Location: New York, New York
E-mail: mistressandree@gmail.com
Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
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I just had my first session with Miss Andree, and let me tell you, I am more than pleased. It was quarantine muscle time and it had been a long time since I had my last session (which was not very remarkable with the other person). Well, let me tell you, this was a big game changer for me. I live in NYC and I love to support local businesses :-) so I decided to spoil myself during this lonely lock-down. She arrived early evening at my uptown studio apartment. When she came out of the elevator she was dressed like a normal gal wearing her mask only seeing her eyes like it was sharia law in Iran. My apartment was cluttered with merchandise in boxes which I had just received from China for my ecommerce sites I run. She didn't mind nor judged my disgusting bachelor pad although I spent hours cleaning before she arrived. When she came out of the elevator she was dressed like a normal gal wearing her mask only seeing her eyes like it was sharia law. Daaaamnnnn, they mystery and suspense was building because I never really had seen her face. I greeted he as she walked in and I was nervous as hell. She smelled sooo good, like muscle candy and flowers. She was wearing a black leather jacket and she took it off, and I could see the hardness of her pecs popping out just under her neck as she was sporting some interesting blouse. She excused herself to the bathroom to get ready. I loved that she came prepared with everything, even the music. When she came out of the bathroom, I nearly needed to be put on a ventilator. She is smoking sexy!. Her skin is a beautiful flawless cappuccino mocha color, decorated with beautiful tatts trailing down her ripped chiseled back. My hands enjoyed feeling her sculpted marble physique. I felt like a little spoiled kid schmo in a candy store, overwhelmed and didn't know what to grab first. This short gal is stacked with beautiful pecs and more than a handful of bustyness. Her arms and legs are sculpted and hard and could crush you. She took her time and was not a clock watcher. I'm the kind of guy that doesn't like to always go for the most popular girl, with tons of pics and rules and disclaimers. Her three pics on the profile were just enough for me to know that she was strong, cut, stacked, hot, and damn sexy! I didn't have to request pics nor do I ever request extra pics from these ladies. I go with my instinct and my instinct was right. And her face is cute too. I'm not quite sure about her age, but I would estimate between 35-50. She can play the milf or the teen. The session ended on a high note, and I was left feeling like jelly or a used piece of meat :-) This was the best quarantine muscle session ever! Actually my best session ever! If you live in NYC or visiting NYC, please contact Miss Andree, she is worth every cent of her tribute and will leave you craving more like a slobbering Saint Bernard dog staring at a steak.


Based on the strength of her reviews and photos I recently saw Miss Andree. My expectations were extremely high but she far exceeded them. Was highly professional throughout. Booking was easy as was communicating my preferences. She showed up promptly at the scheduled time. She is extremely intelligent and personable and very quickly made me feel at ease. When we got to my room and she took her jacket off I knew I was in for a special treat. Incredible sensual muscularity practically exploding out of her beautiful olive skin. Naturally dominant personality but is very generous with her gifts and wants the session to be a memorable experience for both parties. From now on every time I have a trip to Manhattan for business the first thing I will do is book her. She is the best.


I recently saw Miss Andree for the third time. She’s fantastic in every way. Each session has been better than the last and the first one blew my mind. She responds quickly to email, is very bright, fun to be around and generous with her time. She is always in great shape. There’s a reason she’s my go to sessionette when I’m in NYC. I highly recommend her, to say the least.


I saw Miss Andree for the second time recently. I personally enjoy more sensual muscle worship and she is the best in NYC. Beautiful skin, amazing shape, aims to please. Can't miss!


Miss Andree was a true pleasure. Very professional, easy to communicate with. Really enjoys providing the experience you desire...Very accomodating. In terms of her physique unreal. She came dressed in professional attire and after changing it is a feast for your eyes. Not a clock watcher. Must see if you live in NYC and you love muscle. Will definitely see her again. A+


Even before my session with Miss Andree, I knew I was in for a treat. She was highly accommodating in setting a time and date that fit my busy schedule. Her email correspondence exudes the utmost professionalism. I booked her with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that she was willing to meet me more than half way.

