Location: Miami, Florida
E-mail: miaannabella83@gmail.com
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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 35

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Get ready to meet a woman like no other! Dont expect me to be like the rest I can only be like me!  I love my job and I love for us to build and evolve our sessions with time! Make sure our session is the best you ever had. For the last 3 years I have been traveling and sessioning cross country. I give priority to those paying for travel on deciding where I travel too next. 

So far Ive done some fantasy/ pro-style sessions/videoshoots as well as from semi to full competitive grappling. Lift and carry, arm wrestling, belly punching/kicking and test of strength.  bondage, tickling, giantess and random silly fetishes. My fave sessions being the footfetish ones! What girl doesnt love her feet played with? You have also seen how much I love wrapping my pythons around your little necks. Message me and we can explore your different fetishes find out which ones are your fave! Lets play! I cant wait!!! 

 Just to be clear, I do not allow any nudity or anything sexually related in nature throughout my sessions. So dont even ask! 



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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
10-08-2019 11-30-2019 Miami Florida United States
11-22-2019 11-23-2019 Orlando Florida United States
11-23-2019 11-24-2019 Tampa Florida United States
12-05-2019 12-08-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
12-08-2019 12-31-2019 Miami Florida United States
12-08-2019 12-31-2019 Miami Florida United States
02-19-2020 02-23-2020 London United Kingdom
02-23-2020 02-23-2020 Manchester United Kingdom
02-23-2020 02-26-2020 Paris France
Please nothing nude or sexual. Not even topless! Travelling model! Been sessoning 2 plus years. If you want a session email. My prices are set and Im not here to convince you to session! since I take my time and work serious I expect you too. Every session is special and particular please read my reviews promise u wont be disappointed. I expect half up for deposit to hold your session date and time! If u arent ready to place a deposit dont waste my time. Willing to shoot custom requests on the road with models you may prefer in the cities we are traveling. Contact with details. Thanks Mia Yay! I am super excited to announce that Ill be ATTENDING the @FemdomFantasia Event! STAY TUNED for your opportunity to order a sexy custom clip of Me and to sign up to watch this HT event live via Pay Per View !!! FEMDOM FANTASIA Spectacle Of The Year!

Mia is amazing, great looking woman and with a nice personally but... don't take her lightly. Smiling she pushed my head down between her thighs to a painful rear and front standing headscissors wrapping her strong thighs around my neck and asking me to touch her thighs while she make me submit. From that moment I was trapped between her strong thighs with no chance to escape from her strong holds. Moving so quick Mia played with me while squeezing my head in different positions, making me beg for mercy, defeated and humiliated. . releasing the pressure but not the hold. Mia put me in a painful position , while seating on my throat and choking me with her crouch while her feet were crossed behind my neck. She enjoyed so much to see the agony in my eyes while I was struggling beneath in her immobilizing hold gasping for air that the look of her eyes changed and looks amazingly frightening. She held me in that position for a while with an on and off pressure with her crouch on my throat thighs squeezing my face and feet locking my neck. I worshiped her feet while she locked me in an armbar submission hold, licking smelling , kissing and sucking each toe while she smiles at me enjoying the view. I met Mia twice and most likely we'll meet again again as it's the best wrestling session I had and will bring a GoPro camera to see how I crack under pressure.


I recently had a scissor session with Mia Annabella, and I have to admit I underestimated her, seeing her as a smaller body size made me think: “oh yea this girl can’t hurt me”. I was so confident that I would beat her face to face that I went in for a take down and less than 5 seconds she has me pinned down on the ground tapping her thighs to let me go!! I felt so embarrassed but it really helped me to experience the dominance and true nature of a woman. I would rate her 10/10 for any wrestling session.


Había visto unos videos de Mia Anabella antes y me enamoré inmediatamente de ella. Apenas de le mandé el mail para coordinar la sesión, me respondió inmediatamente, luego coordinamos por teléfono la fecha y hora de nuestro encuentro y me preguntó qué ropa quería que usara para nuestra lucha. Cuando llegó el día de la sesión, tenía puesto un bikini sexy que le había pedido y se veía hermosa. Cuando comenzó la lucha, me tomó del cuello y fui historia, diversos tipos de tijeras, facesitting, entre otros no me dieron oportunidad de escapar y menos de someterla. Yo había leído en comentarios y descripciones de sus videos que tiene unas piernas poderosas “Pitones”, pero cuando las sientes en tu cintura o cuello te das cuenta que son extremadamente fuertes, sentía que me iba a partir en dos. Luego de un rato, se acordó que habíamos hablado que me gustaba recibir patadas y así fue que comenzó a darme patadas que me gustaron y dolieron bastante, debo decir que había recibido antes, pero nunca tan fuertes como estas. Además, tiene unos pies hermosos y fuertes y sabe cómo pegar. Luego de recibir patadas, caí al suelo y se paró encima mío para seguir dando patadas en la cara, que según ella no eran muy fuertes, pero a mí me dolieron bastante. Luego siguió la dominación hasta que no di más de cansancio y dolor. En conclusión, recomiendo absolutamente a Mia Anabella, es sexy, alegre, profesional, cercana y queda claro que le encanta realizar sesiones y hacer comentarios burlescos de uno cuando está sometido, que en mi caso fue por los cambios de color en mi rostro y ojos por las tijeras al cuello. A pesar que mi sesión fue de fantasía, no me cabe duda que en lucha de tipo competitivo o en la que sea, pone de rodillas a cualquiera que desee retarla. Espero poder tener mi revancha con ella nuevamente, a pesar que cuando se lo dije se rio en mi cara…lo cual se debe a que solo fui un juguete para ella. ¡Gracias Mia por la experiencia!

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