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Location: San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California
E-mail: nadiamiller1980@gmail.com
Skype: https://Nadia Miller
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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 185 lbs - 83.9 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 37

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I’m a statuesque muscle goddess with princess pythons that long to wrap around your helpless body as you try to escape my grasp! I adore my beautiful muscles being worshipped as well as sensual wrestling sessions. If you love sexy muscle women, I’m the girl for you!!

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11-09-2019 11-15-2019 Manhattan New York United States
11-09-2019 11-15-2019 New York New York United States
11-13-2019 11-15-2019 Newark New Jersey United States
Hitting LA for a couple days before I jet off to the east coast again! Boston first then a nice long stretch in NYC!!! I wont make it back to the east coast again until 2020 so this is your chance to feel my legendary strength and worship my beautiful muscular body. See you soon my loves!!

Nadia is a fantastic new entrant to sessions this year. She's beautiful, powerful and fun, the trifecta that guarantees a great time.
I love her attitude, she loves being big and muscular and she loves being admired for it. She's playfully dominant which I prefer, she's cheerfully smug rather than mean. Once you hear her start giggling you'll know she knows that she's got you right where she wants you. She's not ripped but that doesn't mean there's a part of her that isn't solid, you'll find out the first time she tries to pin you.
Her legs are naturally the main course, easily worth the price of admission, 2nd only to AlphaAce in their overwhelming splendor in my opinion. It's not just that her scissors can quickly knock you out, she can start making things hurt with moderate effort. If you're in front of her, you can watch the smile on her face barely move as she puts her muscles into 3rd gear, easy for her but enough to make most guys panic.
Since she offers semi-competitive I'd like for her to learn a few advanced pro moves or some jiu jitsu holds, that'd move her from 9.9 up to a perfect 10. That's literally the only flaw in this super lady's offerings. If she comes to visit book her, it's really that simple.


I’ve only been sessioning for a little under a year and have only seen six different girls during that time. They were all a blast to some degree or another and I’ve nothing but positives to say about them. But now I’ve sessioned with Mistress Nadia and it’s all changed. She has probably ruined my session journey because I can’t imagine a better experience with any other session girl ever again. It’s like summiting Everest; after that, what’s left to achieve? Please forgive my inability to focus on this review because she turned me into a rambling fan boy immediately. I will however, try to hit some salient points that I feel anyone considering a session with Mistress Nadia should know and consider.

First, she is very easy to set up a session. Within 3 emails the date/time were set and the deposit paid. Very easy and professional. She also seems to be pretty responsive to emails and usually got back to me with the same day, mostly within a few hours. Second, meeting her she has a great personality. She’s extremely funny and engaging and was able to calm my nerves, which upon seeing her in person had caused my legs to shake (not hyperbole, she is that stunning, but I’ll get to that part in a bit). She is easy to engage with and kept the session on a good pace with no awkward moments. The whole time she’s crushing me she was laughing with a very sweet, lilting laugh. That is, when I could hear her laugh. Usually her thighs swallow your entire head and no sound reaches you.

Now on to the important parts. She is gorgeous. Her pictures do not do her justice. I mean we all know girls use their very best pics on their profile but reality may be a bit different. Not Nadia. She’s even better looking in person than any of her pics and all of those rock. Her eyes are mesmerizing. Her hair is in a pretty pony tail. Nothing out of place. Awesome.

The next thing you notice is that she friggin’ huge. You know the old saying “built like a brick shithouse”? Pretty sure it was minted to describe Nadia. I don’t just mean her thighs, which by the way are other worldly, but her whole body. Her shoulders, arms, calves, and back were all large, well defined, and solid. She’s not like contest ripped but rather has a slightly rounded curvature which is very beautiful. Wait, I forgot a muscle group. Her glutes. Yup. All I need to say is “bowling balls” and you will get the gist. Unbelievably hot.

Lastly, let’s talk about how strong she is. When I arrived, she playfully, “gently”, hugged me. I knew at that point I was with a powerhouse. Now I don’t wrestle so I can’t speak to her skills in that area but if her strength in her scissors is any indication, unless you have mad skills, she will crush you like a bug. I’m a pretty big guy and have a large neck so it’s been difficult to find a session girl who can make me tap in a headscissor let alone a KO. Guess what? I found one who could easily do both. She says “let’s start slow and easy to see what you can handle” and proceeds to put me in a reverse headscissor. She starts to squeeze and I hold on as long as I can until I’m sure my head will implode so I tap. She tells me that was 20%. Huh? There’s FIVE times more in the tank? Fuck no. Can’t be possible because 20% made me feel like she’d pop my head like a melon. So for the rest of the hour she tries different scissors but they all end the same way: me frantically tapping or getting black around the edges with tingly extremities. Not only is she the only one who made me essentially pass out but she did it with 20% power. At one point after listening to me cry about only being able to handle 20% she tells me she’s going to crank it to 100% just for a second so I can see what that’s like. Only a second, so no need to worry. Uh huh. I’m not kidding or exaggerating when I tell you that was 1 second of pure, utter panic. I immediately tapped like a mad man. If she had continued squeezing for another second or two, I would have been out for sure. Two seconds. Unbelievable. If you’re looking for piss yourself scary headscissors then Nadia is the girl for you. Don’t get me wrong, she never took me beyond my limits but what an intoxicating, surreal feeling to experience that kind of power. If you want to feel absolute power, have your body squashed, or if you need some old bowling balls crushed to dust, Nadia is for you.

All I can say is I will absolutely session with her again when she returns to the East coast. Thank God she isn’t based near me or I would be refinancing my house to pay for my Nadia habit. She’s that good. If she’s touring near you don’t be a fool, book her. Honestly, the only downside to my session was I didn’t book more than an hour.


Brandon R

This was my first ever session, and while I saw scissor videos, I didn’t really know what to expect. Nadia quickly dispelled any potential awkwardness with a positive and energetic personality. We had some introductory conversation and started with some arm wrestling. You can probably guess who won. Then, we did wrestling. It goes without saying that Nadia is a beautiful woman, but she’s also very strong. I thought it would be fun to try to struggle out of the holds she put on me, and I put all my energy into doing so. I could not break free. She got around behind me and wrapped her legs around my torso, her arms holding my neck in place. I was powerless and it was exhilarating! She continued to put me in several holds as I continued to struggle, then she put some body scissors on me. She applied pressure with such strength and speed, I involuntarily grunted and flexed my torso, just to save myself. This girl is just so full of life and energy, it’s infectious! She excitedly talked about levels of power she could apply and how she starts slow with first timers. It was an unexpected bonus that Nadia enjoys what she does. She enjoys being strong and crushing with her scissors. We transitioned into head scissors, and to my surprise, I could not escape from them! Once she gets her legs around your head, you’re not moving out of them! They are thick and pure muscle! I continued to exclaim how amazing I thought this was intermittently between bursts of overwhelming crushing force. Just impressive! I could not have imagined a better experience! You really owe it to yourself to get a session with Nadia.

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