Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
E-mail: mjsfetishes@gmail.com
Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 185 lbs - 83.9 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 37
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I had a double session with Megan Jones and Luice Yang on September 25 2021, it was my first time and they both made me feel so comfortable I was tapping out so quickly, reverse headscissors are no joke!!! Plz book with them you won't regret it


Amazing session! Professional dom of the highest level. Made me feel comfortable and delivered on everything I desired in a session! A must book!


I recently had an awesome session with Megan in Dallas. This was my first with Megan and second overall. The session was real easy to set up. Megan was very responsive to every message. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. The outfit she had picked for the session was perfect. My first session was more of a learning experience for me so I wanted to dial it up a bit on this session and Megan did not disappoint. She made sure to include every one of my interests. I highly recommend booking a session with Megan. Thanks Megan!


This is a review about custom content. Megan has made custom photosets and videos for me of her gorgeous bendy thumbs on the steeringwheel. She is amazing to work with. The content is without a doubt fantastic. Sometimes I have to wait, but that is no issue at all. She needs a cameraperson, and that takes time.
Megan always reminds what I like. And all the content is amazing. What I love is that she has fun filming.
Highly recommended for custom content. Megan has so much care for her customers and fans.


Just got out of my session with Mistress Megan. She's so dominant and powerful ya gotta love her she whipped me, put me on a leash and made me worship her feet.


Megan is freekin amazing! I had to work late and was able to accommodate me later in the night even though she only does sessions to 5 pm I think. I had to travel to Newark, NJ from NYC via train but if was worth it! I had an hour session with her- super nice, beautiful, hot, and very strong. She did a bunch of holds on me and trashed talked with me the whole time. She does ask you if you're ok every now and then. Def recommend her to anyone :)


Thank you. But just to clarify, I schedule 8am-10pm when I’m on tour. Anything before 8am or after 10pm is typically an up charge of $100


I recently just a had fat suit force feeding bondage session with Megan. She is such a saint very nice was very nervous as this was my first time having a session and she made me feel so comfortable and happy to session with her. Megan was so caring for my well being always asking if I’m okay everything okay and I appreciated that. If you want a session with Megan I highly recommend booking with her it was everything I expected and more.


I recently had a scissor session with Megan. She is absolutely fun to session with. She's playful and easy to talk to. Her legs are very strong ...she had me turning all sorts of colors. She always made sure I was okay though. If you are thinking about sessioning with her save yourself the headache and stop thinking about it and book a session you will not regret it.


So.. Megan. Wow!
Ok, firstly she is beautiful ,first sight. Secondly she is so so sweet until she wrestles you and she’s able to flip a switch like that * snaps fingers.*
She’s even able to amp up or tone down with the trash talk. She has given me the name white belt and kicked me a** . I was NOT
Prepared. While still In character she told
Me How shes going to embarrass me again next time and.. we’ll see . Lol. It was hot. :)

She is so cool and that’s in comparison to other women I’ve had sessions with tbh. She checks in with you and breaks character to make sure you’re ok. She’s totally worth it and tries to give you whatever you want to make your session memorable. I could go on but you have to experience it for yourself. She’s a doll and i have no regrets at all.


I just finished a session with MJ and it was so so so much fun. Her strength is unparalleled - and watch out! She'll give you a wedgie that'll knock your socks off


Had my 4th session with Megan last week! As always, she gave 100% energy and I had another awesome time with her! The session was fantasy boxing, wrestling, ballbusting, smothering, foot worship, scissorsing and tickling. We trash talked and in between breaks she asked and made sure I was feeling great throughout the session and we had excellent conversations about various topics. I even bought her new boxing gloves to use for the session and for the next ones we have! Thank you again Megan for another wonderful time! Booking for October 17 when she comes Nashville!


I had a tag session with Megan Jones and Terra Mizu. I will say Megan Jones knows how to use her size. She isn't too big, but wow her chokeholds and headscissors are no joke (or perhaps I am just soft). I'd recommend building up to those first. Her belly punching was where I knew why weight classes exist. And finally let's just say she left me some good love taps before I left. Overall would highly recommend


This was my first session I have had, I had chose the scissoring session, & I have to say I made the right choice by choosing it to be with Megan! To start before we had the session, she was very good at responding to emails and any questions I had. The days flew by and before I knew it the day of my session had arrived!
I was more nervous than excited but Megan was very considerate about it. I honestly thought going in that it wouldn’t be bad & that I wouldn’t tap at all. She proved me wrong in a big way! Within the first 5 minutes she had me tapping. Throughout the various scissor holds she applied I submitted another 5-6 times. I personally loved that she did her trash talking during the destruction caused by her legs! I can tell she loves what she does, as hyped as she is.
Also during the session we had a few little breaks in between, where we chatted about some things. I admired that she wanted to get to know me on a somewhat personal level as well. Since I’ve witnessed this I’m a lot more comfortable with booking Megan again & I will! 10/10 rating from me!


This was my first session ever…Megan is a boss! To start I told her I don’t tap easy, I’ve only tapped once. She just smiled and chuckled a little. I honestly thought this was going to be easy & she proved me wrong, big time! Within the first 5 minutes or so I tapped! She wasn’t done there throughout the session I submitted at least another 5 times. Connecting with her was a breeze as well, very responsive and straight to the point, which is how it should be! Plus she made me feel comfortable throughout, highly recommended! All in all I’ll def book with her again! 10/10 for my 1st experience!


I recently had my 2nd session with Megan Jones in San Diego. An absolutely unforgettable experience. Provided you are clear about what you want and adhere to her very common-sense guidelines for booking, you can rely on Megan to beyond deliver on giving you an amazing experience.

The sessions that I have booked with Megan Jones have been long fantasy sessions that include a wide range of interests. She has proven to be excellent at both delivering on those interests and introducing me to other things. She is both dominant and very kind (traits that belong together) - she knows when to push your limits and when to stop. Megan can be trusted implicitly. She is also beyond beautiful. The pictures (which are good pictures) do not do her justice. Her beauty cannot be recorded or imagined - only experienced. Her voice is like sweet molasses, and she is great to talk to.

In short: Megan Jones is amazing; I highly recommend her to anybody whose interests fall within her purvue. If you are serious about booking, she is among the best in this industry.


Had a double session with Megan and Paris the other day while they were in Vegas, and I had a blast as usual. This was my fifth or sixth time seeing Megan and setting up the session was just as fast and painless as the first time. She's punctual and to the point so setting a date and getting her the deposit only took a matter of a day or two. I only wasn't very picky of her outfit, only asking her for a sports bra and sport shorts, and she totally delivered, even painting her toenails to match. During the actual session she was energetic and attentive, pushing my limits while not going farther than I wanted to. Megan is powerful and lively and loves to trash talk all the while. During our short breaks we also talk about ourselves, she's not afraid to be a little personal with her clients. She's strong and beautiful and ready to kick your ass any which way with a smile on her face. Always a great experience, can't wait to see her again.


Had my 3rd session with Megan earlier this month and it was awesome! The session itself was 1hr of fantasy boxing, grappling, scissoring, smothering, ballbusting, and foot worship. The outfit she wore was a white sports bra and her custom blue boxing shorts with red boxing gloves and she looked fantastic and gets more beautiful every time I see her. Megan really gave me 100% energy as she was hyped to use me a her punching bag again, but I fought back as I usually do, even though I was a little nervous this time! She gave some really good punches and I took them quite well as I'm bigger and taller than her, yet she can still knock me out with a powerful uppercut. She'd always asked and made sure I was comfortable throughout the match. She of course dominated me again and did her victory pose while towering over my exhausted body. It was also my first time wrestling her and worshiping her feet and it was a great experience! It was one of the best sessions me and her have had so far! Thank you once again, Megan! Always fun and a pleasure to go toe-to-toe with you on the mats! Looking forward to booking another appointment for October!


Just had my very first session with Megan and let me tell you it was the best time I have ever had! She's super sweet and relaxing she will take great care of you! Respects your limits and makes sure you are doing okay during the session! I highly recommend booking this beautiful goddess! I WILL DEFINITELY BOOK HER AGAIN! 10/10


I recently booked a double session with both Megan Jones and Lucie Yang and it was incredible! It was only my 2nd session and I was quite nervous coming into it but they both made me feel more comfortable as the session went on. The hour went by way too fast and I would definitely book again if I have the chance.


Just had my very first my very first session of all time with Megan and all I can say is, wow. Absolutely worth every penny. Everything about the setup process was very smooth & easy to understand. With this being my first session I showed up quite nervous but quickly my nerves went away when Megan answered the door looking stunning as ever, wearing the outfit I requested in our emails. Throughout the session she was very evil & sadistic, she clearly took a lot of joy out of my pain, but whenever it was too much for me and I needed a break we would sit down to rest/talk & Megan would switch from evil sadist to, a very kind, funny, easy to talk to queen. Two amazing personalities. After the session was over Megan even gave me two “souvenirs” that broke during our session to keep. Overall an amazing first session & I couldn’t have been happier to have had Megan be the first to break me in.

Thank you again Megan & I hope to session with you again sometime soon.

Drew NYC

Finally booked with Megan and it was absolutely amazing. I'm glad I did, I had a double with her and Terra Mizu. She is down to earth, and slot of fun to hang with and tickle with very soft feet. Made you feel comfortable and chill right from the get. If you are debating or thinking about booking, stop and do it. You will not regret it. I can't wait to book with her again.


Just got back from having my first double session with the beautiful Megan Jones and the equally gorgeous Terramizu. And I can say that they were as great to session with as advertised. They both have have fun, inviting personalities that work off of each other great, Terra being the more bubbly and goofy and Megan being the more dominant one. But just because she's more dominant that doesn't mean that she's not fun to talk to. It was a joy to have a conversation with the two of them, though it wasn't like I could talk to them much during the session. I asked for a facesitting/smothering session and they delivered! Megan did mainly breast and ass smothers with some hand smothering and scissoring thrown in, and Terra focused on facesitting and some breast smothering. They didn't go too hard on me, I still found myself tapping out of nearly every smother and face sit, especially while I was under Megan! They both even started twerking on my face though it was mainly Terra but I enjoyed both of them. Overall, I enjoyed my session with Megan Jones and Terramizu. The only issue I had was that I wasn't able to session with them for longer. Definitely would consider doing a session with them again. Book either or both of them if you get the chance!


