Location: Portland, Oregon
E-mail: goddesskawaii@protonmail.ch
Phone: available on sextpanther.com
Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 220 lbs - 99.8 kg
Physique: Curvy
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I met Goddess Kawaii last night in NYC for the first time for a breast smothering session. She is more beautiful and heavenly in person.....I rubbed her feet first before she suffocated me with her lovely breast. I tapped out a few times and there were times where she refused to let me breathe. The best session ever and I will see her again on her next visit for a longer session.


She’s the one!!!
I took the chance sending an application to Goddess Kawaii. BEST DECISION I ever made. Not only did she respond, but she allowed me meet and serve her.

She was amazing. Beautiful, curvy, easy-going, and took the time to understand my fetishes and desires.

Once the session began she was the true Goddess of my dreams. Stern yet funny, easy yet strict, entertaining yet demanding. She literally had me gasping for air under that fascinating ass and later had me eating at her feet.

I am hers forever. I still walk around dreaming of our time, hoping that I will be lucky enough to serve under her ass or eating at her feet once again.

Whatever she needs is now my ultimate desire.


So I waited approximately 2 years to session with Mistress Kawaii.....best 2-year investment I ever made!!! All my desires were fulfilled, and then some. She made me feel very comfortable from the beginning, communicated effectively and taught me a few things I had not experienced before. PLUS she is even more gorgeous than what you see in pics and clips. Absolutely amazing session. Fellas have no trepidation, just jump into her world and do not deny yourself the experience of a lifetime. I can’t wait to session with her again...and again.....and again!!!


Wow, where do i begin? my session with Goddess Kawaii was a blast (ass blast more like it)! She was very respectful throughout the whole process and is simply stunning in person with a great sense of humor and positive wit.

Goddess Kawaii has very strong legs that would subdue any man and simply has the most powerful butt on this planet. i was happy to worship Her butt cheeks with kisses, and every so often she would rip a juicy Goddess fart in my face and i would be instructed to inhale it. i was quite honored to do so. she mentioned she had loaded up on gassy food prior and those really came into play in the form of loud, lovely farts from the heavens.

The Goddess also has beautiful body art on Her arms which seem to make Her even stronger as she holds you down as You squirm under Her out-of-this-world butt. She was such a lovely soul before, during and after the session and deserves the highest recommendation!

-Goddess Kawaii’s Fart Slave


I just had my first smother session ever with mistress kawaii, and I gotta say that it will definitely be a session to remember. First impressions before we even began were very good, she was great at communicating and making sure she knew what I wanted. Soon after, she took control very fast and knew damn well how to dominate me. I found myself in pure darkness when she got on top of me and sat on my face with her big juicy booty, smothering me, verbally teasing me and pinning my arms down. Goddess kawaii is someone who knows how to demand a slave to worship her and keep them pinned down and helpless beneath her. If you're looking for the session of your life, look no further!

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