mara buran

mara buran


Location: Moscow, Russia

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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 37

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About Me

Hello friends. In my life I have been engaged in cross-country skiing, shaping, skiing, snowboarding, long-distance hurdling, but the most important thing since 1998 I go to the gym and do with iron. And since 2016, I began to professionally engage in crossfit and compete. And since 2018, I have been engaged in the same struggle, grappling. My biceps are 33 centimeters in volume. Due to the fact that I do crossfit, I am very hardy and strong. I suggest you try it yourself. Recently, I often meet in Moscow with men for mixed wrestling, I noticed that those men who are up to 85-90 kg almost always lose to me. And they say that I am very strong.

Do not forget, my name is Mara Buran - Buran in Russian means a strong gale with snow. who will blow away everything in his path, just as I will destroy everyone who challenges me.

 He tried to rape me : (under this name: N Tumer) His name is Tumer. Here is his watsup:  905333857479  He is all the more big 125 kg 182 cm tall and 43 years old. I was lucky I was able to cope and run away, but I do not think that everyone can do the same. This is really a very dangerous person. And only the fact that I am strong helped me to run away and have time to grab my things. Of course, he did not pay for the session; there was no session. When I changed clothes for wrestling, he attacked me, ripped off my shorts, put my hand in my underpants and tried to dump me on the floor and rape me. But I was not taken aback and took the initiative in my hands. I threw him a judo throw, he fell, and hit hard, while he tried to recover, I was able to run away in my underpants into the corridor, grabbing my things and getting dressed there. I am in shock. This has not happened in my practice. It’s good that I’m alive and that I didn’t kill him.He says that he lives in the USA, mother is Turkish and father is American. Therefore, it apparently can be in Turkey and in America. And he came to Moscow as he says on business matters, where I met him yesterday.

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