Location: Athens,
E-mail: missmonrow88@gmail.com
Height: 6'1” - 185 cm
Weight: 205 lbs - 93 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
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It was my second session with Miss Monrow. And like the first time, I can’t really tell if it was real or not. It was too intense, too good, a vivid dream. As soon as I knew that I would be traveling to Amsterdam for the second time, I immediately asked Miss Monrow for a second session. After a few messages, everything was seted. The organisation was perfect and everything went flawlessly. We decided to setup the session at my hostel room and well, how to say it ? I was immensely both excited and stressed. More than this, I was completely losing my grip on my emotions days before the sessions. And I loved it ! I loved every moments of this growing feeling. I loved every moments of this because I knew I would experience something incredibly intense and unique, because I was already experiencing it. I was in a hold for days, I realized it when she knocked at the door. I was having hard time to think straight since at least one hour and god, when I oppened the door ! It became real. I met Miss Monrow once already so I was genuinely happy to meet her again, as a warm and smiling person, but I was also deeply impressed by her charisma, by the way she moves, by the way she is litterally crushing you just by being her, looking at your eyes with everything she is, and with everything she can do. I felt something cracking deep inside of me. It was strange and delicious. Everything in her is telling you that she is strong. Not only physically, that’s obvious. No, she is strong, she is just strong in every ways. I love people being strong, I love people fighting to achieve their dreams and be the best they can in what they love. I love them trying to fight themselves. I know what it cost. What I felt each time we met is that Miss Monrow might have fought and might fight as hard as the very few people I tend to admire, and she is winning. Oh, that’s the moment when my brain gently remind me that she can also litterally crush me in any random hold, just by squeezing a bit too hard. No lies, if I love being mentally dominated, I LOVE being physically dominated aswell. I asked for a fantasy oriented session and GOD it was awesome ! I think I completely lost my mind somewhere during the very first minutes so I might have acted a bit oddly, thanks to my poor stress management and my odd way to handle it, but damn, it was among the best hours in my life ! I’m not going often at the gym but I’m not weak nor small. I’m 180cm for near 95kg and I was litterally dwarfen. It’s a beautiful feeling that tickled something deeply rooted into my mind, something instinctive, something that flip everything upside down. I was litterally helpless, unable to move when she didn’t want to, unable to stop looking at her, unable to just realize that itw as happening. I could write about the all the ways her headscissors can make you cry in a second. I could write about how hard I wanted to ask her to squeeze when my entire torso were trapped between her thighs, and how scared I was to do. I could write about how I couldn’t make her move at all when she was holding my wrists. She is simply amazing in every ways. She is amazing as a person, she is amazing as a professional, she is amazing at making you feel good, she is amazing at reading you and fullfilling your deepest fantasies, and she is amazing because she loves what she does, because she is living it and not just doing it. And that’s the best way to be generous and build moments people will remember for the rest of their life.

These hours were so good that it felt like 5 minutes and I will definitely ask for a third time as soon as I can and I trully hope it will be sooner than later.


I discovered Miss Monrow and immediately felt like I had to meet her. And it was amazing. We met in Amsterdam and I wasn't prepared, nobody can be prepared. She is tall, strong, beautiful, and if she is physically absolutely astonishing, it's her charisma that will blow your mind away. She can be caring and smiling, and yet make you know exactly where you belong.

The session began, and it was a vibrant moment in time. It was beyond everything I could have expected. I know she was just playing, and yet I felt like nothing, more than once, and it wasn't only about being physically overpowered. She has this natural way to dominate that make it intense, intoxicating, and real. I loved every single second of this session and I can't wait to be able to meet Miss Monrow again.

She is amazing, simply.


I have been a long time fan of this beautiful gorgeous sexy and powerful amazon for several years now. I was finally able to meet Miss Monrow during her last two visits to NYC and I was simply blown away by her beauty and charming down to earth personality. She is simply amazing in every-way.

She is a Legit 6'1 200 lbs of sexy amazon muscle. A natural femdom that loves to dominate her slavesa and show whose in charge, but also can be gentle and sweet.

Muscle worship, scissors with those sexy strong quads/thighs/legs, fantasy wrestling , smothers, facesitting with her perfect ass lifts and carries, cbt, spankings, BDSM domination, role play the whole 9. She is simply amazing. I look forward to seeing her again in December.

Be professional, courteous, gentleman and you won't be disappointed.

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