Had session with Megan and terra on 4/20 and I don’t know what to say was the best time of my life. Wish I made it even longer that’s biggest regret from booking with them. Both are the most beautiful you will ever see and the most incredible personalities. Not only was the session great but even just the conversation was great as well had a blast easy to book with and both made sure I had the best time and exactly what I was looking for and that’s exactly what I got. Book them now


What to say about this woman? I could write a book! I have lost count of how many times I've sessioned with her but maybe that's just memories replaying over and over! Megan is very down to Earth and is always willing to help me explore new things. She is powerful grappling on the mats and I'm convinced her scissor holds could be lethal for anyone - yet safety and fun are always her plan for her "victims." Megan always makes me feel at ease and has a talent for getting trust and respect from me. She is open minded and not one to judge. Even if she won't do something you're interested in, she's more than willing to talk with you about it and refer you to others who might. I feel her great attitude is easily complimented by her beauty and a session with her is challenging and fun! You will not regret time spent with her!


I just had a session with Megan Jones and Terra Mizu. It was my first time trying wrestling and submissive activities and it was fun and a good break from reality. Megan is somehow dominant and compassionate. She is also very ticklish and an excellent tickler as well. She is also great with putting people at ease when they are nervous at first like I was. If she comes to your area do not miss out. Thank you Megan


Had my 2nd session ever with Megan and Terra. First time was just a solo with Megan. Both girls are very professional and are easy to talk to. I had asked for a session with " a little of everything" as I'm trying to explore all possibilities. The girls kept the mood light and extremely fun while kicking my ass and having me worship their beautiful feet. The session was well worth the hour travel and the money. HIGHLY RECOMMEND either girl but definitely try to book both. They have a great chemistry together and so much fun.


I booked my double ballbusting session with Megan Jones and Terra Mizzu months in advance when I saw they were touring my city. While I was very excited to meet the women I've been a fan of for years, I was also a little bit terrified. Have you seen their ballbusting vids?!?! Even as an experienced ballbustee for over 15 years I was nervous for the next few months as the date approached. The day before and even the day of the session, I thought about cancelling. But, my time had arrived and I made it up to the hotel room. My balls be damned!

When I enter the room they are both wearing very sexy two piece bikini sets. They are so hot on film and pic and even hotter in person. I'm blown away!
After exchanging greetings and pleasantries they ask me to get undressed.
I strip down to my newly purchased red speedo and Megan asks me to kneel before her. She proceeds to give me about 4 wake up nut-thudder kicks. Not balls-in-the-throat kicks, but hard enough to get me wide awake in this early morning session. Terra follows through with the same.

They then have me stand up as they both take turns kicking me in the balls from the front and back. Ooof! I then lay on my back as they trample my little eggs.
Over the next hour my little huevos are busted by these two goddesses, Megan and Terra. But it is the best day of my life. I'm sure my nuts hate me so much. :)
Some of the best moments were when Megan and Terra put clothes pins on my nads and flicked them with their hands and rulers. They also beat my nads with rulers. Oh, so painful! I can't forget the nut stomps and squishing. Megan said she felt my little nads rolling around trying to escape!
Megan and Terra also gave me some very had nut punches from behind. I've seen this in Megan's vids but to experience it was amazing.....even as I crumpled and gave my "oooooh, ooooh, oooh's" throughout the session.
I also got scisscored and reverse cowgirl nut punched. And just plain ol' nut punched so many times.
And they had me get all fours as they booted my balls from behind..as I crumple and rise...as Megan and Terra take turns.

As the session draws to an end Megan knee drops onto both my little eggs. Owww!!
And as I'm still laying on my back in pain, Terra has me spread my legs and gives me a few hard kicks. And then has me stand up to kick me more until I drop.
After a moment of recovery Megan has me stand up again and blasts my balls a few more times until I"m down again.
Session complete. I passed the test and made my fantasy come true.

My balls hate me but this was one of the best times I've had. I can't wait to see them both again. We're gonna turn it up!
If these ladies are anywhere near your area do whatever you have to do to make a session happen!!! You will not be disappointed!


I had the pleasure of having a session with both Megan and Terra in Philly and could not have been more delighted at the experience!

First off, they accommodated my request to wear 1-piece bathing suits and they both wore these gorgeous and very sexy royal blue outfits. Talk about “Sugar and Spice” …the way they both played it as Terra was the softer, sexy, and “nice” one and Megan was the “kick my tail and showed no mercy” one and very sexy also. I was dominated, squeezed, smothered, slapped, and enjoyed every single second of it. There is nothing sexier than strong women, who look and smell amazing (perfume) who dominate you and give you that look to let you know you don’t stand a chance if you resist.

During breaks, they were so fun and interesting to talk to. I had a lot of laughs while getting beaten up. I’m still in a state of euphoria from yesterday!

If you can meet either one of them…DO IT! If you have the ability to meet both for a double session…DON’T THINK TWICE!

It was just an absolute thrill that I’ll never forget and look forward to when they come back to Philly!


I had my first session with Megan today in Charleston, and she was an absolute blast! It was a double foot tickle/worship session with her and Terra Mizu, who I've sessioned with before. Both are incredibly sweet, with just a playful hint of domination. Megan's feet were beautiful and deliciously soft with a green pedicure. And I am happy to find out that she is very ticklish not just on her feet, but all over! I also requested smelly feet/socks, and Megan delivered there too! Even after applying coconut oil on her feet for tickling, there was still a slight hint of vinegar, which made them perfect for smothering. I can't wait for the next time she is in town and I give her the highest recommendation for any fans of feet, tickling, or whatever fetish you are into that she offers!


I had my first ever session yesterday with Megan and it was amazing!! She answered the door in a small bikini which instantly got my heart racing lol. Since it was my first session I was already a little bit nervous which she picked up on immediately and was able to get me out of my own head just by talking. Within minutes I was calm and fully focused on the session. She would check to make sure that she wasn’t going to hard or if I needed a minute for a drink of water. As someone with a pretty big foot fetish I have purchased a few clips with her and have always thought her feet were beautiful but in person they were perfect. Beautifully pedicured toes and soles smoother than I could have ever imagined. This was my first time indulging my foot fetish or smothering session and I would highly recommend her for both. My only regret is not booking a longer session.


I had a session with Megan and Terra over the weekend in Pittsburgh and had a great time. Communication was very easy and not a hassle at all. Both ladies looked unbelievable and even though I did not request any outfit, both knocked it out of the park with their choice of attire. We did a mostly pro style beatdown sort of session and both girls were amazing. They took turns one on one and double teamed very well. They both made sure not to go to far and always made sure I was comfortable as they inflicted pain on me lol. Each girl had there own little twists they would dole out and the ending double team move was awesome. Next time either one or hopefully both are in my town I will definitely be getting a hold of them, thanks!


I know this review is long overdue, but I had an amazing session with Megan when she came to Nashville last weekend. This was my second time having a session with her, the first being in December of last year, which was convenient since we both live in Tennessee. Our first session was a such a success that I immediately wanted a rematch and Megan was definitely eager to agree and since she was coming to Nashville I jumped at the chance. The session itself was a fantasy boxing rematch. And boy was it epic! Back and forth jabs, uppercuts, belly punches, trash talk, clinches, etc. Megan was certainly happy about beating me up again. She looked fantastic in the wardrobe I requested. A black sports bra and shorts with red boxing gloves. In between breaks, she always asked if I'm ok and made sure I was having fun before continuing the fight. She even distracted me with her curves and trash talk to throw me off my game and eventually winning the rematch and doing a victory pose while sitting on top of me. She is friendly, caring, funny, passionate about what she does, professional, knows how to throw hands, a beautiful girl inside and out, and I have unlimited respect for her. I was so lucky to have another session with her and looking forward to booking again sometime during the summer for Round 3! Strongly and highly recommend for any first timers out there!


I had a session on Friday with Terra and Megan Jones in Buffalo! This was only my second session, so I was really nervous going in. The hour that I had with both ladies was so much fun! Both Terra and Megan were so kind, funny, and just easy to talk to. The first session I had was in a bedroom setting. My session with Terra and Megan was much more professional, in their room with wrestling mats set up. It made the session much more comfortable and double the fun! Terra and Megan always made sure I was comfortable and not over the limit as to what I could take, Terra was such a fun trash talker and Megan had a relentless side that would strike out of no where! I really had such a great time with both ladies and hope they return to Buffalo!


Just had a double session with Megan and Terra Mizu in Buffalo! I dont have words for how fun and amazing it was! I was so nervous before I could barely hold the coffee in my hand or talk when I entered. They where both amazing, and funny, and even introduced me to some new fetishes I've never done before. I'm mind blown how much they where able to do in just 1 hour, and I've still gotta butterflies typing this. The professionalism in setting everything up is to be respected also! Right to the point and no messing around! I can not WAIT until either of them comes back to Buffalo!!


Recently had an amazing double session with Megan and Terra Mizu. It was my second real-time session now with Terra and my first with Megan. These women are both so incredibly beautiful and talented at what they do. I was a little nervous at the beginning of the session but I soon calmed down and was really able to enjoy the session and all the dominant energy that Terra and Megan created. They have a way of calming you, keeping you at ease, and letting the session just flow naturally. It was so good I ended up extending an additional hour which they kindly and easily granted me on the spot. They are flexible and easy to work with and have great personalities too. Honestly these two women are literal true to life Goddesses. Book your session with both of them today, believe me you will not regret it. If anything you will be fantasizing of the next time you will be given the opportunity to session with them again. Thank you both again for another great session! Hope to see you both soon!


