos and videos made her seem a little stiff and distant, so I hemmed and hawed up until the last minute before I finally booked.

Let me tell you. I couldn't have been more wrong with my impression. Madison is warm, friendly, and possesses a sultry charm that few red-blooded American men could resist.

She loves wrestling and is anxious to give you what you want, so be careful what you ask for! I told her to go all out, and she choked me unconscious in less than two minutes! I don't go into a session looking to "win," but I did my best to escape the death grip she had on me.

Outweighing her by more than 40 pounds made no difference. Madison sent me to another planet for what seemed like hours but was only about 30 seconds from what she told me. Later on, I learned that she could probably crack ribs with her body scissors.

Madison is a true free-spirit and an amazing conversationalist. She can speak intelligently on subjects ranging from spirituality to motorcycles and even DIY auto repair.

Bottom line. I try to avoid decadent pleasures on the grounds that how can I endure pain if I can't deny myself pleasure? Everyone has to draw their line somewhere, but if you want to reward yourself for a lot of hard work, no Hollywood Mogul or Wall St Fat Cat could do better than Madison.

If you can make the drive to her location and back in one day, do it.

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