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mistress nadia
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Location: San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California
E-mail: nadiamiller1980@gmail.com
Skype: https://Nadia Miller
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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 185 lbs - 83.9 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 37

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I’m a statuesque muscle goddess with princess pythons that long to wrap around your helpless body as you try to escape my grasp! I adore my beautiful muscles being worshipped as well as playful wrestling sessions filled with pleasure and a touch of blissful pain. If you love sexy muscle women, I’m the girl for you!!

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
01-23-2020 01-27-2020 Boston Massachusetts United States
01-27-2020 02-02-2020 New York New York United States
Heading back to the east coast!!!! Miss you guys!!!

When coming back San Francisco?


I've just yesterday had the thrill of meeting Nadia somewhere in the swamps of Jersey.
First off, kudos to how super patient and accommodating she was after my lack of foresight had me running 30 minutes late.
She intoned through our updates that she was going to take it out on me... and did she ever!
As I walked through the door, I was greeted by her gorgeous, beaming visage and warm, friendly demeanor. Not at all what I deserved after keeping her so long.
My eyes, and hands, were immediately filled to bursting with the magnificent muscle adorning this majestic Mistress. Glorious thickness in generous proportions all around. Not contest shape cut, as if she really needed to be (bitch boy, please!). Simply shapely slabs of heavy, heavenly heft.
After some playful introductory banter -- she is ever the engaging talker -- along with my worshipping supplications, she set to work putting on the power show.
Or so came the sounds from my contorted mouth after a single round of her scissors at barely half strength. She might've been soothing my ego at that, claiming 50%. Another round, and the same frantic sound.
Am I really gonna survive this?!?
Then, a mercurial giggle tickled my ears from behind. Nadia wanted to try a reverse, after recounting how she'd just KO'd another poor schmoe some night before!
But this is what I signed up for. Right? So a New Orleans funeral it was for me.
She set up, and before my demise I delighted in the smoothest, silkiest muscle girl bubble butt ever wedged under my nose. Her palms pressed into the floor, her balance poised, then... BLAM!!!
I think it was with that burst when my tooth readied its escape plan to flee my mouth. It didn't quite succeed, but with a few more bolts from her quads I know it sure would have. And that was that for seriously testing the power of the Goddess.
We carried the rest of the time chit-chatting -- seriously, she is naturally charming and a loveable goofball -- headlocking and grapevining.
Finally, to send me home, she at last disciplined me for my poor time management. No surprise, she has some strikingly heavy hands which deliver every bit the blunt force of her stony quads!
With a mere trace of hyperbole, Nadia is a revelation, a force of nature, a wonder of the earth and everything right about our most curious little subculture.
Do yourselves a favor and check her out whenever she's within a time zone of you. You definitely won't regret it.


Nadia is a fantastic new entrant to sessions this year. She's beautiful, powerful and fun, the trifecta that guarantees a great time.
I love her attitude, she loves being big and muscular and she loves being admired for it. She's playfully dominant which I prefer, she's cheerfully smug rather than mean. Once you hear her start giggling you'll know she knows that she's got you right where she wants you. She's not ripped but that doesn't mean there's a part of her that isn't solid, you'll find out the first time she tries to pin you.
Her legs are naturally the main course, easily worth the price of admission, 2nd only to AlphaAce in their overwhelming splendor in my opinion. It's not just that her scissors can quickly knock you out, she can start making things hurt with moderate effort. If you're in front of her, you can watch the smile on her face barely move as she puts her muscles into 3rd gear, easy for her but enough to make most guys panic.
Since she offers semi-competitive I'd like for her to learn a few advanced pro moves or some jiu jitsu holds, that'd move her from 9.9 up to a perfect 10. That's literally the only flaw in this super lady's offerings. If she comes to visit book her, it's really that simple.

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