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muscle beauty x


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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About Me

I am a bodybuilder muscle goddess, and I currently reside in the Phoenix area.  I have an attractive combination..femininity, athletic, intelligence, sense of humor, and well of ;). I am creative and adaptive to my environment and I easily adjust to personality types (if you are easily angered or aggressive do not contact me). I am currently available for travel inside the U.S.

About my services:

I enjoy posing, and role play scenarios. I can explore fantasies of strength and being overpowered or dominated mentally and physically, I do not offer nude services.  You may feel my muscles and strength (of course lift and carry, wrestling, and other physical demonstrations is included in this.  If you have any other fantasy request you may ask me about it and we can discuss.

To go a bit deeper...My sessions are more motivated by having a conscious experience with me. I love talking about and showing the power that bodybuilding has given me. That extends to personal wisdom, nutrition, mental & physical fitness, as well as the fantasy behind it. My sessions are an experience through the mind, and the body.  

I accept deposits to secure my time.

Gym Stats:
bench 190, squat 255, leg press 700, and curl 90 lbs on barbell
Measurements: Thighs 26, Biceps 15.5”, Calves 16


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Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
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Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
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I accept deposits to secure appointments. Email to receive details thank you!

Had a role-play session with her. She played the wife that does women's strength training and self defense.So much fun. She was very careful not to injure me. Very nice lady.


As I begin my review, I want to say thank you to the guy who was a no show.Ms.Strong called me and immediately bumped me up from 5:30 to 4:30. Setting up the session was easy. She even engaged me in playful banter via email leading up to our meeting. As I knocked on the hotel door and entered, she greeted me with a big smile and a hug. Her smile was Colgate classic and her body was picture perfect. She truly looked like MS.MARVEL in a black robe. I had a Blue GI and black belt which she gladly put on and she looked stunning. (CHECK MY TWITTER (DKNIGHT131)for pics) in it. My session scenario involved her portraying the role of my Karate/JiuJitsu Sensei and she did it effortlessly. She showed me the proper stance to have when defending against strikes and how to actively block them. She also demonstrated various kicks. We sparred and she can hit with lots of power or a little. She's very fast.Tread lightly. Standing at 5 9" she easily lift and carried and fireman carried me with easy. In fact her fireman carry was her segway into the JiuJitsu portion of the session. With ease she picked me up, tossed me on the bed and put me through a JiuJitsu clinic. She moved from hold to hold, fluidly. She maintained a smile and we broke numerous times for explanations of the holds, how NOT to apply them to avoid injury.She did some posing. She's a PRO Bodybuilder for a reason. Her muscle felt solid, not somewhat soft like an aging bodybuilder.I loved how she could switch from sexxy and sensual to dominant and dangerous instantly. I layed on my back as she wrapped her legs around my head. She giggled saying "feel those quads" As I enjoyed the feeling of the
smooth, triangular muscles, she then said "I can like, chop you with these legs!!" She began spreading and and closing her legs rapidly around my head. It was like a vise
squeezing and releasing quickly. Fellas, you'll love it!! Her size 9 feet were soft, super cute and had that sweet/sweaty smell and taste (my foot guys know what I mean)Now with all I just regailed yall with, the BEST best part of the session was us chillin' on the couch and talking afterwards. She is very intelligent and we sat and exchanged our feeling on a wide range of topics. She definitely gave me good feedback on nutrition, exercise, Martial arts. Spirituality, I can go on. In all honesty, sitting there with her and just talking for an hour WITHOUT wrestling would have been as equally satisfying. She was also the first female to put on the GI without any assistance, lol. Hands down my BEST SESSION EVER and I've been doing this since 97' Ms.Muscle Beauty X....Excellence. DARKNISS BK,NY. 8/28/19


I had the pleasure to meet her in San Francisco. I was bit nervous since it was my first session. She was great at putting me at ease. We had so much fun and our chemistry was great. Time just flew by.

She's really good with online communication and also very punctual. Two things I immensely appreciated. All my needs and fantasies were met in that evening. She's strong, intelligent, and very enlightened. I'll make sure to see her again if I can.

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