As for the session itself:

Wow. Underneath a sweater seemingly wrapping what first seemed to be a dainty, smallish form, Miss Andree unveiled the greatest density of muscle I have encountered. This power packed big/little bully proceeded to mentally and physically torment me the whole session. Never have I so thoroughly enjoy being terrorized. Miss Andree is truly a force to be reckoned with and I recommend her without hesitation. Just make sure to bring some extra stamina and be prepared to work overtime!


I just had a session with Miss Andree.
She is the real deal , I'm so happy to find in NYC a woman that is so sexy and beautiful (the pictures here do not do justice to her).
She is very muscular with very law body fat. such cute smile and beautiful face. She can be dominant yet very very sensual. She is very strong , I think she is more into sensual wrestling than the hardcore one. She is everything a man can ask for and more.
Be respectful and you will have a great session. definitely on the top of my list.


Had a session with Andree I have to say it was a incredible experience one I will never forget.
She is beautiful inside and out and very powerful. I highly recommend seeing her


Had the session of my life with miss andree a couple of weeks ago at this point. To say I had fun would be an understatement lol. She is really warm and totally gets into character pretty quickly I might add. I did a dom/worship session with her and she played the part perfectly. I definitely reccomend going to see her!!


Had a session with Miss Andree earlier this week. Opted for a muscle worship session and she was terrific, an all around great time. Rock hard muscles with well defined biceps, back and calves. She is fun to talk to and really enjoys herself. She is amazing and I highly recommend her.


Met Miss Andree earlier today. The session started with her telling me to wash her feet. That was just a "warm up" of the total domination that went on for 2 hours. She did "allow" me the privilege of worshiping her amazing ripped muscles. Andree was amazing! Guys, go see her. You will not be disappointed.


I am a long time session veteran (over 25 years) but nothing I have experienced prepared me for the utter domination, physical, intellectual and psychological that I received from Miss Andree. The session was in November in NYC and she walked in wearing a coat that covered her physique. We started by chatting about what I like in sessions, and her friendliness, intelligence, and sense of humor quickly put me at ease. Little did I expect that behind that beautiful almost girlish face. cute grin, and easy demeanor lurked the mind of an ultimate predator, with me as her prey. She then excused herself to change. When she emerged, I was taken aback by her ripped muscular body, threatening to explode out of her tiny black bikini top and thong. I knew from her photos that she had a world class physique, but I was still unprepared for the muscle goddess that stood before me. She asked if I was ready for her to put me in some holds. Before I could answer I found myself lifted and tossed (she is a top national strongwoman competitor) face down on the bed, my head and neck being crushed by her huge vascular peaked bicep. She taunted me to “try to escape” . Even though it was a fantasy wrestling match I rose to the challenge, well at least I tried to since I could not break her grip using both of my arms and I outweighed her by 30 pounds. I quickly was trained that resistance was futile. Over the next two hours I would experience her rock hard sensual muscles in a series of devastating head locks, leg and body scissors and grape vines. Each hold would start with just enough pressure to control me. As she mocked and taunted me for being such a pathetic excuse for a man I protested and tried to escape but only found myself even more helpless as her thigh and arm muscles bulged and swelled until the life was literally being squeezed or crushed out of me, the pressure only eased when I screamed and begged for mercy. Sometimes not even then.
Fortunately she can be a kind ruler and eventually released the holds in return for my worshipping her unreal vascular quads, glutes, calves, pecs and biceps, all shrink wrapped in the softest silky bronze skin. Failure to give appropriate worship however only led to sterner punishments, verbal and physical. At several points during the session she had me on my back, my legs trapped in a grape vine and my arms pinned over my head. She dared me to escape and then laughed at my inability to even move her. As she tightened her grip on my wrists my pleas for mercy were met only by a wicked grin, a mix of contempt and pure evil. Her eyes stared down into mine with what only could be described as lust, the lust of knowing she could do anything she wanted to me. And she did.

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