I just had my first ever mixed wrestling session with Megan and JESUS CHRIST was it amazing. She's so dominant and strong while also being extremely compassionate and kind. She did everything I asked for in my email, and would always stop and make sure I was doing ok before continuing. What a person to "pop my fetish cherry," as she put it. When she comes back to California I'll definitely be sending her another email.


After two failed tries, I finally had the pleasure to session with Megan.I booked a scissor, wrestle, trample & foot worship. She is very professional and beautiful. Her scissors and chokeholds had me tapping quicker than I thought I've would. She had me on the mats wimping. She laughed and said that's even her full strength.Throughout the session, she made sure I was ok to continue. Trampling was something new for me, and I loved every second of it. Lastly her pretty feet smelled and tasted so good. If she comes back to Detroit, I will definitely book another session. She is simply the best. I highly recommend you session with her.❤👍🔥


Had my first session ever with Megan. She was beyond professional with all communications leading up to the session which was great. As for the session it self, it was better than I could have imagined. She tested my limits but was always respectful and would ask how I was doing throughout the session which made me feel safe. She is extremely warm and friendly and looks even more gorgeous in person. Would recommend her 1000% to anyone looking to session. I will definitely see her anytime she is in NJ/ Philly


I had a video shoot with this amazing woman. Always professional, skilled and friendly to work with. I recommend any producer to work with her!


I've been sessioning with Megan now a few times, and each time I do, I always have a whole lot of fun. She's always very accommodating and professional, she clearly knows what she is doing and stronger than ever, in fact I think she has gotten stronger since I was spent. She demolished me slowly and methodically, taunting me through out. She was accompanied by Lucie, which I find awesome that she trains new session wrestlers. I would definitely recommend getting a session with them!


Session with Megan in Boston, HOLY CRAP were her thighs strong. Could've knocked me out at any time, sometimes with out even applying much pressure. Definitely recommend.


I had a great time during my session with Megan in december in Paris ! Megan was very warmful, communicative and made me feel comfortable for my first session ever. If you have the possibility to book a session with her, don't hesitate !


The stars aligned recently and I was able to session and film with Megan twice in the span of a week (once with her and Terra Mizu ;) -seriously, how lucky!

Megan is just the absolute best. Even though she is a stunningly beautiful fetish legend and I get butterflies just being in the same room with her, she always makes me feel comfortable and at ease. She was super accommodating with the time and location of our first session which was awesome.
She communicates expectations clearly and I have found it very easy to set up sessions.

Megan is gorgeous and ridiculously talented when it comes to all sorts of fetishes. I particularly enjoy role play and ball busting. I can say after many years of sessioning, you will be hard pressed to find anyone better. If you are into ballbusting then I am sure you know what kind of dream-come-true privilege it is to take a kick from Megan Jones. Filming the session with her was even better than I could have ever imagined. The entire experience was truly an encounter with the sublime. I have so much respect for how she conducts her business and how she supports other artists in the industry. She is a one of a kind treasure. Definitely not to be missed!!!


I just recently had a scissor smother session with Megan and Mistress Nicci in Columbus and I just have to say wow both of these girls were amazing and incredibly strong if you get the chance I strongly suggest you book a session with either of them or if your lucky both you won't regret it I don't


Had a great session in Cleveland with her! Was great with communication and made me feel very comfortable Had a very solid physique and it was impossible to get out of her locks. I definitely left my dignity with her.


Did a joint session with Megan Jones and Mistress Nicci out of Denver. I'm a huge fan of foxy boxing and the joint fantasy session with those two was amazing, well worth the money. Both women are stunning and worth it just for a photo shoot. Megan and Nicci were dressed in my requested gear and made up ready to go at the start time, we did a little chit chat about what I'd like to get out of the session. The ladies gloved up and I had them do a few test punches to gauge the level of pain I would be taking.

Amazingly fun time, Megan is an excellent trash talker, and throws some great worked punches. I went with paying extra to film, and true professional that Megan is, she worked me over while working to ensure the camera got a good shot even when I was more into playing around with her. She does a fair bit of wrestling too and worked that in. Her clinch work was amazing. Loved her tit smothers. She worked in a head scissors and body scissors while she did ground and pound. Girl is stronk. If you're into getting overpowered as you wrestle, Megan is your girl. She did some good worked kicks as well. Not my thing so she she left off, but her game is strong on so many levels.

Both women are super friendly and accommodating to work with: true professionals in their craft. Mats were down, and they were dressed ready to rock when I arrived. They were very ready to ensure I was having a good time, what my wants and limits were. Working the things I liked, leaving out the things I didn't. Amazing trash talk but also during round breaks taking my feedback on what I'd like to see more of, did I need a break. Just great work on their end. Megan is the real deal, if you get a chance to see her on tour do it, it is totally worth it.


Megan Jones was great and a lot of fun! I just had a session with her and Terra Mizu a few days ago, and she brings so much dominant energy that makes me feel comfortable. She is gorgeous, strong and very communicative. Her feet are pretty and definitely one of her best attributes! She also tailored her attire to my request and humiliated me to no end in the best way possible. After the session she was down to talk about anything on my mind and answer my curious questions about her job. I'm a big fan of Megan!


I had a submission wrestling session with her in Asheville, NC. And wow! She's is awesome and amazing. She's fair. I strongly recommend her. But you you contact her just make it clear what you want and be serious and don't waste her time. And her body is so amazing! I don't regret it!


I actually had a wedgie session with Megan. First of all, she made me feel so comfortable right off of the bat. She was very welcoming and accommodating to everything I wanted/needed!

As for the session itself, she was absolutely a pro. She was very dominant and able to be playful and fun at the same time. She's clearly a pro at what she does and had me strung up almost off of the ground by my underwear. By the end I could barely walk for a week! She was phenomenal and I'll definitely want to get back with her at some point again


Please visit Minneapolis thankyou


Just had a session a few days ago with Megan, who is just the total package I have to say! Everything from communication to the session itself to after the session was top notch! It all started with communication which she was great at. She was responsive to emails and setting up the session! When she opened the door and I first saw her, I can't even explain how her pictures don't do her justice! She is drop dead gorgeous and has the definition of an hour glass figure! She is also easy to talk to and very well educated! After getting over the butterflies I had prior to the session, she gave me exactly what we had talked about in our emails prior and everything I had requested! She was simply AMAZING! Her scissors and deadly too! She complimented me on being able to take a squeeze but a while into the session I was having to tap out quicker and quicker. She could have knocked me out easily with her scissors I feel. Everything we talked about prior to the session she was able to include! I loved every second of the session and I didn't want it to end! It seemed like the whole 2 hours flew by! If you're thinking about sessioning with her, just pull the trigger and book a session! You wont regret it!


My entire experience with Megan was everything that came to mind when a session girl takes her profession seriously. The booking process was simple, quick and extremely professional (just follow her guidelines, not that hard). She was extremely outgoing and friendly the entire session and we found ourselves laughing throughout. Megan has certainly been added to my "must book" list the next time she is in San Antonio.


Had an amazing tickling session with Megan a few weeks ago. She is completely charming and fun! She was great as both a lee and ler, and very creative in her domination. Hope to see her again soon!


Just had my third semi comp session with Megan here in Houston. It seems she is even stronger this time that I am seeing her ( it’s been almost two years). I arrived at her hotel room and when I get in she’s ready to go. I work out pretty regularly but her legs are strong as hell. Every time she got me in a scissor that was it. I had no choice but to tap. She was very pleasant to talk to and really wanted to make sure I enjoyed my time with her. When she comes back if we all aren’t on lockdown I will be booking another 2 hour session again. I highly recommend her for semi comp, great strength stamina and agility. 10/10


I had a pro style/semi-competitive match with Megan. Very Fun and professional to wrestle against. She didn’t deduct my time because I was 10 min late and gave me a full 2 hours of her best. She is also very considerate and fun to talk to. I couldn’t have asked for a better session. She is one of the best to wrestle with.


I wrestled Megan a couple of times a few years ago. She is a pretty wrestler who is very tough and extremely strong.


I just had a double session with Megan and Terra last weekend and although Terra was awesome too, this is Megan's page so I'll just say that if anyone ever had any desire to session with her, I can tell you firsthand that she is absolutely 100% worth every minute. She is strong, beautiful and really fun to be around. I would definitely book her again and again and again and you should too


I've been doing single sessions since 2008 and I had my 1st doubles session with Terra and Megan on 06/17/2020 in NJ. It was mostly standing bearhugs and on your knee bearhugs with some body scissors. Both of them are gorgeous and have an awesome sense of humor. I'm gonna end this with 2 words...OH YEAH!


Forgot to add to my last review. Thank you Megan.


I just had my first double session with Terra and Megan Jones. I cannot recommend a session with Megan enough. Megan is somehow dominant and playful. She knows how to start a session with someone who is timid at first like I was. She can be very understanding about a fetish someone keeps hidden from friends and others and then use it against you in a fun dominant way. If you are on this site for the first time, see when she comes to your city and send an email about booking right now.

Sam Hummel

I had the privilege of sessioning with Megan Jones on her tour with Terra Mizu. They were both exceptional to talk with and learn about their lives in the fetish industry. I have a major foot fetish, and both of them catered to it. Both of them dommed me and it was BEYOND an amazing experience. I 100 percent recommend both of them if you want to session with pro doms. Thanks for an amazing time!!


