Location: New York, New York
E-mail: mistressxena@protonmail.com
Phone: 7739313086
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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Explore your Fetishes and Fantasies with a World Renowned, Erotic and Authentic Dominatrix. I have been Dominating men since 2001. Ever since I became a Femdom, I pride Myself on being a Sadist.  I will mesmerize you with My hypnotic eyes. You will be at the mercy of my powerful body gazing at My beautiful curves just as I prepare to punish you.

My sessions are personally tailored to fit each submissive Word of advice: Be perfectly clear in describing what it is that you are seeking, so I am able to best create the best session that suits your needs. I assure all My clients will be satisfied with Me because I am respectful of their privacy and limits.

What I Offer: BDSM, Fantasy Wrestling, Role Playing, Hair Pulling, Manhandling, Beatdowns, Humiliation, Trampling, Ballbusting, Foot/Leg Worship, Muscle Worship, Scissor Holds, Face Sitting.

Availability: I accept sessions by appointment only. I am available everyday, from 10am-10pm.

Length:  Sessions are 1 hour or longer. Extended / Overnight / Weekend sessions are offered, as well.
1/2 hour sessions are out of the question.

Where: I prefer hosting sessions at My private studio here in Brooklyn. 

Age: Must be 21+ to see Me.

What I do NOT offer: Competitive Wrestling, Anything Illegal, Nudity on My Part, Sex, Switching/Submissive sessions on My part, Dancing, Escort, Massages, Anything Ending In Jobs. 

Visit My Official Website For More Info On Myself: http://www.mistressxena.com

Email Me if you are interested in booking a session. If you cannot travel to My location & would like to sponsor My trip to you, that is an option, as well.

Last, all of My Sessions are Safe, Sane & Consensual.


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Services Offered

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Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Fantasy Kickboxing
Tickle Wrestling
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Contact Me if you would like to sponsor Me - MistressXena@Protonmail.com

Hey all
A couple of days ago I had my first session with Mistress Xena , and it was amazing . At first I was really nervous and she quickly calmed me down , showing me around the studio and talking to me , which was totally cool . But the minute I changed into my speedo , I was greeted by a smokin hot woman ready to kick my ass . I requested a submission style match and she didn't let me down . Chokeholds , all types of scissor holds , camel clutches , arm bars , you name it . If anybody can get out of her facesit without tapping , I applaud you . it is deadly as was Mistress Xenas boob smother , it almost knocked my out . Totally awesome session and I would recommend Mistress Xena to anybody visiting the NYC area , you won't be disappointed. Love you mistress


It was wonderful meeting you! I look forward to next time :)


I've been fortunate enough to have had two sessions with Xena during the three months since she first signed on with sessiongirls.com, and all I can say is that I wish I had been aware of her earlier, because as Chicagoans well know (she's been a fixture on the BDSM scene there for more than 15 years), once you've had a session with Xena, you don't have to look for another Mistress, ever.

Unlike many professional dominatrixes who have added wrestling and boxing sessions to their repertoire as a means of expanding their clientele, I found Xena to be surprisingly playful, friendly, and down-to-earth; and not particularly hung up on strict adherence to the rules and etiquette of the Mistress/slave dungeon relationship, though if an unforgiving and sadistic Mistress is what you're looking for, there's none better than Xena.

For my session, a one-sided boxing beat down, which she administered with a remarkable degree of enthusiasm for someone with so much experience, I gave her an elaborate fantasy role-playing scenario, to which she brought not only her considerable skills as an actress (including a spot-on middle eastern accent), but also contributed her own ingeniously creative input, taking my role play in directions I hadn't even thought of, turning our reality into something that actually far exceeded my already over-the-top fantasy.

She was also extremely agreeable and accommodating regarding any and all special requirements I had for the session. For example, when I made an admittedly unusual request for a particular item of clothing I wanted her to wear, she was the one who took it upon herself to shop for the garment online. She was immediately able to pick out something suitable, sent me a picture of it for my approval, placed the order as soon as I sent her the funds, and was in costume, wearing the desired garment when she greeted me upon my arrival for our appointment.

I could go on and on about her unimaginably magnificent booty and boobs, her genuinely sadistic nature, and her very real fetish for all things rubber. Suffice to say she is the "total package," and as long as you're able to give her as much information as you can about the kind of session you're looking for, I guarantee she will be able to create an experience for you that you will enjoy every bit as much as I enjoyed mine.

I tell you this; before my bruises had even fully healed, I was missing her, and dreaming of what we'd do the next time I'd get to see her.

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