mistress viona

mistress viona


Location: New York, New York
E-mail: mistressvionanyc@gmail.com

Member for about 1 year
Last logged in: 05/24/2019


Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Mistress Viona is a Professional Eastern European Dominatrix in New York City. Alpha Female. Ruthless Sadist. Reliable Psych.
S&M. Discipline and Obeying.

Obsessed with Bondage, Leather, Latex, Fishnets and Kneehight boots!

Wrestling, Boxing and Kickboxing Lover!

3 years of boxing experience in Europe, plus 4.5 years of kickboxing and marshal art in USA.


Strong mind. Open personality. Professional attitude.


***by appointments only at Pandora’s Box, Chelsea, NYC***


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Competitive Wrestling
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Fantasy Wrestling
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Pin Wrestling
Competitive Boxing
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Tickle Wrestling
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching



I had a great pin wrestling and semi-competitive boxing session with Mistress Viona today. She is tall and very strong. You cannot see her face well in her profile pictures, but she is really pretty. I may not be the strongest guy on the planet, but she completely overpowered me. When we locked hands in wrestling, she moved my arms where ever she wanted them, with little effort and despite my full resistance. But where she really excelled was in boxing. I have boxed with over a dozen ladies and nobody ever hit me as hard as her. I wear head gear and have the ladies wear 12 oz gloves. Then I ask them to hit me as hard as they can, when we box. Usually I can take 6-8 head punches before my head starts spinning. With Viona, it only took one head shot and I was finished. My advice, don't tell her to punch you full strength. The other thing is that she is great at role playing. She stayed in character the entire time and when she told me how bad she was going to beat me up, she was convincing. I actually had trouble getting my gloves on because my hands were shaking.

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