Location: San Diego, Southern California
E-mail: nadiamiller1980@gmail.com
Phone: 4252939125
Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 37
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Brandon R

This was my first ever session, and while I saw scissor videos, I didn’t really know what to expect. Nadia quickly dispelled any potential awkwardness with a positive and energetic personality. We had some introductory conversation and started with some arm wrestling. You can probably guess who won. Then, we did wrestling. It goes without saying that Nadia is a beautiful woman, but she’s also very strong. I thought it would be fun to try to struggle out of the holds she put on me, and I put all my energy into doing so. I could not break free. She got around behind me and wrapped her legs around my torso, her arms holding my neck in place. I was powerless and it was exhilarating! She continued to put me in several holds as I continued to struggle, then she put some body scissors on me. She applied pressure with such strength and speed, I involuntarily grunted and flexed my torso, just to save myself. This girl is just so full of life and energy, it’s infectious! She excitedly talked about levels of power she could apply and how she starts slow with first timers. It was an unexpected bonus that Nadia enjoys what she does. She enjoys being strong and crushing with her scissors. We transitioned into head scissors, and to my surprise, I could not escape from them! Once she gets her legs around your head, you’re not moving out of them! They are thick and pure muscle! I continued to exclaim how amazing I thought this was intermittently between bursts of overwhelming crushing force. Just impressive! I could not have imagined a better experience! You really owe it to yourself to get a session with Nadia.


Met Nadia during her stay in NYC.

She is an absolute delight and is a gorgeous woman. Her personality is warm, positive and playful, a little like Kari (cute redhead) from Mythbusters. Her appearance is a little like a young Robin Coleman (former gladiator), only better looking.

Her legs are super thick and muscly. Her arms impressively so. And yet, she really does look lithe.

Her squeezes are super powerful. She only needs to go to 25% to make me tap.

She is the ideal barbie scissor queen.


I jumped on the chance to see Nadia, and I'm glad I took it. When I finally met her, she was so nice, and very warm, any nervousness I had was put at ease. She was amazingly beautiful in her one piece, her muscles were fantastic, and I knew I was in for some fun. Being smaller, she had no problem tossing me and crushing me in her thighs, the shit talking was fun and I had a blast. I'm writing this as I nurse my sore abs haha. I'm sure you won't regret meeting her.


I just saw Nadia again last night. It is a dangerous thing that she lives in my hometown.
Gorgeous is not the word, big, full, tight, amazing. And she has been working on her scissors and is getting more and more dangerous by the day. I tapped at one point and she laughed at me saying she was maybe at 15% when I did. Saying she is strong is an understatement. And she obviously enjoys knowing she is strong as hell as she laughs the whole time she is squeezing the breath out of you. She is awesome.

But the thing that is the most impressive about Nadia is her personality. She is straight up one of the coolest people I have ever met, and I could honestly hang out with her for hours and not think about her muscles once....crazy, I know. We started talking and just catch up when we met up after a bit she asked me if I wanted to wrestle or get squeezed at any point. I hadn't realized a half hour had already passed. Just a cool as heck down to earth person.


I recently had a session with Nadia and can't even describe how good of an experience it was. I was a bit of a nervous wreck when I showed up because I just couldn't believe this girl was real when I saw her. We both laughed at my awkwardness a little bit, but she made me feel right at home within a few minutes. Nadia genuinely enjoys what she does and it really shows. She is a blast to talk to and her power is unlike anything I have ever felt before.
Her legs are incredibly thick, so its hard for her to get it perfectly around your carotid arteries, but the sheer power of them cranking down on your jaw will make you tap. I'm a pretty big athletic guy and have been put in all sorts of scissorholds. Its no surprise when a girl is able to make you tap from a front, reverse, or figure-4 headscissor. But Nadia is the only one who was able to make me tap from a reverse figure-4 headscissor. Guys, I wasn't even be choked. Nadia simply had her legs around my head, with her butt covering my face and flexed. The pressure she produced from that alone made me tap frantically. She is very talented when it comes to smothers as well. She knows just the right spot to block your nose and mouth. The way she transitioned from scissors to smothers was flawless. At one point she had my ears, eyes mouth and nose covered in a figure-4 with my face towards her. She recorded me with my phone and the way she laughed and teased me while contracting her leg muscles, pulling me deeper into the hold in that position was just indescribable.
Nadia really has it all. The beauty, the power and most importantly the right personality. Seriously guys, I was a complete retard when I showed up to the hotel. Nadia just has that natural talent to make you feel relaxed and secure while choking and smothering you to your limit


