Location: Lafayette, Indiana
E-mail: themonroejamison@gmail.com
Phone: 765 427-5072
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 34
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I had a two hour semi-comp session with Monroe and new girl Amity last night, and it was without a doubt the best session I've ever had!! Monroe knows her stuff; she effortlessly maneuvered from scissor to RNC, showing me no mercy! Adding Amity to the mix only made the session twice as fun!! Monroe and Johnny Ringo are great hosts and will ensure you have an amazing time! If she's coming your way, don't hesitate - Book a session with this girl! You won't regret it :)


Sessioned with Monroe back in late August. She is great. Her scissors are well tight. She is super friendly and is a true Hooiser, kind and nice and strong!


By now I've had several matches with Monroe, and while it's always been fun, the last competitive match I had with her and her partner Callisto was one of my best ever. Despite the size difference, she still is able to find ways to get me onto my back and submit me. Had a great workout which left me sore for days.


I believe I was one of the first sessions that Monroe did and that was one of the best sessions I have ever had. She is a delight in every way, full of energy and a joy to be around even if you're just talking. I have had 2 sessions with her and I asked for mostly scissors both times and she delivered. I strongly suggest anyone looking for a session to remember to look her up. Treat her with respect and she will go out of her way to make sure you have one of the best sessions you could ask for. I can't wait for the next chance I get to session with her. She keeps improving and she was incredible the first time years ago.


I've by now wrestled Monroe a couple times, and the two major things that stand out to me are her friendliness and competitiveness. While I've wrestled people who might be stronger than her in raw power (although, don't get me wrong, Monroe is certainly strong), I can honestly say that Monroe is one of the ladies who has given me the most persistent challenge. In addition to that though, she's also a fun conversationalist and easy to talk to. Both she and Johnny are good, chill people and you really feel like you're around friends with them.


I've wrestled Monroe several times now. Definitely gotta say she is one super fun opponent on those mats! She's really strong! I was expecting her to be pretty strong but once she gets those legs around you, you really find out you had no idea how strong she really is!

She's super friendly! In fact before we met to wrestle the first time we chatted by phone and got a chance to get to know each other a little better even before we met. I really got a such a good vibe right off the bat. I knew this is someone I would totally hang out with inside or outside of wrestling. Just a fun cool person!

She is absolutely passionate about wrestling! If she wasn't doing this, she'd still be doing this in some other form. You cannot keep this girl off the mats. it's just in her blood that she needs to wrestle as often as possible. It's always great to know when the one your wrestling is loving it as much as you are and with Monroe there was never any doubt!

She's competitive! I've watched her pursue and throw herself up against serious challenges with eagerness and zeal. When we've wrestled I could always tell she was going 100%. In between matches she's always upping her game, training, practicing and working out a lot!

I would definitely recommend Monroe for a session with anyone who like a good, fun sweaty challenge that is both highly competitive and super friendly at the same time. It was exactly like sharing my favorite passion with a fellow wrestle-addict! What more ould you ask? :)


I have been lucky gotten to competitive wrestler here several occasions.Always a challenge as she has a high motor,indeed competitive,with good strength i believe.Been repeatedly scissored submitted several times.All my matches with her have been,tough,as well as fun during and between breaks to try to catch my breathe in-between each fall of a session.She is a cool fun person,can have a little quirky side to her as well.Bottom-line always been great competition fiesty and that can make you tap in a match,a good fun cool person on or off the mat.Pleasure it's been every time when i have gotten to have a session


Monroe is excellent. Yes she and the girls who work with her have a list of moves that they are allowed to implement and you are not. That does not take away from the fun, competitiveness, and the thrill of facing her. When it comes to
communication leading up to the session date she is top notch. Great with returning emails. If the session has to be rearranged due to conflicts with her schedule, she is more than acommindating. I hope her schedule leads her back to my area again. Best session I’ve ever had.


Awhile back had the chance to do a session with Monroe in New York. She is such an amazing female wrestler, taught me a bunch of submission holds during our session. She's definitely worth seeing.


Gorgeous, intelligent and highly skilled competitive wrestler. Her body and head scissors are unmatched by any session wrestler I have encountered. She will also pin and smother you to complete surrender. Most important it is a fun experience where she dominates and defeats you while caring that nobody is hurt in the session.


Just had my first session ever and it was with Monroe. I chose her because she's pure wrestling no TnA stuff even though she's a very attractive lady. I had such a great time. She's such a sweet person and a lot stronger than she looks. We went though her putting various holds on me. We will call that 'training' Oh her head scissors is deadly and she loves to use it. We then went competitive. As sweet as she is Monroe is just as competitive. She'll play with you for a bit but when she needs to get serious oh she does. If you want a real competitive wrestling session she's the lady for you. I can't wait to have another session with her.


Only had semi-competitive sessions a number of years ago, this competitive session against Monroe and Callisto turned out to be my most memorable. Hard to believe but they are both more stunning in person appearance wise than their photos and match that in how nice and welcoming they treat you. Once on the mat they are all business but in a nice very fun way. Not being in shape to pose much of a challenge I did force a draw in my first fall with Callisto but in the next one Monroe submitted me in short order with her great body scissors. After that they took turns defeating me with their submission holds which subconsciously I wished to experience on this visit. Callisto dishes out a little fun trash talk that you will love as she defeats you. Hopefully I am granted a rematch someday and I am more competitive so that Monroe only defeats me in short order times two.


