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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
E-mail: mistresskaradominatrix@gmail.com
Skype: https://livemistress.kara.dominatrix
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 39

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Mistress Kära is a professionally trained and lifestyle Dominatrix, a certified Sex Educator, a competitive submission grappler, a stage actor and performer, a promoter of positive debauchery, a connoisseur of kink, and a proud producer of BDSM and fetish adult entertainment. Mistress Kära works with all genders, levels of experience, nationalities, sexual orientations, disabilities, and ages (18+), as well as with couples, triads, and larger groups. She is undefeated in many feitsh wrestling leagues both nationally and internationally. She is both Dominant and personable and her body is a perfect combination of strength, muscle and power and sensual soft curves. Contact her today for a session!

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4/07/2013 Mistress Kara = Real ( such a complete and fitting single word definition )

Not since the Legendary JoAnna Needham has a Full Grown Woman vanquished, and deflated this Male's over inflated ego with such power, grace, speed, efficiency, and skill.

Hankering for a Real wrestling match with a Real Woman, Look No Further, E Mail Mistress Kara TODAY. Commit to her, and the Mistress will completely commit herself to you. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED ~ MISTRESS KARA DELIVERS !!!

She was on time for our appointment, and had already changed into her wrasslin' attire when arrived, Mistress Kara is as I would soon come to find," breath~taking ", she looked fabulous. A striking natural beauty, very soft spoken, articulate, is very approachable, sports a wonderful and bright smile. This dominant female greets ya with a hug, and an enthusiasm that is genuine, and contagious. She really is happy to be there, and is there for you. I found this Fine Mistress to be very attentive, and generous with her time. Since she had described her current incall location as matted, but a little challenged for space, at my suggestion Mistress Kara even agreed, site unseen, to gas up her own vehicle and meet me at a location I knew of: t I described my friend's backyard as the perfect location for a private introduction of this nature, only increasing her charitable donation requirement enough to make the hours travel in either direction "worth her time " and cover her own added expense ... What a trooper !!!

* ( Promotional Intermission ) *

We met at KRITIE ETZOLD's WONDERFUL PRIVATE LAIR IN ORANGE COUNTY, CA ~ Kristie's contact information is found on this site; U.S. Ladies; Southern CA; Orange County ~ Kristie,a seasoned submission specialist in her own right happens to rent both a spacious indoor fully matted wrestling room, and, wait for it, get this, a 14' x 14' pro styled three rope raised covered shaded on three side boxing/wrestling ring tucked away in a very tranquil, very private backyard even providing a place to change and clean up before and after ~ Sessioning Outdoors In Southern California ~ It Doesn't Get Any Better Folks ~ check it out http://www.kristieetzold.com/Graphics/The%20Ring%20-%20Jan%202009/index.html

Mistress Kara and I are a perfect match on paper an identical she just a tad taller @ 5'7" and both weighed in at 155 pounds, as even a physical match up as any wrestler could hope for, no excuses to be made here, If there was any dissappointment at all, it was that in asking for a competitive match, it was I, not the Mistress, that did not deliver, I'm not sure Mistress Kara even broke a sweat, she really is in incredible physical shape, a force to be wreckoned with for sure .... ; ( {tail tucked between legs}

Mistress Kara's skill set, and strength are quite REAL, the moment we engaged she put on her game face and was more than ready to "play~chess" with our torsos and limbs interlocking, a power play battle for control.The Mistress calm, cool, and collected, patient, bold, confident, and not a bit shy. Mistress Kara was ready to play ...with a hand shake and an devilish grin, we were ready to begin ... GAME ON !!!

Mistres Kara's defense is her greatest offense, her mental focus is phenominal, thinking and working seemingly three moves ahead, and battling for a finish from the start. She matched my power with her own power, countered my every attempt to gain advantage, and when things became a bit heated was more than able, with the greatest of ease, to take full, complete,and total, DOMINATING CONTROL. It is then this wonderful dom began to really enjoy herself, playing and toying with me until she was ready to finish., and finish me is what she did in convincing fashion, again, and again, it was INSANE. Total and complete cataclysmic destruction. Mistress Kara mopped the mat with my sorry butt !!!

Mistress Kara is solid, and thick ( check out her fore arms, biceps, shoulders, lats, hips, thighs and calves in her photos she has out on display, what you see is what you get, and then some. With a unimaginable strength and power lurking just under under those oh so girlie curves that must be felt to be understood. She is also a great sport and advocate of fair play.

Success favors preparation, and Misteress Kara is prepared !!! Take look, like what you see, go for it ... I did ... a pure delight !!!

Until we meet again, my pretty, insanity, I know , you are my new found addiction, I have Mistress Kara on my back !!!

Thank you Mistress Kara ~ Queen of the Wrestling Mat !!! ~ Aloha ~ YOUR FRIEND, MIKE[size=5][/size] :evil:[size=2][/size]

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