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Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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Height: 5'2” - 157 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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I am a 100% tested Pro Natural Bodybuilder & Muscle Model

United Kingdom Champion 2017

World Champion 2017

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Had a great web cam session with this incredible lady . Sexy body . She wore a tiny bikini leaving not much to the imagetion. And looks amazing in tights/pantyhose I m suprise her legs never ripped through. 1 November 2018.


Scott - October 2018

After probably at least a year of trying to find a suitable opportunity to meet Danni Teresa, patience paid off last weekend.

Ahead of her pro debut, I had the chance to see the physique that would be on stage 24 hours later. As the pre-show tanning was after I'd seen her, it allowed the chance to explore the hard work that she'd put in beforehand.

If you follow Danni on Saradas, or even just look at the photos, one barely there outfit was the obvious choice to make. Needless to say, contest shape and that made for a jaw-dropping combination. And that is before she even speaks. I know she has a few US sessions booked for next month and if you love the English accent at its most classy, that alone should be enough to interest you.

Danni shot down my more "ambitious" (futile?) nude session request beforehand but I can genuinely say that I've had sessions like that which didn't have the same level of enjoyment as this one did. If you like abs, you need to enjoy the set that Danni displays. Add to her being fun to learn about, natural so there are no side effects to throw you off your game and she is someone who was utterly worth the wait for me.


This is not your average session girl.
Shes one of the best.

She aims for the top and will have a well earned place once she gets there!

One of very few women who actually understands what this service is all about.

The first session ive had where the woman actually reads your request thoughtly and dressed and acts accordingly.

She is natural, no question about it. And she has a very seductive and attractive brittish accent.

This woman is worth every penny you spend on her. And she is quick to reply. Theres no max 5 emails bs, shes wants to know and understand what you want and deliver at the very top!

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