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Location: New York, New York
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 31

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Kayla is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with a penchant for domination and fantasy wrestling. Tall, lithe, and powerful, the only thing she loves as much as a good roll is a good role-play. From semi-competitive to full fantasy, Kayla will push you around as she pleases. Fierce and funny, shell just as soon make you laugh as make you tap. This Amazon will master you.

Based in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Fantasy Boxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
Tag Team Matches
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Belly Punching


King of Prussia for an evening!

What can I say to do justice to the amazing Kayla? I first met Kayla two years ago for a session and it was great and I’m happy to report that she’s gotten even better in between. Her grappling skills are top notch and left me helplessly tapping out time after time. She’s just so good.

If you like a tough session with a genuine Amazonian then Master Kayla should be your first choice. Add to that the amazing personality and attractiveness then she really is the complete package. Highly recommended.


So, I drove to the hotel to pick up Master Kayla, an accomplished and reputable brown belt jiujitsu player and instructor (and crossfitter) on the morning of our 3 hour competitive gi and no gi session at my dojo. Per usual, Master Kayla had given me precise non-negotiable orders on when and where to arrive. For fear of consequences, I followed them to a T. She is a master, after all. THE Master. Know this. Disregard at your peril.

A special presence distinguished Master Kayla from all humans transiting to and from the hotel entrance. In sharp contrast, a tall athletically statuesque figure stood out amongst the hoi polloi. It could only have been a dedicated athlete, a fitness supermodel, a practiced assassin sent my way, or Master Kayla. All of the above.

From afar, we appeared as usual suspects who simultaneously noticed and acknowledged one another with confirming smiles. That smile! She had me right then and there! I just knew that that day was going to be special! Emphasis on understatement.

On the short ride to the dojo, we established a connection that would grow into an easygoing rapport. We were joking, laughing, having fun. But, there was serious business ahead that needed tending. Soon, we would be in our gis and preparing for rigorous physical engagement. I had to take pause and collect my thoughts in order to, however feebly or temporarily, inoculate myself against Master Kayla’s unrelenting charm and magnetic pull, for there was, no doubt, a proud collector of men’s souls within.

Master Kayla’s confidence, competence, and withering psych game, which had been on bold display since our early text exchanges, took on added dimension when we stretched together. Immediately clear to me was that this already gifted jiujitsu woman was so limber and so strong that it was going to be near impossible to tax her on the mat, let alone control or submit her. Smiling that huge, beautiful, disarming smile (it doubles as a psychological weapon), she stared into my eyes as she told me what would happen next. My heart raced as the modicum of confidence I had conjured to fight this woman Zeppelin’d to the basement of my stomach, launching the already roiling squadron of butterflies on high alert into frenzied flight when she casually, effortlessly, and playfully showcased handstands, handwalks, cartwheels, walkovers and handstand push-ups(!) around my body on the mats! What a tease! It felt like an Amazonian death dance ritual. Or, a celebratory genuflection to the upcoming man sacrifice the Grappling Godesses had gifted Master Kayla. Or, perhaps, the other way around.

It was time to face the music. Out of evolutionary necessity, my butterflies morphed into pterodactyls, and I was no longer able to contain myself. Unblinking, and inches from my face, Master Kayla again stared directly into my eyes with that wicked, joyous smile and, without a word, delivered my last rites (gulp!).

We went at it like animals. One was predator - a supremely poised apex predator, the other was prey - or merely catch of the day. We both knew it. I guess it was just really a question of how long I could hold out, how long I could last. While I gave everything I had, Master Kayla enthusiastically demeaned, heckled, and negated my every grip, my every move - my every effort - whilst maintaining that beautifully cruel gaze and smile!

The submissions came; they were fast and furious, technical wizardry on display. Whether setting up a sub or finishing one in a flourish, which always arrived in the form of a surprise or revelation to me, Master Kayla’s moves and holds were so stealthy, quick, precise, smooth, and secure, I am sure she could have done them in the dark or while blindfolded. Which gives me an idea for a future challenge. On the receiving end, I often felt as though I were tied up or caged and then tossed or fed into a rotary device or machinery - like a blender on puree or a clothes dryer set on hot and heavy duty. Or, a machine press on 10. That is, when master Kayla was not spider-guarding me into the K-cloud like a kite on a turbulent day at the beach. I struggled, but, ultimately, I suppose, was unable to produce much more than labored breathing, grunts, sweat, and frustration for all of my effort. And, hearty laughter from Master Kayla. Of course.

