Location: Tempe, Arizona
E-mail: mindymvegan@gmail.com
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Height: 5'11” - 180 cm
Weight: 190 lbs - 86.2 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 34

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I am Fetish Friendly in My Sessions so dont be afraid to ASK! :-)



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10-13-19. I met with Mindy and what a great session we had, first of all easy to communicate with to set up the session and once we met in person, down to earth made me feel very comfortable. The session was great she got into character just like I asked actually was beyond my expectation
Thanks MIndy looking forward to another session with you. DB


Just had two sessions in last two days with Mindy. She was fantastic, open minded and easy to talk to. She is tall all of 5'11" and with heels wow! She grapples sensually and can put a mean head scissors and smothering to knock you out. I would definitely book again.


Mindy and I met late evening on May 23rd. Prior to that, we had great text conversations that built up to our event. Online, she is charming, fun, and feisty. When it came time for our event, I was extremely pleased that all of our texting led to a sensational get-together! Mindy is absolutely approachable and stunning! When she greeted me at the door, she was dressed in a light colored bathrobe that teased some skin without giving away her goodies. Once we sat down and got acquainted, she excused herself and went to put on her black bikini top with a micro thong bottom. Wow!! Very hot and I told her how gorgeous she looked. Her skin was creamy with the minimal black ensemble. She showed me the match area and it was perfect! It was a large area with a bathroom off the side. Mindy allowed me a moment to change attire and I gave her a choice of what she wanted to see me in. Once that was decided, we agreed to start off with body-boxing, yet gave ourselves a test round to determine appropriate level of punching power. After that, the clock started and we made the most of our time! We boxed 3 rounds (she won all 3!) After a break, we decided to get on our knees and wrestle (that was awesome and I even got a few falls on her.) After another break, she demonstrated a few holds that I've only seen on video. This young lady is amazing!! After that, we decided to do some barefist belly punching (think that was a draw, LOL!) Then we did bearhugs and that was amazing because her breasts were squeezed into my body so wonderfully that I really didn't want to stop. After that, we boxed some more until I had to give. We wrestled for a bit more until I actually got the upper hand and got her to submit. Figured that was a great opportunity for me to go out on top, which was ironic, as our timer was going off just a moment later. We hugged it out and then sat with a cold bottle of water and chatted about our late evening to past midnight match. Once I got changed and ready to leave, she walked me to the door and we hugged once again and said how much we both couldn't wait to go at it again. If you ever get the opportunity when you're in the Phoenix area, make this part of your to-do list and take on Mindy.

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