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Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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About Me

I have a background in martial arts, gymnastics, track and field, wrestling, boxing and bodybuilding. Needless to say that I enjoy working out and being a strong, powerful and muscular female.

I like being in control and we only play by my rules.... rest assured we will have fun 

Muscle worship, foot worship, lift and carry, wrestling, athletic challenges, muscle comprisons, feats of strength, role play, scissoring, trampling, massage, posing, flexing, gym training and giving you customised photos/ videos are all things I enjoy immensely. 

I do not offer sexual or escort services but when I am done with you, you will be in a state of transcendence.

I travel with a variety of outfits, footwear, accessories and equipment.

Please contact me with a concise email detailing your location, date, time, interests and special requests for meeting.

Emails are my primary form of contact, however I do use whats app for easier communication on the day of meeting. 

Bookings must be made with a deposit or a referral from another session girl.


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
01-20-2020 01-23-2020 Tel Aviv Israel
01-24-2020 01-26-2020 Athens Cyprus Santorini Greece
01-27-2020 01-29-2020 Cairo Egypt
01-30-2020 02-01-2020 Dubai United Arab Emirates
02-02-2020 02-06-2020 London England
02-07-2020 02-08-2020 Birmingham England
02-08-2020 02-09-2020 Manchester England
02-09-2020 02-10-2020 Dublin Ireland
For tour information please email me with your preferred location date time for meeting and your session interests requests. Deposits are required via paypal and persons making deposits will be booked prior to other inquiries made without a deposit. Looking forward to seeing you!

If you’re lucky enough to meet Madame Mirage then be prepared to fall in love. We all know that she has a world-class physique and a beautifully photogenic face, but what makes a really special session is chemistry, enthusiasm and personality. Even though in 'off-season' shape she was defined and vascular, an overwhelming amount of power-packed muscle on a relatively small frame. And when this feminine muscle is put to use, either in posing or physical domination, your breath will be taken away. A quick squeeze accompanied by a smile or a giggle and you have no choice but to submit to this hugely exciting temptress. A lyrical Caribbean accent, deep brown eyes, quick whit, a girl of your dreams that will put you at ease and fulfil your fantasies, just let her know what’s your preference and she’ll make sure that you will walk out a happy human. Total fun! Total pleasure! 10 out of 10.


Mirage is one of the most amazing female bodybuilders that you will ever see! The sheer quantity of muscle mass that she carries on her small frame, is truly amazing!! All the while maintaining such a feminine appearance. She really does stand out amongst the top quality female bodybuilders, today..and in the past.
And during my session with her, she was as sweet and accommodating as could be. I will see her again!


03/18/2019: "MIRAGE is an aspiring MMA fighter and she gave me the total mixed fighting beat down experience. She is very skilled in putting you in headlocks, scissors, and full nelson positions. I tapped out quick after she applied full pressure. She would smile and say "TAP OUT"....you have no choice but to comply. The pain is too strong. If you're into Trampling, MIRAGE would push you too your limit with brutally jumping up and down on your chest and stomach. She stomped me in my chest continuously until I screamed mercy mercy....Flying knees she jumped off the couch landing on my chest, stomach, and back. Flying FEETS she jumped off the bed landing on my Head, Chest, Stomach, and Back. She stood on my head with both feet until I screamed mercy mercy mercy..Goddess MIRAGE Laughed at me and stuck her foot in my mouth to shut me up. I worshipped her feet as she stood on my head. GODDESS MIRAGE IS A ISLAND BEAUTY, SHE IS A DREAM COME TRUE...… I can't wait to see her again soon in Atlanta.

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