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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 180 lbs - 81.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 35

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(Real Session Victim)

WATCH as this SADISTIC wife watches me annihilate her husband and loves it! (I offer couple-sessions as well)

If you like seeing me get tickled tortured and a little role-play as well, check out this double interrogation: (LEE or LER for sessions)

For those of you that have been fans since my pro-style days in the ring, here is some updated content of one of my NEW favorite companies to shoot for:




Full-time traveling model/performer/producer. 

My sessions are athletic based and or fetish related. Involving no nudity or anything sexually related in nature, so dont even ask.If you wish to film your own session, I offer that as well for an additional fee. 

Due to the fact that I offer multiple options for the lengths of sessions (which most providers will not) my rates are NON-NEGOTIABLE.

My rate is $400 an hour with half upfront as a deposit to confirm.

30 minutes is $250 upfront

20 minutes is $150 upfront

If you wish to film or take pictures of your session, that is fine by me, for an additional charge of $100 flat rate. Regardless of the length of your session.

I occasionally offer tagteam sessions with other providers I travel with. That is $650/hr, 30min/$450, 20min/$300 

As far as attire for the session, I DO NOT allow underwear as an appropriate form of wardrobe. Please wear some kind of bottoms whether they be shorts or pants and or sportswear.

The fact that I travel cross country and internationally allows me access to talent everywhere. Available to shoot custom videos with pretty much anyone of your preference.  With proper notice of course.  

Since this is my full-time profession, I treat it as such and expect the same professional courtesy in return. My time is money, as is yours, conduct yourself as such. 

I will not entertain anyone that emails me and needs convincing to session or anyone that tries to negotiate with me. My rates are what they are for the service I provide. This is a luxury so make sure you can afford it before you even message me. 

JUST TO BE CLEAR... I am available for any and all kinds of fetish sessions so you are welcome to inquire.  My only stipulation is no nudity and nothing sexual.  

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
03-14-2020 04-07-2020 Knoxville Tennessee United States
04-08-2020 04-08-2020 St Petersburg Florida United States
04-09-2020 04-10-2020 Orlando Florida United States
04-11-2020 04-11-2020 Tampa Florida United States
04-14-2020 06-06-2020 Knoxville Tennessee United States
06-08-2020 06-09-2020 Hartford Connecticut United States
06-09-2020 06-12-2020 Boston Massachusetts United States
06-12-2020 06-15-2020 Brooklyn New York United States
06-15-2020 06-17-2020 Newark New Jersey United States
06-17-2020 06-19-2020 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
06-19-2020 06-21-2020 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
07-24-2020 07-25-2020 Seattle Washington United States
09-20-2020 09-21-2020 Toronto Canada
09-22-2020 09-23-2020 Washington DC District of Columbia United States
09-24-2020 09-25-2020 Raleigh North Carolina United States
09-25-2020 09-26-2020 Charlotte North Carolina United States
Traveling full-time cross country and internationally for photo shoots video shoots custom orders and sessions. Always looking to collaborate with dependable talent. Unlike most producers I have access to any talent you can fantasize about. All you have to do is email me if you are interested in having them for a personal custom video and I will make it happen. Also if the lady is a session wrestler and you want a tagteam with us that can also be made possible. NO TIME FOR TIME WASTERS MEN THAT HAVE SOMETHING TO PROVE OR THE DISRESPECTFUL FEW THAT ARE LOOKING FOR MORE THAN I OFFER PASS! In my sessions I DO NOT allow nudity of any kind or anything sexually related in nature. Email and Payment Instructions PLEASE READ- When contacting me please be prepared. I am not here to convince you of getting a session or to negotiate my rates. This a luxury so plan accordingly. In email subject specify your city and state because it makes it easier on me and faster to respond and get booking complete. I accept deposits via PayPal Venmo or GiftRocket. As for PayPal option- ALWAYS send as a gift so I DO NOT get charged the website fee. Also DO NOT write anything in the notes because that website flags accounts for anything they deem suspicious. If you want to save me some time send me your session experience and any references of other session wrestlers you may have. I will ask and I will check. If you are new thats fine too just message for review.

I had a session with Terra Mizu and was fortunate enough to have Megan join in for a few rounds. To echo T-slim's review I don't think I've ever felt stronger headscissors in my life; I've been scissored by Megan before and while her scissors were strong then now they're on a whole other level! Megan obliterated me and tossed me around like I was nothing. My only regret is I didn't book a full session. Don't make the same mistake I did, save up and book Megan for a full session, then get ready to be put in your place!


Just had a double session with Megan & Terra Mizu....... Saying they were great is an understatement...... They were FANTABULOUS!!!!... I had met Megan before & she was incredible, but now she looks even more sexy, beautiful & POWERFUL THAN EVER!!!.... Her scissors R SO BRUTAL you will either tap out or pass out... Plain & simple.... Her strong & sexy body crushed & smothered me to death & I loved every minute of it!!!... And then there's Terra... WOW!!.. What a sweet, charming & very pretty young lady.... She has a pretty mean scissor hold herself, but what I was even more impressed with was her strong superbly fit body & super strength... She did a variety of lifts & carries on me with such ease I couldn't believe such a curvy sexy girl could be THAT effin' strong-lol... She even wiped me out in arm-wrestling... I watched her muscles bulge as she slammed me down easy with both arms....So if U get the chance, these two lovely ladies R a MUST SEE!!!... Even If U face them separately you will have so much fun, but mark my word, if you face them both together, I GUARANTEE you will have a BLAST!!!....


I was lucky enough to session while she was at home in Tennessee. I did a fetish/domination session with Megan.

She is amazingly strong. I weigh 250lbs, and she was able to throw me around like I weighed nearly nothing. She has this amazing presence about her, developed through years of experience no doubt.

Her feet were so soft and well-kept. I loved every time she let me worship her feet. She used my foot fetish against me, and pressed her feet against her face until I ran out of oxygen and was forced to tap out. Another attribute to her incredible strength.

If you are a tickle bitch, like me, you won't be disappointed with Megan. She had me laughing in hysterics, while still being gentle enough to not make me cry out in pain. Of course, given her raw strength, if you did want that, I'm sure she could do it no problem.

No matter what your interests are, she will push you to new boundaries, and make you enjoy things you had never even considered before meeting her. Please do not hesitate to contact her. You most certainly won't be disappointed!

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