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Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 175 lbs - 79.4 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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About Me

I am a well Known Pro Female Bodybuilder. I have been training hard and continiously since 1987 ( 30 plus years Wow already ?)This is why at only 5 feet 1. I can hold so much hard and define muscle at 165-175lb. Like They Say the Finest Always come with Time and it is True when it come to Bodybuilding,not like many other sport where aging is a disaventage. 

Everyones that i have meet in session, or even just at the gym or in public are very  impressed :) also inspired and feel confortable around me because i am very friendly person. I do not judge,I am not above anyones ,I am just me so have no fear !...

I do like to have converstation but i will not add it to your time ,if you are in a rush just let me know:-)

I can say i am a veteran  in the Session Business , i first starred in 1992 so by now if i am still around it is because mostly i know what i am doing:-) only offer what i enjoy or is capable of as it is Key for providing you with the best  Experience,if i forget something please mention while we at it. I wont Bite :) This is your Time not Mine. 

All the Photos posted are recent or represent  how i look now,i am always in shape and somehow  looking the same. The day i cant no longer keep it up,i will retire.

Looking forward and Thank You All for your great support allowing me to keep at my best. 






Services Offered

Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
01-22-2020 01-25-2020 Valdosta Georgia United States
01-24-2020 01-26-2020 Atlanta Georgia United States
02-21-2020 02-23-2020 Raleigh North Carolina United States
02-23-2020 02-25-2020 Charlotte North Carolina United States
Travel Contact MissXtremeMuscle@gmail.com Text Only 727 389 8986 or E-mail MissXtremeMuscle@gmail.com . No Phone Calls. To avoid Confusion please either Text or E-mail but do not use both To make an appointment a deposit is required. Will consider only serious booking. Cash App - Venmo - PayPal - Zella . Deposit is not refundable if you cancel but i will give credit for a future apt. When making a request Please mention location in the subject then a message with your name a brief description of what you are looking to do and i will reply as soon as i can with complete details if you are still interested we can then proceed and secure the booking. If after 4 reply you still have not made your mind i will just move on. Thank You Very Much for your consideration and i am looking forward meeting you. MX

Without a doubt this lady is one of a kind. don't miss her!


I can't believe I actually met the legend that is Colette Guimond. I've sessioned a lot and am more than aware that nerves that I feel may be felt on the other side of the door when it opens. But when the door opened, a beautiful real life version of the famous IFBB champion welcomed me in with great warmth and a natural smile. She was dressed in a shirt, stockings and heels.

Colette is a very friendly and honest girl. She joked about talking a lot and indeed she was very expressive but I understood and enjoyed hearing about her many whims. It felt a bit like we could chat all day but we went to the bedroom for the muscle worship session. It was great to feel her. Every inch rock hard and amazing. She has suffered injury and said for her she is not at the size she wants, but I couldn't really tell. She said a year ago she benched her highest weight. I loved her pecs, arms, and back so much. Then not to mention her naturally amazing ass. All her muscles were so peaked and look flexed when not.

Colette is a very personable woman. For someone who has been sessioning for some years you might think she is serious and very business-like. She isn't at all, and as long as you are also very friendly and can listen to her, and make sure you remind her of what you want (decisiveness which she likes) you are in for a treat. Her honesty brings out an amazing sense of trust in which you think anything can happen. I shall be seeing her again soon I hope.


Wow! Talk about HARD. What an incredible lady with an amazing body. Her muscles are spectacular - lower body, upper body, everything! I feel very fortunate to have gotten the chance to meet her. She's funny! And sweet. She treated me like a friend, and I felt totally at ease with her. And did I mention...she's ROCK HARD.

She came to my city to see me and was very accommodating. She was generous and kind. My time with her was an experience I will certainly never forget.

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