I had the opportunity to see Nadia over this past weekend and all I can say is WOW!! I am glad she was able to fit me into her busy schedule as I had reached out to her a few days before. I have been sessioning for several years and Nadia is now among the top on my list (I will certainly be seeing her again). Setting up a time was easy and her communication great. From the moment I walked in the door I could tell we were going to have an enjoyable time together. Her description and pictures do not do her justice as she is absolutely gorgeous in person with a very sexy voice. I am into muscle worship and not wrestling but I had her wrap those massive legs around me and I'm glad I did! (and yes, they are really that big) She is big in all the right places and very strong. She is a very down to earth person and can carry a great conversation. Pretty much she is someone you just want to hang out with.


I had the pleasure of meeting Nadia last week at the session girls event. We did a video together last friday and we talked briefly at the warehouse (she was very busy). I was easily able to set up a session for today as she was in NJ.

It was simply amazing. She clearly loves being strong and showing off, while also being appreciated for her amazing body.

Most muscle ladies are kinda short..not her legit 5’8/5’9 170 lbs of muscle sexiness.

She has what I call murves in full force (combination of thick muscle and feminine curves) legs that can crush her quads are insane, big biceps and a gorgeous squat booty. And of course a beautiful face.

She is super cool chill type of woman who enjoys what she does. Able to transition from dominant and tough to soft and sensual with ease and did my roleplay scenario perfectly.

She is a must see and I can’t wait to see her again.


Are you looking for the “All American / blonde girl next door” but with huge muscles? Well, you have found it with Mistress Nadia. She is beautiful and her muscles are something to behold.

We recently had a muscle worship session, but Mistress Nadia seems very comfortable with wrestling / scissor sessions as well as domination type sessions.

But most importantly she is as genuine as they come. She is easy to talk to, she loves interacting with you, and she genuinely wants you to have a good time. She will crush you if you want that, but she has a gentle heart of gold.

As a bonus, it’s clear that she has a passion for sessions, so I am confident that she will be around for a while.

Please take this with a grain of salt, as it’s just my opinion, but for those of you who have had issues scheduling with her in the past, I would recommend to try reaching out to her 2-3 days in advance of a session (as opposed to weeks in advance), as I am under the impression that it’s easier for her to manage scheduling that way. She told me that she gets tons of session requests, and I believe her given her beauty.

I highly recommend Mistress Nadia for pretty much any type of session that you are looking for. She loves sessions, she is a genuine and kind human being, her muscles are the real deal, and she is quite beautiful.


Just finished sessioning with Nadia not an hour ago. WOW. Just, WOW.
She met me at my hotel room wearing the red work out outfit she is wearing in one of her pictures above (right now it is her main profile picture and I know that may change.) Just wow. Gorgeous woman with a huge smile and amazing laugh. The type of person you just want to be around and hang out with....and oh yeah she is jacked. Huge dense muscles that she knows how to use. I should have waited until tomorrow to write this as I am still a bit blown away. Awesome communicator, I only contacted her briefly three days ago, and she made time to fit me in on short notice. And I am glad I was able to see it. She is STRONG, and knows how to use her massive thighs to apply scissors. Already trying to figure out when I can see her again.


WoW just had an amazing session with Nadia, she is absolutely bigger and better in person than the photos. A real Muscle girl !! We had a lot of fun together I can highly recommend. Really easy going person and extremely strong !!!


I'm a turd... I forgot to post a review for Nadia after an awesome, fun wrestling session. Punctual, and worked with me to find a time that worked. She has an amazing physique, and the pics are definitely representative of the final product. Extremely strong, and probably capable of overpowering most men. Awesome personality. I highly recommend her!

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