Location: Spokane, Washington
Skype: https://Jennika111385

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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 185 lbs - 83.9 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Deadlift: 400 lbs
Benchpress: 200 lbs
Squat: 300 lbs
Legpress: 850 lbs

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*with virus Im only offered Skype sessions at this time. Please dont msg me about anything else until the pandemic is over TY xoxo

skype-rates are 10mins-$50 /15-$70 

Welcome 💋 I Started my bodybuilding journey in 2014,  Competed at a national level in  2015-2016 in womens physique division. Most people know me as Monstress on I offer Skype sessions, custom vids, & my onlyfans page. My session style is sensual flexing, kissing, licking, with a hint of dominance.  I love over powering and feeling in charge, and I AM the master at pec bouncing and muscle control. If you have a particular fantasy or roleplay that you would like me to do, I am well versatile in that. I do have a complete gym in my garage that allows me to do gym/strength sessions as well! I do some traveling mostly to Vegas a few times a year, which I dont mind scheduling in a few sessions then. (Of course well have established relationship before hand/references etc) 

** I have a few girl friends I do shows with as well, as an added bonus 




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09-03-2020 09-06-2020 Vegas Nevada United States
I will be attending the event Sept5th! Email me for more details or to reserve ur spot in Vegas

I've done 2 Skype sessions with her in the past week.
Never thought a video session could compare with an in person encounter....but with musclemama it's the next best thing to being there. She's super responsive and really interested in making you feel like your experience is complete. I cannot overstate how gorgeous her smile is. She can use it to melt your heart or to drive your imagination over the edge. Her sparkling eyes bring the whole experience to life. NEVER...EVER seen anyone kiss a bicep the way she can. It's worth it just for that alone. Oh and did I mention she's got an Amazon body and can move it like a sultry muscle goddess. And finally, I know it seems so cliche, but...her pictures do not do justice to her beauty.


This my first review here but I’ve being doing sessions for 20 years and Monstress is by far one of the best gals I’ve sessioned with. She is nice charming with an awesome physique and a beautiful face. Although we only did a Skype session I will never forget it. That’s how great she is.


I just had the most amazing Skype session with muscle mama. Or i should say muscle daddy because that’s what she made me call her! She has an amazing physique. Bulging muscle every where. And she’s 10x more beautiful when you see her in live action. Her eyes and radiant smile are incredible! She’s very good and you can tell she really likes giving you what you want. 10/10 I will be booking again soon and recommend that you all do the same.

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