Had a great wrestling match with Monroe Jamison at their new location in Indianapolis. I don't really have any wrestling experience and was not in great shape so facing Monroe was very one-sided, she is strong, aggressive with too much technique for me to compete much even with a significant weight advantage. I sort of overlooked Monroe and FWC as a mixed wrestling site. They seem to focus more on female/female matches,but if you look at the site closely there is a decent amount of mixed wrestling content, I recently signed up for an annual membership and have really enjoyed both the mixed wrestling and female/female matches. Read their website closely as they do have very specific rules for their wrestling matches, but I highly recommend a wrestling match with Monroe and other girls at FWC (if you've ever dreamed of wrestling 2 girls at the same time-you can do it here-and good luck, you'll likely lose quickly!). The best part is that Monroe is very nice and appreciative of all her fans!!


Shes looks like a cute girl next door but is so much stronger than she look. The head scissors can knock any one out in seconds. Her scissors were extremely impressive. She uses her legs like a pyton. She times her body scissors to shorten each breath intake. Before you know it, your weak and out of breath. Its just squeezes and grinds you until you tap.  I was also impress by her ability to control my body on the ground. She knows how to use her weight to keep you down, no matter how big u are. Shes 136 and im 185. Shes makes you feel welcome and is very friendly. My body did hurt the next after rolling around with her. If your 150 or smaller, you will be thrown around at her mercy. She won 2 out 3. A rematch is coming soon.


Monroe has rapidly become one of my favorite people to wrestle! She's got great spirit, super fun personality, and she can squeeze the hell out of you on the mats! She is a pleasure to be around, so sweet and nice and yet has one of the most competitive streaks I've ever encountered! She here because she really loves to wrestle. When we're throwing down on the mats it's so obvious she is having as much fun as I am. She's always training and always looking for that edge to improve her game. It's really thrilling to get to experience a truly competitive challenge that she brings! If you meet her once you'll want to meet her again and again. Her energy is infectious and her body is STRONG! She is the real deal! A serious competitive challenger but also a fun and safe wrestling partner! :)


Had a mixed competitive wrestling session with Monroe Jamison awhile back in New York. She's a great person to session with. We started out with her showing me the wrestling moves they use in their matches, then we did a practice match where she was dominant. Then we started the actual match best 2of 3 falls by schoolgirl pin or submission. She got me in a body scissor submission the first fall, her legs really strong. The 2nd fall she was able to get a schoolgirl pin on me. She is absolutely 100% worth it if you want to do a competitive wrestling session



I had an awesome opportunity to meet up with Monroe, Carmella Ringo, and Johnny Ringo this past Saturday in Brooklyn. What transpired was competitive, crazy, and fun matchups that took me, Monroe, and Carmella to the limit. Both of them worked their butts off to get me down to the ground or use their various head and body scissors to make me tap, and although they might not have gotten it done with their scissor, that doesn't mean they are not strong as hell and determined to make most guys and gals tap. Monroe is tall, toned, and has long legs that can crush most necks and ribcages, and Carmella is a feisty firecracker who has a ton of energy and is very defensive, making it hard to grab and pin down. Both matches one on one ended up in a 5 minute draw and when the 2 on 1'soccured, I did my best to keep them at bay, but the numbers game caught up to me and I was pinned after a few minutes. It was a great time, and I would recommend anyone that gets the chance to book a practice with them every opportunity that you get!! The FWC is here to stay, and these young women have a ton of heart and determination!!



Monroe Jamison is The Real Deal. People that think shes fake, People that think shes weak and People that says she can't wrestle? You really don't know her. I had the privilege to meet the Wrestling Goddess Monroe. She is as friendly as she comes. Shes sweet and caring but when she gets on the mats it is a different story. When she gets on the mats she turns into a competitor. She hates to lose. She refuses to tap. Let's just say I am 5'9 300 pounds and we wrestled for 2 hours. She made me tap 9 times and I could only get her to tap once. She knows how to wrestle!! Watch out for her legs!! Once they wrap around you its all over!! Even her breast smother into the bone feels like your nose is about to break!! Eventhough I got my ass kicked, Did I enjoy it? Yes I did I loved it. Guys girls can do whatever sport a guy can do. I am a big man to admit it.I love her and the FWC to death!! Don't hesitate to ask if shes worth it. She absolutely is!! Book her now!!


I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with Monroe a few months back, and this young woman can indeed kick most guy's behinds with ease. We have had the chance to speak with each other beforehand via Skype and got to learn each other's likes, dislikes, dreams, and aspirations so when the time came to finally meet in person, there was really no apprehension or concern. The format the FWC does for sessions is VERY different format than I'd say 90 percent of the rest of the session holders out there. It's not going to take place on a bed in a hotel room, and there is VERY real competitive nature. For me, I welcome the change of pace, because it shows that real competitive mat wrestling is still alive and well. Monroe is as quick as a cat, and if you are not ready, yo will ever have to be quickly, or find yourself either caught on your back in either a chest smother, a schoolgirl pin, a side headscissors, a side or back body scissors or a leg grapevine. Be sure to email her and the FWC to find out how to get your opportunity to take her on someday!! You won't regret it!!!

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