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Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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 Hello, I started sessions a few years ago but never advertised. Now that i am here I do plan to extend exceptional customer service as always.  I have listed the types of session that i am provide.  If you do not see something that interests you please do email me at I do travel therefore please put in the subect line the city requested and in the body of the email the type of session requested along with your name. In order to secure a date and time a deposit is required. If you have any futher questions after we have established the session i will gladly answer them. I will do double seesions with Dionne or FlameDiva


Send and email to request a session. I removed my number due to the abuse of text messages.  Texting is not a way to set up appointments. My number is for confirmed appointments only. 

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Travel to Dallas will be based on appointments. Deposit is required for all sessions. Please send your request via email Follow me on twitter @MohaghanyMuscle on IG Locally double sessions being offered with dominants FlameDiva Goddess Sierra or the beautiful curvy Dionne upon request and by appointment only.

I have a beautiful session with mahogany muscles in zurick. she has strong hands and fantastic biceps ! I beat her in armwrestling , but I am 90 lbs heavier than her ! very good and beautiful woman ! very nice for fantasy wrestling ! paul


Working with one of the greatest, the most kindest, sexiest bodybuilder was a blast and an honor. She definitely can give you the pleasure that you need.


I just had a session with Mahogany Muscles and she is one of the nicest people I have met. She is very pretty and her body is very solid with beautiful broad shoulders and thick perfect muscle! Mahogany possesses great strength and has powerful and sculpted arms.
Our session was fantasy and muscle worship. The whole session was a fantasy and there is quite a lot of muscle to make anyone who loves female muscle wanting for nothing. This lady is extremely strong and she has the ability to make any opponent quickly submit!
Most men would have no chance should they wish to take her on.
During the session she will ask if everything is alright and if the session is going as I wanted.
Well, everything was exactly as I wanted and much more! This lady is fun, easy to work with and very very strong.
You really should not miss a session with Mahogany!
I want to thank her for a great session!

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