Location: Toronto,
E-mail: missamazon99@gmail.com
Height: 6'3” - 191 cm
Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Very beautiful girl, I actually think she'd look better closer to 190 pounds but definitely a great body from head to toe. She's no powerlifter but she's stronger than she looks and can carry guys near her own weight pretty easily. Great scissors and despite having those mile long legs she's taught herself to do a mean figure 4. Regardless of the fact it's so hard to find ladies her size, I give her 5 stars and meeting up with her again will be essential business whenever I'm back in Canada.


Absolutely incredible session in NYC. Miss Amazon is very strong, athletic, friendly and professional. Has very good scissors where there was no chance at escaping, very fit and powerful. The lift and carry session was amazing and extremely enjoyable, she made it look very easy and the piggyback rides were comforting. She is also very fit, young and energetic, an absolute dream come true having a session with her. Very beautiful and breathtaking at 6’3, she is simply gorgeous and a one in a lifetime experience. I absolutely loved and cherished every moment of it. It is a pleasure, honor and dream come true to have session with Miss Amazon and I highly recommend it. Looking forward to another unforgettable session sometime in the future.


After a wrestling session in New York City, I’d say Miss Amazon is absolutely one of the best out there. She’s extremely swift, athletic, and skilled. I lasted only about 5-15 seconds before she had me in some kind of inescapable hold. I’m not a skilled wrestler, but I do work out frequently. She is very strong. She gave me an advantage several times, but had me beat just about as fast. In short, I got my butt handed to me.

She’s very fast and professional in the booking process. In personality, she is humble and kind, and at the same time completely badass. I let her know about a neck injury I recently had, and she graciously avoided putting stress on it (while totally beating me of course). Also, needless to say, she’s absolutely gorgeous and has stunning eyes. It was a mind-blowing experience that I’ll always remember. She has my total respect and recommendation.

miss amazon



Had a session with Miss Amazon late last night and it was great! She offered half hour and hour to me, I took the half hour. Hey, that time of year! She pinned me pretty quickly, really couldn’t do anything. I did nothing! She would giggle and say “that all you got?” Obviously, the hh flew by! Take a minute, and check her out, body like a swimmer, cause I was drowning! lol, but seriously, shoot her an e-mail! Highly recommended!

miss amazon



I had the honor of attending a session with Miss Amazon in Toronto,ON.This is my very first lift and carry session.She is simply amazing,open minded,friendly,young,sweet,athletic and bad ass in all.We had a great communication before and after the session.She makes you more comfortable during the session.I thoroughly enjoyed lift and carry session with her and in the end i can happily say that i became her son.I will definitely recommend 9.5/10 for Miss Amazon for those who are willing to attend a session with her.Its worth the time with Miss Amazon.
Thank you so much Miss Amazon.I will look forward to booking with you soon for another session.


I recently had the honour of sessioning with Miss Amazon in Toronto and WOW was it a great time!
I’ve been in the industry for a long time and I have some fairly specific fantasies involving sensual domination, beatdowns, facesitting, ballbusting and outfits. Miss Amazon listened to all my requests, communicated quickly and efficiently, and brought my fantasy to life. She is young (and insanely beautiful). She is not yet super experienced with wrestling holds etc. but she is happy to learn, has an open mind and seems to truely LOVE dominating men. At 6’3” with an athletic background, she moulded together an incredible session of pleasure and pain and I would highly recommend her. Treat this woman well, there’s not many out there with her combination of size, looks, youth and enthusiasm.
If she chooses to continue kicking ass I’m certain she’ll become a superstar session girl.
Thanks so much Miss Amazon, hope we can session again soon! That was INCREDIBLE!

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