Location: Dallas, Texas
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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 190 lbs - 86.2 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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Im not the girl next door but the ideal fantasy women just enough muscle to make you surrender, just enough curves to leave your mouth watering and wanting more and a whole lot of attitude to keep u in check. Im switching things up my tours are now short and sweet and mainly weekends only in on a friday our on Sunday and i will visit at least two cities a month if that doesnt fancy you and have deep posckets you can fly me out or  come to me but my home base is Dallas TX where we do everything BIG and DIRTY lol

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Sorry BOYS but deposits are required or payment in full once our play date has been set i will send u the paypal info so I can ink you in...

Very rude and unprofessional. She clearly doesnt enjoy doing sessions anymore. The best way i would describe her is like the miserable person at the drive thru who hates her job.


After spending hundreds of hours watching her videos and photos on the internet, reading sessions reviews written by her victims and dreaming of her, I jumped on an opportunity to book a session with Mistress Treasure when I found out that she was visiting my home town. Little was I surprised when I started to receive emails from a woman who seemed to be very nice, polite and eager to discuss with a “mister everybody” like me. We had some nice exchanges of emails to start organizing our meeting. Then D Day arrived and I was more excited than a child before Christmas. I prepared myself for her, took a long shower, wore nice clothes, put nice perfume, bought her a box of chocolate (I know it is stupid to offer chocolate to somebody who trains her body as a lethal weapon but, hey, I am a submissive man but still a gentleman  ). I were acting as if it was a date but the evening turned out that I was not the male of the couple. While opening the door of the hotel room, I met a beautiful and amazing lady, self-confident, easy to chat with, funny with a lot of jokes and exciting stories to tell. We spoke about life, about her passions which are sports, body building and BDSM (she is very passionate, it is a real pleasure to discuss these topics with her). After an interesting discussion, she started to go straight to the point, asking me to remind her what I was expecting from our session, my interests in BDSM, what I like about her (I can tell that she likes when she finds out that the person in front of her is a real fan). I reminded her about the little scenario I imagined and also about my main fears as I am more a cerebral type, that I fancy a lot but that I do not have so much experience with dominant people so that I would appreciate to find out my limits with her. She looked at me and smirked and said coldly “don’t worry, you will find out with me” then asked me to go out of the room and come back immediately to start the real session and the scenario. To sum up the scenario, let’s just say that she was the track and field star of the college who just won a competition during the day, we were at night and she was partying in her hotel room, listening to loud music and dancing, making a lot of noise. I was her coach, and I had to go to her room to make her stop the noise. Let’s just say this scenario became reality for the next 2 hours and Treasure WAS this college track and field star who kicked brutally the shit out of her coach. Ok, now the scenario started, I entered the room and I found out Treasure jumping on the bed as a schoolgirl, with musical clips on the TV. She wears a small but sexy short showing off her muscular and strong legs and a top showing her huge, veiny and powerful arms and her beautiful chest. She spoke on the phone, as if she spoke to her best friend. I started to play my role too, asking her to stop whatever she did, that the hotel manager was complaining about the noise, that she had to go to sleep to be in shape the day after. She completely ignored me and was continuing to chat on the phone. I approached her and started to approach my hand from her phone to take it, she turned to me and throw at me a killer look as if she was saying “I dare you”, I froze naturally and stopped, then she continued again chatting. I was continuing to tell her to cut the crap and finally took the courage to grab her forearm to remove her phone and, I guess, I mean I am sure of it, that was the biggest mistake in my life as Treasure’s face immediately changed in beast mode and I knew instantly that I would pay for this move. Treasure literally grabbed my throat with her powerful grip (I never imagined that she could be so powerful) and, instinctively I started to try to catch for air, to apologize and beg her (with my croaked voice). The next 2 hours could be summarized as me being completely overpowered by her slaps, her kicks, her scissors, her wrestling moves. Her punches and knees are like being hit by a truck. She literally made me her crying bitch, I even begged for my life once, I asked her not to kill me and I meant it. She knocked me out 3 times if I remember well, and she even kicked me when I was out cold. She made me do some push-ups but stamped my back to crash me on the floor, then threaten me to crush my hand with her bare foot, which I had to kiss and massage with love. She showed no mercy and that is the beauty of the session as, at the end, I finally found out my limits. I finished the session crying and begging her to stop. Her acting skills, her power, her femininity, her muscularity, she is the total package of what I always dreamt before. She knew exactly how to react to excite me and to humiliate me even more. She took some pictures and videos of me being in humiliating positions and, after the session, she was watching them and was laughing at me even more. When the session was over, I was exhausted, sore everywhere on my painful body but we resumed our chitchatting and she authorized me to invite her for dinner thereafter in an overpopulated pub, it was a real privilege for me. And again, I had a wonderful time, she was bossing me around a little, enough for our neighbors to know who was in charge. When I escorted her back to her hotel room, she was even laughing at me watching me having difficulties to walk and holding my sore ribs and said “good bye little weak one, I had a lot of fun breaking you tonight”. We met a full week ago and my body is still wearing bruises and I am still feeling pain in my back and on my ribs. I loved every second I spent with Mistress Treasure and I will definitely try to see her again soon.


Those legs and glutes are in a class all to themselves

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