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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 190 lbs - 86.2 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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Im not the girl next door but the ideal fantasy women just enough muscle to make you surrender, just enough curves to leave your mouth watering and wanting more and a whole lot of attitude to keep u in check. Im switching things up my tours are now short and sweet and mainly weekends only in on a friday our on Sunday and i will visit at least two cities a month if that doesnt fancy you and have deep posckets you can fly me out or  come to me but my home base is Dallas TX where we do everything BIG and DIRTY lol

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Sorry BOYS but deposits are required or payment in full once our play date has been set i will send u the paypal info so I can ink you in...

I want to report from a full day session in Germany with Mistress Treasure.
After 2017, a dream came true for me for the second time.
I was so enormous glad that I was allowed to see her again.
It was not easy to hide my excitement, but she's always calming and relaxed. Moreover she's very sympathetic and humorous.
She has an impressive "Offseason Physique"! So Ripped. Broad shoulders. Thick, huge biceps and thighs... What a woman!
Only this sight kills one! A beautiful, sexy woman with such a heavily muscled body!
I'm longer than her (6 feet), but next to her I look like a small, weak schoolboy! It's so overwhelming and breathtaking!
I was allowed to worship, kiss and lick her delicious feet.
And she climbed on me. OMG She's so heavy. One wonders where this tremendous weight comes from. That's her unbelievable heavy muscles!
Her squeezes are breathtaking. Oh yes, in the true sense of the word! It's like in a vise. The lights go out very quickly if she squeeze!
My life is in her hand....and it feels good!
She beats the shit out of me! Her beats are like hammer blows!
And I thought that perhaps I should have formulated my "wish list" a little differently before.
I wrote: You can beat me up! You can do with me what you want!
And she did! She could kill me simply!
Her imposing sight and dangerous look suppress any effort to defend myself! The punishment would be even worse!
It's such a great feeling to be absolutely at her mercy!
I couldn't do anything against her and I didn't want to do it at all.
for the rewards she gave me (I don't want to explain, very intimate), it's worth going through hell!
To worship, kiss and lick her big, huge biceps is dreamlike, her scent so delicious!

Her strong hand with the firm grip squeezed my neck, until I fainted! When I woke up, I didn't know where and who I am.
And then I saw my Mistress! She had so much fun! She liked that so much. I was glad, because eventually I want to give my Mistress a lot of fun and I wanna please her.
This was repeated several times during our session! She always brought me back reliably and carefully.
it's so much fun, to be her boytoy!

She actually only played with me! OMG What happens when she gets serious?

But unfortunately every beautiful dream comes to an end and I can only hope that I can dream it several more times,
because I'm absolutely addicted to it. I have been that for 2 years!

It was a priceless, exciting, breathtaking experience and it will take weeks for me to recover from the pain.
But that's wonderful because it reminds me always of my mistress and of this exciting experience!
But I think about that anyway, even if the pain has passed....


Contacted M.T. saying I wanted to fly to Dallas to have session with her. BUT M.T. said too far in future though date was "ok " purchased my nonrefundable air ticket. Contacted M.T. to set ti e & shesaid will not be in Dallas at time Ibe there! WARNING: Do not trust M.T. in whatever says!!


She was absolutely incredible. Sweet girl but definitely didnt mind putting me to sleep. Her scissors are lethal. I mean that in a good way. Would definitely book her again.

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