marina redstar

marina redstar


Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Member for almost 2 years
Last logged in: 05/13/2020


Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 46

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About Me

FOR THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS AND QUARANTINE I do a Skype session : Foot fetish, posing, dirty words, humiliation. But not any vulgarity dear friends, and even more so naked !!!


Hey . I live in the northern capital of Russia - the city of St. Petersburg

Ive been doing bodybuilding since 2006

Now I work as a coach in the gym

so Im doing Grappling.

I propose to compete with me, I offer a real competitive mixed wrestling 

Volume of the biceps 36 cm

Sit-ups : 85 kg in 5 times 

Biceps: 18 kg 6 times;  (with dumbbells with the indicated weight in each hand)

Deadlift: 85 kg in5 times

pull-ups on a horizontal bar :15 times



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I met her in my country Egypt , she is so friendly, beautiful, she interested in all details about each thing such as time , abilities of client , and she is being so concentrated in session and very serious in it so it makes client feals great feelings, she has magical face sitting I did not see anything and feal as another life will approach but i love it , she has killer scissors with many poses backwards , forwarded, and in side pose scissor, each scissor I feal as my head will explode but she know what she did so no risk in it , and mixed wrestling session with her very beautiful, she is professional in mixed wrestling beside she is sexy , beautiful and friendly, I advice all to do session with her.


Marina is such a great lady and a perfect wrestler.
She is a lot more strong and more beautiful than she looks in the photos, she is so strong and fast that I can't beat her at all if we wrestled for ever.
She is also nice, friendly and understanding.
My session with her was really amazing like a dream coming true to be with this beauty and strength in that perfect way, she could lift and carry me easily too.
I really loved my session with her and can't wait for her next visit to my country.


I met Marina while she was visiting my town. She reply quickly and in details to my mails. Finally when we met, I saw she is much more beautiful than her photos. And when we grapple I saw that she is much more stronger than she looks too. We had a good, tough and enjoyable strength duels and wrestling. She is very tough and beautiful lady and our session was great. Cannot wait to see her again.

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