Had a double session with Megan and Terra, wow they were stunning! Megan is very strong and beautiful and had me tapping within seconds, but she always respected the taps. I’d feel bad because she’d kick my ass so quickly, but that was part of the fun. Definitely worth a session


I had the pleasure of meeting Megan for a session a few months back. Setting up the session was easy. She replied quickly to my messages and let me pick out what I wanted her to wear. The type of session I requested was one where she would dominate me primarily with wrestling holds. I must admit watching some of her videos I was a bit intimidated before the session but it turns out that was unneccesary as nice as she is beautiful.
Once the session started Megan ordered me to lay on my back and applied the first of many headscissors I was made to endure that night. She would always release me when I tapped but her legs had me seeing stars most the night. I think she would have enjoyed not always releasing me as soon as I tapped but she didn't since that's not something I asked for. She often would tell me a position to get in and then slowly walk around me to make me think about what she might do before she put me into her next punishing hold.

In between holds when we took short breaks she would rest while have me kiss and worship her feet. This wasn't the type of session I usually have but Megan made this session awesome.

Megan is not an Amazon, body builder or slim super model. She is a stunning women with amazing curves. Amazing everything really. I look forward to meeting Megan again letting her dominate me and push my limits more. Thank you for an amazing session.


Placed my first ever custom order with Megan. She responded promptly, clarified what I was looking for and set good expectations for schedule and delivery. I received the final product within a matter of days and couldn't be happier with the material. I plan on being a repeat customer!


I had a session with this amazing woman in February, this was before the world went straight to hell and my job got more busier so I wasnt able to really get my review down till now. So I last year I actually sent her an email asking about her rates for an hour (this was when she was with terra and she offered a double session with her.) I never did reply to her because I had lost my old job the day after I sent that email. So to my surprise she actually sent me an email a year later telling me that shes gonna be back in California and that if I wanted a session with her, I jumped at the chance, we made a date and the payment was sent. The night of the session I went to her and when I got to her place she opened the door in the outfit I had asked for her to be in and WOW she was/is freaking stunning! Like oh my! Now this is my second session ever and I was still nervous but not as nervous as first. She saw this and she calmed me down and we chatted for a bit about how the session should go and what specific things I would like to have in it. It was an hour of foxy boxing, but she also suggested that we break up the rounds with a little bit of head scissoring and worshiping, which was a nice change of pace. This session with her was great, and her boxing is good so if you have a chance, wherever you are, you jump at the chance when you can....after this whole pandemic is done. Especially her boxing.


This might not be the average review, but Megan deserves all the praise she can get.
Because it's pretty much impossible to have a session during these times of self isolation, I decided to ask Megan for a custom video. Despite the difference in timezones, communication went very quickly and we had a deal within a few hours after sending my first email. I asked for a video with her trashtalking and putting me down, telling me how easy she went on me in our real session, and how I won't be so lucky next time.
The video itself got mailed to me today, and exceeded my expectations. The trashtalk was great, and her body might just be better than ever!

If you want to support your favourite session girl in times where she can't tour and do real life sessions, order a custom video. You will not regret it!


I was completely new to sessions of any kind, and did not know what to expect when I walked into Megan's residence. But she quickly put me at ease with her reassuring words and down-to-earth personality. I wanted to be tied and tickled for the first time and was a bit nervous because I don't generally enjoy BDSM, pain, domination, etc. and I was afraid it would be too intense for me. However, Megan was comforting and attentive the entire time and was able to ease me into some light bondage and light tickling. Despite my nervousness, I never felt like I was unsafe due to her never doing anything without making sure I was comfortable with it first. I came away from the session so satisfied that I took advantage of her being local and returned twice within the next week to gradually ease into some slightly more intense bondage and tickling. I can't compare Megan to others out there, but I can only hope they share her level of professionalism. If you are hesitant at all, I can assure you that as long as you clearly communicate your desires/needs, Megan will do everything she can to accommodate you.


I had a session with Terra Mizu and was fortunate enough to have Megan join in for a few rounds. To echo T-slim's review I don't think I've ever felt stronger headscissors in my life; I've been scissored by Megan before and while her scissors were strong then now they're on a whole other level! Megan obliterated me and tossed me around like I was nothing. My only regret is I didn't book a full session. Don't make the same mistake I did, save up and book Megan for a full session, then get ready to be put in your place!


Just had a double session with Megan & Terra Mizu....... Saying they were great is an understatement...... They were FANTABULOUS!!!!... I had met Megan before & she was incredible, but now she looks even more sexy, beautiful & POWERFUL THAN EVER!!!.... Her scissors R SO BRUTAL you will either tap out or pass out... Plain & simple.... Her strong & sexy body crushed & smothered me to death & I loved every minute of it!!!... And then there's Terra... WOW!!.. What a sweet, charming & very pretty young lady.... She has a pretty mean scissor hold herself, but what I was even more impressed with was her strong superbly fit body & super strength... She did a variety of lifts & carries on me with such ease I couldn't believe such a curvy sexy girl could be THAT effin' strong-lol... She even wiped me out in arm-wrestling... I watched her muscles bulge as she slammed me down easy with both arms....So if U get the chance, these two lovely ladies R a MUST SEE!!!... Even If U face them separately you will have so much fun, but mark my word, if you face them both together, I GUARANTEE you will have a BLAST!!!....


I was lucky enough to session while she was at home in Tennessee. I did a fetish/domination session with Megan.

She is amazingly strong. I weigh 250lbs, and she was able to throw me around like I weighed nearly nothing. She has this amazing presence about her, developed through years of experience no doubt.

Her feet were so soft and well-kept. I loved every time she let me worship her feet. She used my foot fetish against me, and pressed her feet against her face until I ran out of oxygen and was forced to tap out. Another attribute to her incredible strength.

If you are a tickle bitch, like me, you won't be disappointed with Megan. She had me laughing in hysterics, while still being gentle enough to not make me cry out in pain. Of course, given her raw strength, if you did want that, I'm sure she could do it no problem.

No matter what your interests are, she will push you to new boundaries, and make you enjoy things you had never even considered before meeting her. Please do not hesitate to contact her. You most certainly won't be disappointed!


When you say she threw you around like nothing do you mean pushes or carries? Cuz she has told me she has lifting limits and 250 is WAY above that limit she mentioned


I just had a tag team wrestling session with Megan and her new protege Lucie Yang. They were incredible. It was my first time seeing Megan and I hate that I’ve waited this long. She is so stunning and was able to get several taps on me. It’s probably the best semi-competitive session I’ve had.

It was Lucie’s first time wrestling and she was so much fun to roll with. When she gets you in a hold, she really knows how to keep her position. I hope she keeps going because she really seems to like it and she has a lot of natural talent. Also did a punishment round after I lost where Megan laid the harshest butt drops I’d ever felt. Really incredible and her scissors had me tapping furiously. Definitely one of the best scissors in the game. Lucie was able to get me to tap with her scissors as well. I just can’t get the butt drops and scissors out if my head. Can’t wait to see them again!


Today, I had the privilege of having a session with both Megan Jones and Ava Simone, and it's something I'd recommend to everyone if you have the chance!
The appointment was very easy to set up, and I was received in a great, spacious appartment. Both girls are even more impressive in real life than in their pictures and videos. Megan's curves are truely breathtaking. Both literally and figuratively.

Being very new to sessions (this was only my 2nd one) the only things I knew was I like being scissored and being dominated. Megan and Ava were very eager to find out what else I like, and I loved every moment of it. They went from scissoring and submissions to trampling and bellypunching and pretty much everything in between, always staying very professional and checking if I actually liked what they were doing before pushing me to my limits.

Booking a session with Megan is higly recommended, and I know I'll be doing it again whenever she's back in the Netherlands.

- Joost


Had a session with Megan yesterday and came away very impressed. She has the loveliest, warmest Latina personality. 100% woman, through and through, so sweet and friendly, even playful. We basically did semi-competitive wrestling from our knees on some mats. I'm 6' tall and 200 lbs, and in good shape, but that didn't seem to matter too much. She's a little shorter at 5'9" but weighs a solid 185. She's very curvy and extremely well endowed, but the curves can't hide the raw muscular power, especially in her legs and butt. She was able to take me down each time, and once she had me down, I was powerless to escape. She put me into any number of creative choke holds with her legs and arms, and made sure I knew that she had total power over me. In her sweet feminine voice, she made me admit out loud that I was "Megan's little bitch" and she forced me to witness my own humiliation in the mirror. We took rest and water breaks during which she forced me to sit submissively kissing and licking her feet while she laughed and teased me. On the mats, she took me to the edge of fear, sometimes holding the chokes for a few seconds after I had tapped. The most interesting and erotic component for me was the intense eye contact. I had no choice but to look deeply into her warm chocolate eyes as the fear flowed into me and I was forced to surrender. I firmly believe that the exertion of such power is very stimulating for Megan. No matter the physical nature of these interactions, there is also a deep spiritual component when two people come together like this. Trust and intimacy are intricately bound up in the interaction, whether we can admit it or not. So for me to look fearfully and plaintively into her triumphant eyes while she was on the edge of taking my life was intensely erotic. Female power and authority at its finest. As most of us men realize, once we are submitted, we now belong in some part to these beautiful women, and the bondage is exquisite.


I had the pleasure of having s tag team session with Megan for the first time and she was amazing. I almost had ASMR when she was choking me out. So much fun, so much control and as professional as can be. I would love to work with her again so we can really cut loose. First time is always the most difficult. LOL. Thank you so much, Megan


I was fortunate enough to do a tag team session recently with the lovely bombshell duo of Megan Jones and Terra Mizu. It was epic.

First of all, I will fully admit that I was very nervous and apprehensive about not only booking a tag team session, but a session with an icon of the industry like Megan. It turned out to be the an amazing session and I am so grateful not to miss out on the experience.
It did not take long after meeting Megan that my sense of intimidation transformed into infatuation and appreciation. We agreed upon a goofy cosplay early morning session as a sort of icebreaker for our first meeting. Megan was super cool about the scenario, super fun to joke around with, and super sexy in the outfit I had brought. She had such great instincts and intuition that I felt completely at ease exploring my particular wrestling/fetish interests.

