Location: San Diego, Southern California
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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 180 lbs - 81.6 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 42
Deadlift: 410 lbs
Benchpress: 300 lbs
Squat: 300 lbs
Legpress: 1000 lbs

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About Me

Hi guys pls read bio and services before emailing me with questions.

I have a herbiceps and onlyfans  page make sure to check it out.

I enjoy dominating men and make them feel my power and submit to me. I can beat your ass like a little pussy or I can submit you with my sex appeal. I do get a lot of attention because Im very feminine for how thick and large I am. I know you can imagine a sexy face and all these curvy muscles submitting you? Yes I do! 
I am very strong actually stronger than most guys who way just as much as me. I love feeling strong and powerful pushing serious weight in the gym. I am very outgoing and always will have a great attitude people do love this about me. I love to meet new people and see how they react to me in person. im opening to your fantasies and would love to have fun and paid special attention to my amazing clients.

-If abroad please pay deposit first!

Minimum of 30 days in advance is preferred, with your desired dates, times, and number of sessions you want! The more planning time I have, the better I will be able to accommodate your schedule.

If you aren’t able to give 30 days advance notice, I will need an extra day room & board, as I will need a day to recover & day for session, because jetlag sucks!  I ask if I can have a few extra days before flying back after session. You are not required to pay for extra days I am there, just wish to see the world!

-If you’re out of state

I will travel to you ONLY after deposit and balance have been paid!

I am open to meeting people traveling to Los Angeles as well as many other places. You could come to me and we could do dinner and talk, lets build a rapport! I’m happy to pick the establishment.

Please only contact if serious & can put your money where your mouth is!

Last, but not least, MANY can afford me.

FEW will have what it takes!

CANCELLATION if you dont provide proper cancellation 1 week prior to session you will NOT get your deposit back. (if and only if you provide proper notice that your unable to make it. I will work with you on scheduling your next appointment and transfer deposit.)

If you cancel less than 24hrs prior to your session YOU STILL OWE the remaining BALANCE of your session. You didnt provide proper notice for me to fill this slot. 


Other Sessions I will consider depending on client and location: (Prices vary, depending on Fetish. You Must Pay Hotel, Flight, Travel Costs, Added Transportation like Uber/Lyft etc.).

I salute you in advance if you have the courage to have a wrestling or any fetish session with me. 

Please leave your ego at the door!



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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09-26-2021 09-26-2021 Chicago Illinois
09-27-2021 09-27-2021 Tampa Florida
10-04-2021 10-04-2021 Boston Massachusetts
10-05-2021 10-05-2021 Newark New Jersey
10-06-2021 10-06-2021 Greenville South Carolina
10-12-2021 10-12-2021 San Francisco California
11-08-2021 11-08-2021 Austin Texas
11-09-2021 11-09-2021 San Antonio Texas
11-10-2021 11-10-2021 Detroit Michigan
11-11-2021 11-11-2021 Seattle Washington
11-13-2021 11-14-2021 Las Vegas Nevada
11-28-2021 11-28-2021 Chicago Illinois
12-01-2021 12-01-2021 Orlando Florida
12-01-2021 12-01-2021 Tampa Florida
12-01-2021 12-01-2021 Tampa Florida
12-02-2021 12-02-2021 Ft Lauderdale Florida
01-02-2022 01-02-2022 Richmond Virginia
01-03-2022 01-03-2022 Greensboro North Carolina
please be serious when emailing about your session.. Only serious inquiries I will be setting up other location as well. Please note that because I will not be at these locations for a long period of time I will not be traveling you guys have to come to me and or wait until I travel to your city Also remember I am still available for San Diego and LA sessions even if they arent posted SAN DIEGO and LA for the month of July and August the next ten ppl to email and set up a session will receive a discount on there session

Michelle met with me within 3 days of emailing her in Hartford for my first session ever. She was extremely easy to negotiate a price with and figure out the type of session(fantasy) i wanted.

When she first opened the door I was amazed by how beautiful she was with her gym outfit on and after going through the match one more time we went at it! She did everything we promised and more, that combined with great conversation has me on the edge of my seat for her return

Mr. Bill

I was fortunate to have a fantastic multi hour session with Mighty She-Hulk. I sent of a detailed email which included my height, weight, age and health status along with a brief description of what I would like to incorporate into the session. I received a prompt response; we exchanged emails and came to an agreement on the total cost along with the deposit requirement. She has an extremely busy schedule, so her email responses are brief and to the point, but when you meet her in person, she is outgoing and personable. Being an IFBB pro puts her into an elite category. Her price is toward the upper end of the scale, but anything of high quality will cost more. If you want the best steak, you select Fillet Mignon.

Our session consisted of posing/muscle worship, boxing, lift and carry, tests of strength and fantasy/light wrestling. I brought the boxing gloves as she travels mostly by air and packs light (carry on). If you like to box, keep that in mind. Her photos do not do her justice. She is very attractive and to fully appreciate her size and strength you need to see her in person. Not a weak body part to be found. We are the same height, but she had a good 40 lbs. on me, all muscle. She’s not a clock watcher, not once did she stop to check her emails, voice mails, texts, etc. I had her full attention during the entire session. We did take a few breaks, mainly because I needed to. During that time, we would talk and I found her to be intelligent, articulate and has a keen sense of humor.

Any part of the session which incorporated strength was one sided to say the least. At times I would hear her laughing as a result of my feeble attempts to move her. As strong as she is, she is very safety conscious. There was never a time when I did not feel safe. I plan on seeing her again soon. If you’re a fan of female muscle and strength as I am, then save your money and schedule a session with the Mighty She-Hulk!


What can I say? Wow...

I read in an earlier post that Mighty_shehulk "oozes sex appeal, strength and dominance." There is no greater description of her than this. The physique is the perfect see-saw of scary intimidation and symmetrical beauty, all controlled by her movements, her tone of voice,facial expression...switching back & forth effortlessly.

More than that, I enjoyed her company & conversation. Very intelligent & knowledgeable, an amazing story & perseverance & triumph. Maybe I'll get a little closer to the power next time, and maybe she'll take it easy on me. I'll try to be the 1st to make her "hulk out" WITHOUT "making her angry." xoxoxoxo

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