After a short water and chat break, we resumed. Master Kayla quickly seized control of me and dragged me to the outskirts of the mat to retrieve strategically placed pairs of handcuffs and leg shackles which, after a brief, but wildly intense struggle, respectively ended up securing my wrists (behind me) and ankles. BTW, handcuffs have nothing on Master Kayla’s wrist control.

Somehow, Master Kayla knew I held certain information that was especially pertinent and useful to her, and that which I would most definitely not divulge without robust encouragement, ie interrogation and torture at her lovely hands. Master Kayla has her ways, and they are most effective. She got what she came for. Well played, Master Kayla! Pure and simple, evil genius. With a smile. Actually, two as I smile as I write this.

Then, came the bright idea of challenging Master Kayla to a no gi control holds only match. Add, rinse, repeat with a few more twists and tricks. And, laughs. Unbeknownst to me, Master Kayla was way ahead of me with plans of her own.

I am remiss. At this point, it can no longer be ignored. I feel an obligation to address the elephant in the room. Or, to be direct, the vixen in the dojo. I love to grapple, but pay no heed to body types and appearances when choosing a partner. If you can grapple and present a legitimate challenge, “here’s my deposit.” Over the years, though, I’ve learned that, by far, my best sessions have been against Session Girls who are more skilled, fit, and experienced than I. Sometimes, I even win! Nirvana! I’ve also noticed that the best grapplers got that way because they are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence on the mats. Naturally, their bodies follow suit - and, it shows. I appreciate and admire those Session Girls for the work they put in and the results they achieve - in all ways. Kudos to every one of you.

Master Kayla’s physique, no doubt, the manifested design of super genes, is also honed and toned by her enthusiastic pursuit of sport and fitness. In her case, to perfection. Without a hint or whiff of hyperbole or objectification - and for fear of causing her embarrassment - I say, bluntly, that, all things considered, Master Kayla is a supreme human specimen. One of a kind.

Onward.... We shed our sweaty uniforms for skimpier duds. Except, in my case, Master Kayla refused to remove my leg shackles and, thus, my gi pants. She insisted that chain gang chic was not only the better look for me, but entirely appropriate as I was still working and sweating my ass off, and still her prisoner, after all. I guess Master Kayla needed to handicap me because she couldn’t handle my pace and flow. Right, Master Kayla? (-; Yes, I know I will dearly pay for this comment in our next session.

My ensuing desperation - frantic and fruitless desperation (the story of my day) - provided regular moments of utter hilarity. For Master Kayla. I felt like such a rube! Eventually, I broke and couldn’t help but laugh along with Master Kayla, whose trash-talking play-by-play voiceover had risen to a zenith. She was having so much fun, I was now cackling at her cackling at me. Clarification: At my expense, WE were having so much fun!

45 minutes later, Master Kayla mercifully released me from my leg shackles and prison pants. Ahhh, free, at last! Sorta. Not at all. We continued - control holds only. Master Kayla used her body - and, of course, those incredible hands - to tie me in knots. Perhaps, Master Kayla didn’t really need those shackles, after all. Maybe the shackles were just punishment for punishment’s sake. A comeuppance. Or, just another way for Master Kayla to express her dominance. Or, for laughs. Always for laughs.

Back to control holds: One after another, Master Kayla locked me in debilitating and immobilizing holds. Her holds were not of garden variety; they were powerful and tight and unimaginably creative and complicated - and confounding. And, easy for her to maintain. She laughed in and at her leisure! Master Kayla’s holds were, in a word, inescapable. Houdini, himself, would have been rendered hopeless, exasperated, and disturbed. And, irrelevant.

As I lay in Master Kayla’s bodily custody, I pondered my plight, imagining how her insinuating snakelike holds would appear from the outside looking in - from the perspective of an artistic onlooker, like a painter or photographer.

As such, I began to give descriptive titles to those intricate artistic images in my head.....

“Woman in Repose with Man in Crucifix,” “All Tied Up and No Place to Go,” “Got Grips!,” “Wrist Control for Days,” “No Way Out,” “SOL,” “LOL!,“ “Man Down,” “Under Arrest,” “Interrogation,” “Moment of Truth,” “Forced Confession,” “Death by a Thousand Subs,” “Famous Last Words,” “Best Session Ever!”


Had an incredible, one of a kind and unforgettable session with Kayla today. She is absolutely gorgeous and has the perfect combo of muscle and femininity. Oh, and what a personality she has. Funny and quick witted and a ton of fun for role play. I have been sessioning for 15 years and she is one of my all time favs. I will definitely be visiting her again!!

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