Anyone who enjoys fantasy session wrestling should put Megan high atop the proverbial session bucket list.
If you are not yet a fan of Megan, you will be after a session with her. If after your session you still are not a fan, then go seek medical attention immediately because i am pretty sure it means you have no pulse :)


Tag Team Tickle Session with Terramizu and Megan Jones, Pittsburgh July 2019.
I had the great pleasure of having tag team tickle session with Terra and Megan while they were on tour together. We corresponded by email to make the arrangements. It was a very fun and easy process. Both of these ladies are very attractive and their pictures are very accurate. We took turns tickling each other. Terra is maybe the most ticklish woman I have ever met. Megan and I took great delight in making her squeal. Terra and I then worked over Megan. She has a lovely laugh and really wiggles around. I was next. I am not particularly ticklish, but I wanted to see what two tickle pros could do. It took some effort, but by the time they were done with me, they had broken me down and had me laughing pretty good. It was just a fantastic session. I look forward to the opportunity to session with either one or both of them together again.


I just had a session with both Terra and Megan in Philly and, even though I could not participate in the fun due to an injury, this was by far one of the best sessions I have ever experienced. Both ladies are very beautiful, outgoing and friendly enough that I felt like we had been friends for a long time almost immediately upon entering the room. Megan took point on the communication and confirmed my "likes" prior to our session date, making sure to include all of my preferences during the session. Both ladies are very knowledgeable of various submission holds and flexible enough to withstand them for extended periods. The hour past by too quickly so next time I'm thinking about a double and that can't come soon enough. Highly recommended all-around!


Just had the most amazing session with Megan and Ava today in Toronto. I sessions with Megan about 4 years ago and I was relatively new to the session world then. She introduced me to so many different things then that I didn't think I would like, but ended up loving.
She did it again this time around, breaking more firsts for me, which I absolutely loved. Both her and Ava kicked my ass for an hour, literally and threw me around like a rag doll. Had my best session experience today with Megan, thank you for such an amazing time!!


Had the indescribable pleasure of having a session with Megan when she came through Vegas. It was my first session ever and I was completely nervous, but Megan was professional and welcoming through the entire process. Setting up the session was easy, Megan got back to me the very next day of my initial email, and not long after we had set up a date and time. Her emails are short and to the point, leaving no room for useless information. From the moment she opened the door she was smiling the entire time. We had a small conversation about how I wanted the session to go and what got me interested in sessioning with her in the first place. Megan is very dominate yet very fun loving, smiling and laughing the entire way through our session. She made absolutely sure that it was everything I wanted and made sure I enjoyed myself as much as she did. Megan is a beautiful, intelligent, and very dominate woman who you would be lucky to session with. I look forward to seeing her again in the future.


I had the pleasure to session with Megan in Baltimore and I couldn't recommend her enough. She was excellent to work with - very professional and courteous, and very patient with my ever-changing travel schedule.

The session itself was wonderful. It was mostly a fantasy wrestling session where I had no desire to fight back. Even if I could, it would've been futile. She squeezed and smothered and smacked me around like a toy, and I loved every minute of it. She said that she wanted to see what my limits were since this was my first session with her, and I was determined to make a good impression. I only hope that I did!

I had originally planned a second session at the end of my business trip, but my itinerary changed at the last minute and I wasn't able to make it. Not being able to see her a second time is my only regret from the entire experience!


A hugely long overdue review of the most wonderful Megan Jones. So I had the pleasure of meeting Megan and the fantastic Goddess Anat on a trip to Dublin in 2019. Setting up the session was very easy; Megan was very responsive and flexible in our email exchange.

During the session she was attentive to the requests I had made and was able to mix up the fantasy/domination wrestling that I had asked for.

Two exceptional highlights I must relate. First thing she allowed me to experience, her sleeper choke. She sat me on the floor and gave me a few instructions which cradling my neck. "Take a few deep breaths and then exhale." Once I left my breath go she locked in the choke and I was in heaven. Painful, amazing heaven.

Secondly her reverse headscissor. When she has you in that position, I kid you not, you are done.

A fantastic session and a wonderful woman. My only regret was I didn't book more time!


I had a spectacular session with Megan in Dubai, hands down without a shadow of a doubt the best I ever had. Not only did she deliver on what I look for in a wrestling session, she went beyond and helped me explore all the possibilities and found what’s for me and what’s not for me. First thing you need to know guys, is to trust her and do what she says! Keep your emails short and concise, you might feel like she sounds rude and dismissive, but that’s far from the truth! You must understand that she values time like no other, makes the most of it and will never let it go to waste. Trust me, when the session time that you paid for comes along, you will be her ONLY focus.

Trust her and her system of operations and you will have the best time your life, Guaranteed.
Megan Jones gets a Perfect Score! A+


Had a session with Megan when we were both in San Diego recently and let me tell you folks she is the REAL DEAL. From my initial contact with her to after our session, she has been very prompt, super nice and really professional! She made me at ease both during and outside of our session - well except when she put me in her scissors. She has VERY STRONG thighs and know how to use them. She had me tapping in seconds, especially her reverses are awesome. I did not have any breast smothering experience before but boy it was like being in heaven and in hell at the same time. I did not feel like tapping because I enjoyed those so much but I had to eventually. Megan is very beautiful, genuinely nice (except when she's turning the pressure on during the session which was exactly what I wanted), professional and really strong - like I said she's the real deal. Would recommend her to anyone!


Long due review on the gorgeous Megan Jones. First, she is very responsive, professional and great communication. During the session she is very cool, friendly, smiling, just a great personality. We had a fantasy to semi-competitive session, which was a lot of fun. She is strong and once trapped in her scissors , tapping was my only choice. Our matches would always end with me under her (even when she let me start on top) or me being caught on her scissors. She would often check on me during the session. Her reputation is as one of the best session wrestlers is most deserved and I’d love to see her again!


Once again had the pleasure to session with the beautiful goddess Megan Jones, and I can say without lying that it was my best session again. She makes sure to not only deliver but to even switch it up a bit in order to make each session different but as great as the previous if not better(in my case it change to better than the last) without mentioning the thought and care she puts into making sure you are having a great time. She is once again a must to session with, you don’t want to miss she is worth the time, and I know that if given the chance I look forward to to session with her again soon.


This has been a long time coming. I had a great time with Megan when she flew out to Colorado last. She is beautiful as a person just as much as her appearance. She is a lot of fun and her strength is intense....especially in her thighs. Lots of great energy and exceeded everything I wanted. I can't recommend her enough! Truly one of the best in the industry!


Just had a mixed wrestling session with Megan the other day, can't even explain how amazing it was. Just like all the other reviews you'll see, you won't regret it. Setting up was super easy, she's not a clock watcher, she truly enjoys what she does and has a great personality. She is SUPER strong and sexy. By far one of the best sessions I've ever had no doubt, her headscissors are unreal; once she locks it in, there is no way out unless she decides to let go. I'll definitely be seeing her again!


I had the ultimate honor of meeting both Megan and Mia when they came to my town last fall. Both ladies were very cordial as well as stunningly beautiful.

The purpose of my session was actually an interview with both ladies. They were very kind to give me their honest answers. They both were, and are, the epitome of class and beauty.

You owe it to yourself to meet this wonderful woman. You will not be disappointed.


Had a session in Cleveland with Megan last week and I'm here to tell you the girl is strong. It was primarily a lift and carry session which with me weighing in at 190 lbs neither of us was sure she could do. If not she would return my deposit and we would end the session. Well lift she did! Peggy back. front carry, over the shoulder, fireman and front carry and even on her shoulders. She is tall, sexy, strong and fun and if she returns to Cleveland I will definitely see her again. Thanks Megan


I had the pleasure of a two hour session with Megan Jones yesterday. Wow! Megan is beautiful, welcoming, feisty, dominant, incredibly strong, curvy, feminine, friendly, devious, playful, caring, and punishing, all in one lovely package. Can't wait to see her again!

This was my first time having a session of this nature. We combined wrestling with a touch of BDSM. Megan immediately put me at ease and made me feel safe throughout, even when I thought my head might explode between her powerful thighs. At first, I had a little success blocking some of her moves, at least briefly. She would get this cute determined look on her face, and her eyes seemed to be saying "just wait, you'll pay for this." Inevitably, she would get the upper hand and I indeed would pay with crushing holds until I tapped. She mentioned at the beginning she was just tiring me out. Boy was she correct!

During our session, I was crushed, choked, bent, mocked, smothered, and dominated. Being in agony never felt so good. Megan can take your breath away however she wants....with her beauty, with her legs wrapped around your abdomen, with powerful arms locked around your neck, with your face buried in her triple d's with no chance for air, and with her lovely ass perched on your face. She did not knock me out, but easily could have if she wanted or if I asked.

We did incorporate some BDSM in the form of rope bondage, spanking and nipple torture. Most times she had me incapacitated, the next thing I felt was a hard slap on my ass with her hand or a leather paddle, or my nipples being twisted and pinched until I tapped. I was able to frustrate her the first time she tried to tie me up. All she did is go upstairs and get more rope. Suffice it to say I ended up totally immobilized soon thereafter. Once tied up in a tight little package, the taunting and teasing followed as did a seemingly unending round of slaps, spanks, and nipple torture. She did not stop until I was forced to say "I am your little bitch, Goddess."

Needless to say, I was totally spent after 90 minutes. Megan spent the last 30 minutes doing whatever she pleased, as my strength and resistance were gone. It is now 24 hours later, and it is uncomfortable to swallow, my jaw is sore, my neck is sore, my nipples are tender, and other parts of my body ache...all great reminders of the fun we had. I couldn't be marked, and other than the soreness, you wouldn't know we had spent this time together. If you can't be marked, don't worry. Megan can deliver plenty of puishment while protecting your privacy. If you don't mind being marked, beware. Megan mentioned that she really enjoys corporal punishment if that is your thing. One last note...Megan clearly enjoys what she does. She is not play acting. She is just being who she is....a sweet, beautiful, engaging, powerful woman who loves showing you who is boss during her sessions.

