Location: Prague,
E-mail: miesha.prague@gmail.com
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
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I had a session with Miesha in New Jersey. She is very nice, but very strong skilled girl. Her power is awesome and she fought me easily although I have 70lbs more than she. She is a killer, but only if she wants to be. She was gently and fought carefully. I love her strong body and nice smile. Bjorn18


Miesha is one of the best!

Miesha from Prague is a frequent visitor to New York. I had several sessions with her and each one was great. She's the real deal, with a black belt in BJJ, so you don't stand a chance against her. Also, she's very strong, especially in her legs which had me tapping out in seconds. At the same time she's a nice and intelligent girl who asks you exactly what kind of session you want and adapts to your skill level. Highly recommended.


Just had a session with Miesha from Prague in NJ. I set up a belly punching session, as that is my thing, and she can definitely throw a punch. I could recommend her on that alone. We mixed in some grappling, and if you have any skill in this area, you need to grab a session while she is here. She is crazy good at getting submissions and will provide a challenge to anyone.


During my visit to Czech Republic i had a mindblowing semi competitive session with Miesha. To me she is the real deal: feminine, well trained, athletic, professional and Well versed in judo, jiu-jitsu and mma. Discussing the session by email was smooth and easy and all we discussed was dealt with her punctual. Before, during and after the session she put me at ease. She’s strong, fast and a true killer! Her speed is amazing and with her strong and muscular body she dominated me the whole session While i was in her armbars, chokes and submission holds. I can really recommend her for Guys enjoying combination of semi or full competive combined with domination. To me she is the new star on the wrestling horizon!

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