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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 30
Deadlift: 420 lbs
Benchpress: 170 lbs
Squat: 300 lbs
Legpress: 950 lbs

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I understand people have expectations and many claim to do what they can but they only have the looks, because lets just say anabolic coat are deceiving.

I personally am a quite picky person and hate to pay for service I am not served.
follow my ig titanakatinytank, to see all my lifts. for full workout content please subscribe to my pateron. 


Girls who take steriod but cant lift shit, gets to sell pussy.



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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
12-05-2021 12-11-2021 El Cajon California
07-01-2022 07-05-2022 Newark New Jersey
07-06-2022 07-09-2022 Boston Massachusetts
08-01-2022 08-05-2022 Baltimore Maryland
08-06-2022 08-09-2022 Seattle Washington
LAST MINUTE MOVE CONTEST COMING UP MY SINCERE APOLOGIES!!!! Seattle trip postponed til August Austin trip canceled Big cities only Cant do business with people cant even afford 100 dollars deposit. 5 emails messages limit for clients from Cali Reference Perferred !!! I am open to travel to a list of countries for session after July 2022. United Kingdom Canada Dubai Europe contact for more details

Had a chance to wrestle with Tiny Tank and another Lady at an event. Tiny Tank is insanely strong for her size. Her headlocks, scissors and overall strength are absolutely crushing to experience.
I was simply getting dominated in my session but resisting her when she her holds in was hard to deal with as I was amazed and had to tap a few times.

She's newer to the scene but she's interesting to talk to and curious about the scene overall. Ask about her tattoos they're really cool!


yes we had a great time, look forward to our next session:)


I recently had a lift and carry session with MMTank when she came to NY. I caught her in between competitions so I think she held back a little. That is not to say, she is amazingly strong. I’m close to 210 lbs and she was able to give me a shoulder ride like I was a baby. She pick me up straight from the floor using only one leg to stand up. She really has an appropriate nick name “tank” because as soft and beautiful as she is, as soon as she flexes, her muscles are as hard as steel. She is even hotter in person then her pictures. Some girls, have photo shopped pictures of themselves (mostly the bodybuilder ones) but not Ms. Tank. If you like what you see, you will be very happy when you see her. I hope to catch her off season, so she will go full force and show off her real power. Thank you for a good time.

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