All in all, a great time. Megan's tribute is a little higher than some, but she is worth every penny! If you are in Knoxville or can see her during her travels, dont hesitate. You won't regret it. Thank you so much for a great session, Megan!



I recently had the honor of booking a double session with Megan Jones and Ava Simone at Ava’s studio in Hartford, CT. Since this was my first time I decided to jump right in the deep end. First let me say that it was a very easy and stress free process to book the session. Ms. Jones responded to all my emails within a day, most times the same day. After a few minor details as to date, time, and type of session were agreed upon, I was booked. The day of the session, I met Ms. Jones and Ms. Simone and despite my obvious nervousness, they were able to break the ice and make me feel relaxed very quickly. They are both very beautiful, very personable, and seemed quite genuine.

Ms. Jones started the session by asking what I expected and what type of session I was looking for. She chuckled when I told her that I was skeptical that she could make me tap, let alone get a knockout. Her first trial scissor produced a frantic tap at what she described as 30% power. That pretty much set the tone for the session. Rest assured, it was never “if” I would tap, it was more when Ms. Jones decided it was time for a tap. It was a very strange sensation coming to the realization that she was completely in control, both physically and mentally. She is very dominant and while I can say that I felt 100% safe, I also was 100% scared of what she could do to me, a very strange combination but mind blowing in a good way.

She applied scissor holds that not only were inescapable, but were also impossible to withstand without a tap. There is no doubt in my mind that if I was less of a pussy and didn’t tap so quickly EVERY time she applied a scissors, she would have knocked me out in every hold she applied. I still have a hard time reconciling her feminine curves and the pain they were able to bring. In my session with her, breathing was a reward not a guarantee, and one that Ms. Jones decided when or if I’d receive. Whether it was breath play, scissoring, trampling, or smothering, if she didn’t want to let me breath, I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, she kept me within my boundaries, I just firmly knew it was her choice not mine.

Lastly, Ms. Jones’ dominant attitude was such a joy. She seemed so genuinely happy to cause pain and panic in a playful way. Early on while standing over my prone form, she dropped her butt straight down onto my stomach. As I was unprepared for this it caused a bit of discomfort (in a good way lol). For the rest of the session she would fake a butt drop and every time elicit a gigantic cringe from me that brought laughter from her. This is what I mean when I refer to her dominant, playful demeanor.

As I sit here and write this review I recall Ms. Jones’ casual comment as I left the session: “your neck might be a little sore”. Really? Two days after the session my neck and jaw feel like I went ten rounds with Conor McGregor. While I was somewhat prepared to experience tapping due to lack of air or reduced blood flow to the brain, I was totally unprepared for tapping due to pressure on my head and jaw. There were times that I was certain both ladies were on the verge of popping my head from my shoulders.

I am so taken by Ms. Jones’ looks, strength, demeanor, abilities, and attitude that I will not ever hesitate to book a session with her should she travel close to me again. I’m not exaggerating that my first experience with her changed my perception as to what sessioning could be. My only regret was not booking a full 2 hours and settling for 90 minutes instead. Trust me 90 minutes goes by in the blink of an eye.


I had a session with Megan today. It was a different type of session (if I lost to her head-scissor she could shave my head). My idea for the bet, guess what I lost. Megan was very professional and courteous. Attention to detail and incredibly client centered. She really wants you to have the best experience possible.
Megan is strong, incredibly talented, charming and incredibly feminine. Highly recommended.


Megan was my first session ever, back when she came to Charlotte in March of this year. Having dreamed of doing this for years, I was nervous from the onset. As many first-timers know, it’s surreal to watch someone like Megan on the screen for years, only to one day open a door and just have her standing there. Right there. Ready to go.

Megan put me at ease within ten minutes. A little music to calm my nerves, basic and clear explanations of what we’d be doing, listening to what I had to say, working with me as best she could. She’s patient and approachable with winning smile, a charming presence, but when it’s time to go…

As a fan of Megan before she even really got into session wrestling, I knew she had a great dominant attitiude. I’d seen her work as a dominatrix, and she carried that same fire into her session. She might be the best trashtalker I’ve come across so far, excellent at taunting and controlling you and making you feel like she’s in total control.

But what really surprised me was her power. She’s a voluptuous woman, with great curves, and that might fool you into thinking she’s on the weaker side, but she boasts considerable muscle underneath. I was far heavier and taller than her at the time, at around 250 pounds and six feet, and she had little trouble keeping me on the floor in our semi-comp session. Her scissors are devastating, able to knock me out with ease, and she’s one of those few women out there with a breast smother that’s truly inescapable. If Megan wants you to sleep, you’re going to sleep.

I’m not sure I could’ve picked a better session wrestler to set the bar with, and I’d certainly recommend her to newcomers on the scene and longtimers alike.


I was in awe of Megan from the moment she first opened the door. I did my best to be presentable, but immediately felt crushed. She'd matched the general outfit description I'd asked for to a T. She offered to wear the outfit I'd bought her, but I didn't even care at that point, as she would have looked bangin' in a potato sack.

I'd been contemplating a session with Megan for about 10 years, hyped up my expectations, and she exceeded them. I tried to be a tough guy, so she went ahead and burst most of the blood vessels in my face and eyes with almost no effort. A day later, my neck didn't want to work. I've never seen anything so beautiful and soft, be capable of doing so much damage. I gave her 3 or 4 general requests before the session, let her take it from there, and the session was performed to perfection. If I'd known she'd be so naturally good at this, I probably would have left out requests...

She has an extremely good personality, provided you're not a jerk. She also has the ability to turn up the attitude for whatever experience you need. Be polite, don't expect a porno, and be prepared for the most desirable ass kicking of your life. She is naturally dominant, gorgeous, and has a mouth on her that will leave you feeling butt-hurt all week. I sprung for two hours, fought for air the entire time, and could not get enough.

6/5 five stars for Megan... She has me so messed up that I can't even do proper fractions anymore.


I had the pleasure to session for the first time with goddess Megan Jones and all I can say is I was left speechless by the way how she carried the session from beginning to end. Not only was she able to deliver the type of session I wanted and more to the point of leaving me wanting more, Without exaggeration the top notch session I ever had, if you are looking for someone to session with let me tell you she is a most.


I had a triple session with Megan Jones, Mia Annabella, and Karly Salinas; and it was a once in a lifetime experience. I had not even had a 2-on-1 session before, so I was a little nervous. From the beginning, it was easy and quick communication setting up the session. They were all fun personalities and interacted seamlessly with each other; so it quickly became relaxed and the flow through the whole session was constant and just a down to earth session. Throughout the time, they are joking with you and each other, so there are no lulls. They wanted to make sure that you are having the best session, and all of them are Not just going through the motions to run out the clock. Obviously, they are all very beautiful and definitely strong; and I look forward to sessioning with any one of them again in the future. Highly Recommended.


I've been wanting a dual session for quite some time so when I saw Ms Megan Jones and Ms Mia Annabella were visiting my town I knew I had to take the plunge.

I had a specific request for attire that the ladies accommodated and looked STUNNING. My request for the match type was also done perfectly.

I will say I was surprised by the power in both young ladies. They had me tapping to hold almost immediately at times. I'm still feeling the effects after several hours now. Loved it!

Will I session with the ladies again? If they come back to my town I'll make a point of it. The time we had seemed to fly by and I would be more than happy to spend as much time as possible trapped in either (or both) of their holds.

Beware their scissors! Oh my!


Just finished a two hour semi comp session with Megan here in Houston. It’s been about 4 years since I’ve sessioned with her but she is even stronger than I remember her being last time. Her scissors and breast smothers are fuckin fantastic!!!! She is also very quick on her feet and will also chat with you between breaks. Once she gets you in a head scissor there’s no getting out. Even though I got a couple of taps she definitely dominated the match. Being squeezed and tossed around really made those two hours fly by. Can’t wait till she comes back to Houston 10/10 book a session with her you won’t be dissapointed.


I've watching Megan Jones and Mia Domination videos on the internet for a long time, they are my favorite Models, but i never thought that i would have the luck to meet them in person and session with them. So as soon as i figured out that they're comming to Paris i tried to contact them to schedule a session. The communication was so easy, and they were too nice and helpfull, they gave me lot of options (single duo) and let me pick the time that suits me the best. Of course i picked a duo session because it's a rare thing to be able to session with the Best two performers ever at the and i can't miss this chance. Once everything was set they gave the details about the location and asked me about my preferences and what i like to include in the session. Then the moment of the truth came, it's the session's day. I went to their hotel at time, and it was Megan who was waiting me and led me to their room. It was a dream come true, she was more beautifull than in the pictures, i think that she have the perfect body. And the most importing thing, i discovered a new side of her the friendly and cute Megan. I enjoyed talking to her too much. Once we entered the room i met the beautifull Mia, she have a strong fit body decorated with a beautifull smile. I really i can't find the words to describe the beauty of these two ladies. At this moment i was so exited and very nervous at the same time. In front there's the most beautifull and strong Ladies who are going to beat me very hard.
Before starting the session they confirmed with me the practices that i wanted to include. And they explained to me that tapping out is the only escape. Then we started our session with some armwrestling and feats of strength, and believe me these girls are really strong. I won armwrestling with my right hand and i lost with my left hand. After that we started our competitive wrestling, my first opponent was Mia i tried to attack her but she was defending very well and i ended up into her deadly headlock, and it was a matter of seconds that i tapped out, i really had no solution, escaping her headlock was impossible. Then i tried to fight Megan and my situation didn't get better, i ended up on my back and Megan was on top of me and she started smothering me. I tried to resist but i finally tapped out. We had a lot of one to one fights and it was always the same result, me locked between their legs or arms and tapping out. After that we had a 2vs1 fight and things got worst for me i was having trouble fighting only one of them and now they are two. Every time i try to start a fight with one of them then i find my self headlocked by the other. I was really helpless, and each time they were trying different moves on me. And it only takes few seconds for me to tap out. At the beginning i thought that i have a weak neck that can't resist the pressure dealt by these two ladies and than they proved to me that they have strong thighs which force me to tap each time. After about 20 min i got really exhausted, and when they found that i was very tired they gave a cup of water awe have a little break. After this little break the girls forced me to kiss and worship their beautiful feet. That was their price for winning. After that they forced me to get on my back they sat on top of me and slapped me very hard, i've never imagined that these beautiful women can slap that hard, and i don't remember being slapped that hard in my life before.
The only thing that i regret about the session is that i had only 30 min with these two beauties.
I think that next time i will book a forever session with them.

