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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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Hello everyone!  Im most well known for my lift and carries but I enjoy many types of sessions.  If you would like the opportunity to worship and adore some truly magnificent muscles, or if you want to be picked up and thrown around like a rag doll, look no further. If you would like to be stuck between some absolutely massive legs, look no further. If you are interested in role-playing, another area of expertise, please email me your ideas for approval.

Also, realize I will require a deposit, ALWAYS.   There are various ways to send deposits.  I accept Paypal, Bitcoin, Western Union, Moneygram, Venmo and Amazon Giftcards.  If you are not comfortable doing a deposit, I understand however, I will not book you so please do not waste my time or yours.  Please be prepared to advise me on how you prefer to send the deposit.  Deposits are refundable at my discretion.  If you cancel in a reasonable amount of time, then I usually have no problem with that.  Reasonable meaning at least a week before we are scheduled to meet.  Please be aware that I block out that time and may have to pass on other sessions that may have wanted the same time, thereby costing me money.  No shows and last minute cancellations will not receive their deposit back.  Extended sessions have a higher deposit.  

I do not give out my phone number or hotel information without a deposited booked session. Please note that deposits are non-refundable.  I base my travel upon how many deposited sessions I have, if I had to refund deposits, it would make any planning impossible.  If my plans ever change deposits are returned.   I use email only for setting up sessions, so please do not ask for me to call or text.  I very rarely book last minute clients, if I choose to do so, a deposit is still required.

Please be hygienic when you show up for your session.  If you need to shower and clean up before or after, I will always have a shower available.  Just be aware that the time needed for that would be included in your session time with me.

When you do email me, please put the city in the subject line, and provide your preferred day and time when I am visiting your area.  Emails just asking a question about rates will not be returned. Excessive emails will not be tolerated.  I am extremely easy to book with and usually respond very quickly.

I treat every client with courtesy and respect and I expect the same treatment.

I love to travel and meet fans from all over the world and I excel at providing extra special treatment.  I look forward to meeting you.


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
08-26-2019 08-27-2019 Chicago Illinois United States
08-28-2019 08-28-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
08-29-2019 08-31-2019 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
09-01-2019 09-02-2019 Baltimore Maryland United States
09-03-2019 09-04-2019 Secaucus New Jersey United States
09-05-2019 09-07-2019 Manhattan New York United States
09-08-2019 09-09-2019 Hartford Connecticut United States
09-10-2019 09-11-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
10-21-2019 10-22-2019 Atlanta Georgia United States
10-23-2019 10-24-2019 Nashville Tennessee United States
10-25-2019 10-26-2019 Kansas City Missouri United States
10-27-2019 10-28-2019 Indianapolis Indiana United States
10-29-2019 10-30-2019 Raleigh North Carolina United States
12-03-2019 12-05-2019 London United Kingdom
12-06-2019 12-07-2019 Bristol United Kingdom
12-08-2019 12-09-2019 Birmingham United Kingdom
12-10-2019 12-12-2019 Manchester United Kingdom
12-13-2019 12-14-2019 Leeds United Kingdom
12-15-2019 12-16-2019 Glasgow Scotland
UK trip doubles available with MissXtremeMuscle!

Had my 1st session with fbb muscle Foxx she was awesome, truly enjoyed the whole experience. Setting up the session was easy enough. Once we met she was actually more than I expected. Good looks with a great body especially since she was preparing for competition. I truly under estimated her strength. Her grips were truly powerful I don’t think I’ve ever been grabbed with such forcefulness. Her leg strength is ridiculous and could be weapons😛. Her body makes you want to worship it because of the muscle tone. Great job of controlling the session and making sure no harm is done while she causes some serious pain. Her touch can be sensual if she chooses. Conversation was like I was talking to a old friend. Will definitely be seeing MUSCLE FOXX again.


Wonderful experience, she is personable and friendly. Would recommend without hesitation.


I just experienced my best session ever with Jennifer. I have had 25 sessions over the years with many of the larger girls. The communication was excellent ,the session was feats of strength, scissors, and muscle worship.Jennifer's condition was smooth but rock hard which is exactly what I like. The first few moments were her showing off her amazing strength , Jennifer is by FAR the strongest girl I have met . Jennifer's hand grip and arm strength was unbelievable, mercy was a joke. Her headlocks , bear hugs all were shockingly strong and unbreakable. Jennifer's legs are absolutely scary strong , the best was after tapping out she would just laugh and to me she has the best laugh it works so well after you submit. Im a big guy so Im not into wrestling, but next time just might have to try. Jennifer's personality, her unbelievable strength , and her body to me is perfect. Do not miss seeing Jennifer she is one of a kind.

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