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Location: Berlin, Germany

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Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Hallo, my Name is Marina - but people say oft - Marticia, because I love Gothic))

First of all - i am a sportswomen, doing sport nearly 20 years - beginning with Weightlifting and powerlifting. Strong women, but notice - dont like Wrestling or so on - only for info)))))

About 12 years ago gone to Bodybuilding 

In Bodybuilding - 2 time Russian Champion IFBB 2008/2009, two times winner of Arnold Classic 2010/2011

German Champion IFBB 2016

Pro Card IFBB Pro League since 2018 - now a Pro Sportwomen))

Second - I am an artist and model and love all kind of Modelling, Shootings, Visage, photography  etc.

Stage is my second me))

Hobby - travelling. Driving car, driving bike)

Appreciate a new possibility for shootings/Modelling ))

Please, notice what things i offer - its - only - Shooting/Modelling/Training together...would also appreciate request for competitions preparing. 

... when i am on competitions is possible to do Shootings in other cities/countries). You could ask, or i will write it hier)


Services Offered

In-Gym Training


Liebe Leute 29-31.03 - bin bei der Workshop in Frankfurt am Main! Vielleicht werde nicht viel Zeit zur Verfgung haben aber sicher Paare Termine knnte ich hinkriegen LG Dear Friends 29-31.03 would be on Workshop in Frankfurt am Main. Is possible I would be very busy but anyhow would try to find a possibilities. Sincerely


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