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Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Deadlift: 380 lbs
Benchpress: 290 lbs
Squat: 300 lbs
Legpress: 1000 lbs

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Sexy, exotic, powerful and erotic muscles ......



I am available for phone chats, texting, video chats, picure and video exchange during the stay home period.

Travel is expected to resume from NOVEMBER 2021

I amm fully vaccinated and will be PCR tested on arrival to destinations.

Stay safe and healthy ...



I have a background in martial arts, gymnastics, track and field, wrestling, boxing and bodybuilding. Needless to say that I enjoy working out and being a strong, powerful and muscular female.

Muscle worship, foot worship, lift and carry, wrestling, athletic challenges, muscle comprisons, feats of strength, role play, scissoring, trampling, massage, posing, flexing, gym training and giving you customised photos/ videos are all things I enjoy immensely. 

Longer meetings and long term interactions are my preferences.

I am strong so I can physically dominate you. I am trained so I can get you to tap out or I can make you KO. That is fun and easy.

Feel free to share your muscle fantasies with me....

I travel with a variety of outfits, footwear, accessories and equipment.

Please contact me with a concise email detailing your location, date, time, interests and special requests for meeting. 

Emails are my primary form of contact, however I do use whats app for easier communication on the day of meeting. 

Bookings must be made with a deposit or a referral from another session girl.



Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Phone Chat
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Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
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Lift and Carry
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In-Gym Training


For tour information please email me with your preferred location date time for meeting and your session interests requests. 50 Deposit required via paypal Patrons making deposits will be booked prior to other inquiries made without a deposit. I have been fully vaccinated and will be PCR tested on arrival to each new destination Looking forward to seeing you!

I recently met Mirage and I've gotta say this session experience will be pretty hard to beat. Not only was her body absolutely stunning - what she considered "off season" was just the perfect blend between rock hard, well defined muscle and a sexy feminine look. Her legs are incredible, her lat spread the best I've ever seen on a girl and her biceps are dense and vascular. I'm 6'3" and lift/carry wasn't even a challenge to her. But what really sets her apart is her laid back, easy going, funny and sensual personality.

Hope she'll be back soon.


German version below.

I met a small huge powerhouse on last Wednesday.
Madame Mirage is a very beautiful girl and her muscular body was in a great shape. She had big arms, terrific pecs, a huge back, defined abs and massive legs which in many countries are certainly classified as weapons. I am close to 190 lbs and she controlled me with ease.
I had an awesome time with Madame Mirage. She is smart, has a great sense of humor and can kick your ass. If you search for an attractive, muscular, skilled wrestler with a lovely personality she will be the total package.

Ich habe am letzten Mittwoch ein kleines großes Kraftpaket getroffen.
Madame Mirage ist eine wunderschöne Frau und ihr muskulöser Körper war in einer großartigen Verfassung. Ihre Arme waren gewaltig, ihre Brustmuskeln phantastisch, ihr Rücken breit, ihre Bauchmuskeln definiert und ihre Beine, welche in vielen Ländern sicherlich als Waffen eingestuft werden, absolut massiv. Ich wiege etwa 86 kg, und sie hatte mich mit Leichtigkeit unter Kontrolle.
Ich hatte eine unglaubliche Zeit mit Madame Mirage. Sie ist pfiffig, hat einen großen Sinn für Humor und kann Dir den Hintern versohlen. Für jeden, der eine gutaussehende, muskulöse, versierte Wrestlerin mit einer liebenswerten Persönlichkeit sucht, ist bei ihr genau richtig.


I have had a session with her during her stay in Hannover. I was overwhelmed by the physique. She is very strong and under her soft skin, hard muscles are working. With a smile on her face she scissored me effordless and made me tap. Once done with me whe had a more sensual part -- she was not shy flexing for me and enjoyed being worshipped. All in all a great time with a charming lady.

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