Location: Los Angeles,
E-mail: wrestlemalibu@yahoo.com
Phone: 818-974-0608
Travel Phone: 818-974-0608
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Just had another great session with Malibu, she's an awesome lady, we did boxing & wrestling which was fun for both of us, she got some holds on me & I got some on her. If you want to have fun, definitely see this one, she's great @ what she does


I had an amazing 10 rounds of boxing and gut punch match with this amazing lady if she's ever on your side of town don't miss out book her. ASAP!!!

your personal punching bag

Had a boxing session with Malibu and it was awesome, she wore the outfit that I requested and looked amazing in it. She traveled to Florence Alabama, just for me. I really appreciate it. It's the best session I've had🥊😘


Saw Malibu today in Pittsburgh for a boxing/wrestling session. She's one of the best, wore the outfit I requested, didn't rush, we did some boxing & wrestling, she's definitely tough, had me a couple of times during the wrestling. Definitely a must see if you're looking for a tough opponent


Just saw Malibu in Pittsburgh again. Had a great time as always with her, very nice lady. We boxed & wrestled, she's very tough @ both disciplines. If you are looking for a tough battle, she's definitely worth it.


Recently saw Malibu. She has about the best communications ever. Easy to set up and very open to any questions you may have.
Super friendly, always smiling! Someone that I now consider a friend.
I had asked her to wear her "Flag bikini". When she opened the door, WOW, she look so good!
She put me "to sleep" several times during the session. And she did so with perfection! It still amazes me how easily Malibu was able to put me to "sleep"!
If you have a chance, see her. She is friendly, beautiful, and will accommodate to your desired session!


Just had a fabulous 2 hr wrestling session on 5/30/19 with Malibu, so professional, really loves her clients , so skilled, fun , look if you wanna great wrestling experience book a session with Malibu , I already have a rematch session booked. You OWE it your self


Just had my first ever session with Malibu. She was great from start to finish. Setting up the session was easy and her communication was great. We boxed for 30 minutes or so. She brought the gloves and outfit I requested and looked great in them. We started off light just getting a feel for what we were doing but towards the end she really started giving it to me. Definitely put me down a couple times at the end. Great person to session with.


We had an amazing boxing session I look forward to gloving up with her again😊🥊

your personal punching bag

I had a great skype session with Malibu today and can't wait to meet her and be her personal punching bag!!


Still a skilled wrestler who is in great shape. She still tussles with the best of them, knows holds and she still looks like a gladiator in a bikini. Well worth your time to wrestle.


Don’t miss Malibu when she comes to your town. She doesn’t disappoint and is a great session. Powerful head scissors to.


I met JP in 1993 and she was such a Calif. Beach Bod. The coolest, prettiest, best built, honey of them all and a real good wrestler girl. I love her forever. She's my surfer girl till there ain't no,more waves. Go Malibu!


Malibu is a lot of fun to wrestle. I have sessioned with her many times.She is always in great shape, firm, but not too muscular. She is a very good wrestler, and looks great in a bikini. If her blonde hair and smile don't knock you out, her wrestling skills will.

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