I really enjoyed my time with both of them, and i'm looking forward for their next visit to Paris. I will certainly meet them again each time they visit Paris.


I had my first session ever in life with MJ when she was in Tampa and I was completely happy. From the initial contact, to scheduling to the day of the session was simple. She accommodated and allowed me to explore my curiosity. Great person and awesome first experience.



I had my first session with Megan in Boston (2nd session ever). It was a ballbusting, foot worship session with some scissor. To say it was awesome would be an understatement. First of all she is very beautiful with a killer smile. But I realized her beauty was not just skin deep. In the beginning she realized I was nervous and went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. Then as the session started, she knew how hard to push, went to let up and when to put the hammer down (when to kick my balls HARD!). The videos that she took with little personal comments were amazing and I still watch them now!

Megan was so easy to talk with, that I shared some very deep, very personal emotions and experiences with her....and felt totally comfortable doing it. I cannot wait until she comes back to Boston and I hope my schedule will allow a session. If you can session with her I highly recommend it.


I had a session with MJ in DC, and I was completely satisfied. From the beginning she was warm, kind, and accommodating. She also sure knows how to make you tap out with her headscissors! Beautiful person inside and out. I highly recommend her


I had a session with Megan this week. Holy crap her legs are strong. Her scissors are the strongest I have ever felt. She was easy to book and she definitely enjoys doing sessions. She looks like her pics and isn’t a clock watcher. I would definitely recommend her and I will definitely session with her again.


Just had my first session with Megan. Holy crap this girl has strong legs. The strongest and most professional girl I have ever had a session with. She was extremely nice and catered the session to my preferences. She also looked like her pics and didn’t watch the clock. If you get the chance to session with her you won’t regret it. I can’t wait to see her again.


I've had sessions with Megan and she's been great. She is Dominant and skilled and likes what she does, but Unfortunately last time I met her she was bored and wrestled without passion and did not like her company with Mia. Next time I would rather have a session with her only but I am worried about the fact she started to lose her passion in wrestling!


I just had a dual session with Megan Jones and Mia Annabella. I had my doubts about whether they'd be skilled enough to make me tap out due to the fact that they're both so attractive and are quite good actresses when it comes to role-play. I've found that those traits dovetail with skilled wrestling, generally speaking.

I wrestled Megan first, and within thirty seconds I realized that my doubts were unjustified. I then wrestled Mia, and she now has the honor of being the first session wrestler to have made me pass out, and I've wrestled some of the most well-known session wrestlers in the business. When I came to, there she was nurturing me with her arm gently wrapped around my head. I was in a dream-like state, and like a child I said "wooooow, you're beaaaaautiful," and she and Megan giggled. They then double-teamed me, and the creativity of their double submission holds was amazing; one smothering me while the other squeezed me until I turned purple.

I still can not comprehend how women with such lovely, feminine bodies could have such incredibly strong legs. They looked like they just stepped out of a bikini contest, and here they were making me tap dozens and dozens of times. Both of their leg-scissors were absolutely devastating, and my ears popped within five minutes into the session. At the end of the session I was laying on the mat dazed, and they insisted that I stay prone on for a bit before getting on my feet. I loved how sweet they were before and after the match, which juxtaposed the A+ shit-talking game which left me thoroughly humiliated.

I can not recommend a session with these gals more highly. Thank you Megan and Mia for an incredible session; I beg you to come back to New York again soon!


I Just came from my 3rd session with Megan Jones we did a sleeperhold scissorhold WWE pro style match first Megan got me Into some scissorholds. Megan's scissorholds are so strong my head felt like It was going to pop off. Then she put me Into some of her sleeperholds all I have to say Is WOW just amazing. My session was also a tag match with Mia Annabella Mia also put me Into some sleeperholds all I have to say Is WOW this girl has been practicing. Mia's sleeperholds now are flawless. Mia's scissorholds are lethal my head felt like It was going to pop off. Megan and mia are the nicest and friendlyest ladies you will ever meet. Setting up a session with these two ladies Is easy they answer e-mails quickly.I totally recommend Megan and Mia for a tag match. You will not be disappointed Megan and Mia are simply amazing. Till we meet again. Thanks Rich


I want to say that both Megan Jones and Mia Annabella are both super gorgous. I had my session with Megan and she is super fun and really made sure that the session was just the way that I wanted it. She is super strong, especially in her legs, she could have knocked me out if she wanted to. She really gets into her dominant role and is also a really good trash talker. After the session Mia gave me a preview of what her scissors felt like and her legs are really strong because I was tapping after only a few seconds. The only thing i regret is not being able to spend more time with these beautiful women. I'm looking forward to seeing them again as I will do a duo session with both of them. You both are super awesome and gorgeous and I can't wait to see you both again. Thanks for a fun session!!!!


I had a L&C session with both Megan Jones and Mia Annabella yesterday. Ive had some great sessions before but this was hands down one of the best, if not... The Best session i ever had. They are both willing and totally capable of doing any kind of lift. Im at 150lbs and neither of them broke a sweat during the session. Megan is a pro and Mia will absolutely surpise you ;) They are both very strong, very hot and lots of fun to be with. They were both comforting, friendly, and all smiles from start to finish. I cant really put into words how great of an exerience that was. Already looking forward to next time!


Very Highly recommended! Gorgeous! Sweetheart and super nice pre-session, strong and ruthless during the session if you ask her to be. Very professional and responsive to how you would like the session to go. Great for newbies to the scene or folks that have been seasoning for many years! I can't recommend her highly enough!


I was fortunate enough to have my first wrestling session with Megan and Mia...and wow! I will try to focus on Megan here, but if you can get them as a tag team it is well worth it. Megan is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and sexy, as well as very friendly and easy to talk to. I was a little nervous but immediately felt comfortable with both girls. Megan’s strength is no joke - her scissors are head crushing! I let her know I was ok if she went for a knockout as it’s a big fantasy of mine to be knocked out by scissor. Despite the fact that she was dealing with a minor leg injury Megan got me with those wonderful thighs and I woke up not quite sure what had happened! I highly recommend her and will keep and eye out for her to return to my area.


I had a duo session with Megan Jones and Mia, and wow what a combo! (I'll post Mia's review on her site).

This was my second time meeting Megan, and even though I had very high expectations, she still managed to surpass them. From the moment she answered the door I was again struck by how gorgeous she is. I'm a lover of curves, and Megan's got the perfect look, curvy, strong, and fit. She is super friendly, made me feel comfortable right away, and started chatting to understand what I'm into what I'm not. It's clear she is genuinely interested in knowing her client's tastes to give the best experience. Megan was a sweetheart... right up to the moment that she got me on the mat!

I asked for a fantasy session where the girls are dominant and arrogant and Megan got into character right away, immediately putting me in my place. Very quickly I realized that her strength and skill are very much for real! Once she got me in a hold I was completely at her mercy, she could tease or torture me as she saw fit. Her scissors were inescapable, and she could make me tap as quickly or slowly as she wanted. To me this was my fantasy turned into reality, this wasn't a hot girl pretending to dominate me - she was truly in complete control! There is nothing sexier than being trapped between Megan's gorgeous thighs, unable to escape, while she stares down at you with her sexy devilish grin in complete control of your fate, taunting and teasing you, until she decides to really turn it on and squeeze... and then it's over!

Amazing time. I highly recommend her and Mia, individually or as a combo.


I Just had my second sleeper/scissor session with Megan and Mia last Sunday and it was amazing.


I had my first tickle wrestling session with Megan & Mia today and it was easily a 10/10.

I started out facing Megan 1v1 and she used her wrestling expertise to quickly pin me under her while she searched for my worst tickle spots. In no time at all she had found that my pits were the worst and relentlessly tickled me there and in other places until I tapped. Round 2 had me face Mia 1v1. I thought I would fair better against Mia since I outweigh her by about 60 pounds but no such luck. I was quickly pinned and tickled until I had to tap.

We had several more rounds of tickle wrestling after this that involved both girls pinning me down and tickling me until I was forced to tap. They used a wide variety of holds and moves so it was never the same round twice and their tickling skills are crazy impressive. Both alternated between light and hard tickles to get the most laughter out of me and both would search around until they found a good spot and just linger there. When they discovered that my inner thighs were ticklish they just destroyed me. I couldn't even verbally tap because I was so out of breath.

Having 4 hands tickling me at once was something I had never experienced before and it was just plain brutal. Going into this session, I had figured on taking 1 or 2 breaks just to catch my breath but these girls had me laughing so hard that I must've taken about 6 or 7 breaks. I feel like I spent 2 hours at the gym.

For the final round, I asked them if they would face each other and they were totally cool with it. It was fun watching them tickle wrestle each other. I won't say who won but it was a great match as both girls knew exactly where the other was most ticklish.

Lastly, while I was catching my breath we would chat about stuff and these are 2 of the coolest girls you will ever meet. Just so nice and down to Earth and easy to talk to. I'm looking forward to meeting up with them again at some point as I have been officially labeled their "Boston tickle bitch" ;)


I had my first sleeper/scissor hold session with megan today. It was also a tag match with mia annabella. It was the most amazing session ever Megan and mia are very beautiful women. From the initial contact emails to set up the session she responded very quickly. The session was amazing she put me into some devastating sleeper holds. She put me to sleep in her sleeper hold.I even passed out in her arms.She also put me to sleep with her devastating scissor holds. Mia is also amazing she put me into some devastating scissor holds. Mia's sleeper holds are amazing to megan and I showed mia the right way to apply a sleeper hold after that she reapplied the sleeper hold and OMG It was amazing she almost put me out. She is still new at this but she is amazing. I can't for my next session with these awesome ladies If anyone wants to session with these ladies I highly recommend them.


WHAT A SESSION! This was my first time meeting Megan and I took the train down from Philly to Washington D.C. to do this. We met and right off the bat, I got a hug (she said she was a "hugger"). She was very personable, funny and kind. You can just tell when you meet someone. We went up to her lovely room, which had tons of space, and she asked what I preferred. After letting her know I wanted to be thrown around like a ragdoll, she smiled and said "ok". I changed and when I came out, she was in a two-piece black bikini that made my jaw drop. She's stunningly beautiful. She put on some background music and she got down to kicking my butt, which I wanted, but at the same time, I tried to resist (I'm 5'10" and 290 lbs), but I could not move her or get out of her holds. She's a little dynamo with her power and stamina. I'm a talker, so, she was really cool to chat with in between beatings and I was just so impressed with the whole experience with her. Her scissors had my sides and jaw hurting (still a little sore today). She had some cool moves locking my arms and bending me back, like a camel clutch/full nelson, which was very impressive. Don't let the beauty and personality fool you...she's a viper on the mats; she'll strike and get you. I would recommend her to anyone if she's in your area.


The first impression Megan leaves is that of a professional, unlike other people who may wait days or weeks between communication Megan gets back to you in a snap. Arranging a session was a breeze. The second impression is how mind boggling amazing she is in person. Not only is she smart, gorgeous and a skilled grappler but she’s also super strong; she will pin you on your ass and you will lose. Or maybe you’re into being squeezed between her powerful scissors while she makes fun of your predicament. Megan can do that too, in fact when it comes to grappling she can do just about anything to put you in your place. Would highly recommend; also if she’s traveling with Mia Annabella don’t miss out on doing a tag team session, you won't regret it.


Just has a session with Megan Jones and her friend Mia Annabella. Wow! What a great session! For starters, she's gourgeous in person. She got me in a headlock right away, then proceeded to get me in a reverse head scissors, then a front, etc. tight as you know what! Then as I'm kind of dazed, 15 min in, her friend Mia Annabella takes her turn on me. She gets me in a headlock, and then proceeds to front and reverse head scissors me, as Megan is "coaching" her in the background. Sort of a "breaking her into the field". Then after 10-15 min or so, they both were pummeling me, I was in heaven. Definitely would recommend


I had this chance wrestling with Megan and it was amazing! This was my first wrestling session and I was nervous about it before. But Megan was so professional and thorough. The best thing I like about her is she always puts your best interest at heart. She knows exactly how much you can take and always tries to make the clients happy. I promise you wrestling her definitely worth your money and time.


Megan is a knockout! Incredibly beautiful, but she's more than looks. Over the course of our hour she put me in more scissor holds than I was aware of, adding in several that were not just a powerful squeeze, but also forced my body in directions it wasn't supposed to move. I have sessioned with bigger girls, but Megan has that combination of strength with legs still shapely enough to really get under your chin and close around your neck. Also, she was wonderfully accommodating, and always checked to see that I was doing ok and getting exactly what I wanted. Would definitely see again!


Had my first session with Megan and she was incredible! I had a lift and carry session (I'm 175 lbs) and Megan could do every lift she or I could think of. She was a great communicator in all the way through the scheduling process as well. Do not miss your opportunity to see her.


Megan Jones is Amazing!!!..... Tall, Beautiful, strong, and a TRUE PROFESSIONAL.... She was able to handle me with ease with her powerful scissors holds & made me tap & submit repeatedly..... Such a friendly & good natured person for someone who's SO pretty.... I highly recommend her.... She's GREAT!!!......


I had a great time with Megan Jones with our fantasy boxing match! She is vicious in boxing!! I highly recommend her to anybody for boxing sessions. She is also fun to talk to and easy going. Just a beautiful person, inside and out!


I had an outstanding session with Megan during her visit to Atlanta. She was terrific during the setup process responding quickly and keeping in touch as the date came up. She even tried to arrange a session with a traveling partner who had gotten stood up which was amazing. So the day of the session arrives and I open the door and she is standing there blue bikini and a big smile and is gorgeous.
We then chatted for a few minutes and did a session with some boxing and grappling as semi comp level. She is very strong and her scissors are fantastic, I outweighed her by 75 pounds and she used very good technique and power to keep me on the defense only once did I get the drop on her and that lasted about a minute before she reversed it and made me tap. She had a great body and can make you tap with breast or butt smothers, scissors and chokes. We also had a great time boxing as she throws a great punch and worked me over when she got me cornered..
I would highly recommend that if you have the chance to arrange a session you will not be disappointed. I am just looking forward to the next time she is in ATL.


I had an amazing session with Megan. Everything was perfect, from the communication before, to the outfit requested, to the actual session. She nailed it. She covered all the bases and really seemed to enjoy it. I will definitely have another session with her.


Megan is a true Amazon stallion. We sessioned both before and after her chemo battles. She's stronger now than she was before. Her scissors (both body and especially head) and smothers are as good as any. And if she really locks it on you better either tap quick or go to sleep. There is no other option. I like a very aggressive and non-stop session, meaning that I like to be worn down continuously. She had no problem with that AT ALL. She does not disappoint. Her rear naked choke is quite dangerous as well.


I had my first session with MJ in June, and man let me tell you it was amazing. MJ did an amazing job portraying a giantess landlady. She is an expert in bringing the giantess role to life and anyone who make giantess films would be an idiot not to use her in one of your movies. MJ is so personable, professional and is simply fun to be around. She is easy to work with and take direction very well. Most importantly she is great at improvisation. She is pretty from head to toe and has a smile that can melt Glaciers. MJ is very respect and is deserving of the same. She is Awesome!!


I just had a dual session with Megan Jones and Mia Annabella. I had my doubts about whether they'd be skilled enough to make me tap out due to the fact that they're both so attractive and are quite good actresses when it comes to role-play. I've found that those traits don't dovetail with skilled wrestling, generally speaking.

I wrestled Megan first, and within thirty seconds I realized that my doubts were unjustified. I then wrestled Mia, and she now has the honor of being the first session wrestler to have made me pass out, and I've wrestled some of the most well-known session wrestlers in the business. When I came to, there she was nurturing me with her arm gently wrapped around my head. I was in a dream-like state, and like a child I said "wooooow, youuuuu're beaaaaautiful" as she and Megan giggled. They then double-teamed me, and the creativity of their double submission holds was amazing; one smothering me while the other squeezed me until I turned purple.

I still can not comprehend how women with such lovely, feminine bodies could have such incredibly strong legs. They looked like they just stepped out of a bikini contest, and here they were making me tap dozens and dozens of times. Both of their leg-scissors were absolutely devastating, and my ears popped within five minutes into the session. At the end of the session I was laying on the mat dazed, and they insisted that I stay prone for a bit before getting on my feet. I loved how sweet they were before and after the match, which juxtaposed the A+ shit-talking game that left me thoroughly humiliated.

I can not recommend a session with these gals more highly. Thank you Megan and Mia for an incredible session; I beg you to come back to New York again soon!


My experience with this session girls member Megan Jones was just amazing! She was fun, energetic, and really competitive friendly which made it more interesting. It was back and fourth and as I thought I wasn't gonna be able to escape any scissor locks, choke holds, and smothering I had somehow pulled it off. Her most devastating move was her choke hold with scissor. She was almost completely dominate over me I had almost passed out to her choke hold with scissor technique a few times, but my will was too strong to give in. So, we were at a standstill for a while at the end of the session we were both at 4 submission tap outs. In the end I won the match with my own variation of her choke hold. She's a very strong attractive athletic and is very experienced at what she does best. I recommend anybody who's looking for a great competitor and fun to session with Megan. She's an awesome session wrestler.


Megan is a great addition to the mid-south. She is most guys ideal image of a fantasy session wrestler, very attractive, strong, athletic, and is experienced with various moves and holds. She looks like a model - not a bodybuilder type, but she made me tap out numerous times with scissors and smothers. She really enjoys wrestling and enthusiastically throws herself into the session. She listens well and is open to specific requests. Megan is also very professional and friendly. She responded to my emails promptly and made me feel very comfortable during the session.


Date of Session: September 17, 2013

I live in an area of the country that has been a wasteland for session girls. They usually don’t even pass within 100 miles of here. Imagine my pleasant surprise to learn that we now have a session girl, Megan Jones, not just in the state for the first time, but literally within 10 miles of me. I normally do my sessions while traveling on business but was very excited that we now have a local girl. I quickly contacted her and provided some references and gave her a deposit and just like that, we were scheduled. Her communication skills were excellent and her responses very prompt.

The day of the session came and when she opened the door and gave me a smile, I just knew she would be a lot of fun. First of all, she is gorgeous (and I don’t use that word lightly) and has a very curvy, feminine body but it is very obvious she is athletic and very fit. We both changed into our wrestling attire and cleared some furniture and soon were wrestling. My session was semi-comp and she definitely had some skills. She isn’t the most technical wrestler I have faced but is very enthusiastic, not afraid to be aggressive even against a much larger guy, and loves to do a little trash talking during the match which I love. She is not a small girl at 5’9” and an athletic but curvy build but I had a big size advantage over her. She definitely made it interesting and held her own with me despite my big size advantage. Her head scissors were very powerful and once she captured me, I had no choice but to submit. It’s been 4 days since my session and my neck and jaw are still a little sore even today.

I would highly recommend Megan if you are anywhere close to her or if she is traveling near you. I promise, you will not be disappointed.


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