Location: West Central Florida South Florida, Florida
E-mail: musclevixen@live.com
Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
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I met Muscle Vixen in NYC her last trip in. The session was one of my favorites to date. Being totally controlled by someone as beautiful and strong as Muscle Vixen was literally intoxicating. Forced Muscle Worship, Forced pins, a sensual lap dance and back to be being dominated. I cannot wait for the goddess of muscle to return to New York.


I got in touch with Muscle Vixen for a fantasy chat session and it was amazing. I was shy and nervous at first but she quickly erased that. She is beautiful, powerful, and superior. She was very nice and personable, she responded very promptly, and was easy to talk with. I am an inferior male and She knew right off the bat. She used Her power to put me in my place and show me that place was beneath Her feet. She turned me into Her helpless pet. Everything about Her is perfect and the session was amazing. She is a true Alpha Female Muscle Goddess who had me groveling before Her and begging to worship Her muscles and serve Her as She saw fit. I am hoping one day to get to serve Her in person


She was my first session and seen her three times; a true pro,


Wow! A session with Muscle vixen was an AMAZING experience! Her rock hard abs her boulder biceps her solid pecks all topped with the smoothest softest skin snd even more so a truly warm heart. She was my first session and a truly memorable one. She could tell I was nervous but she made me feel comfortable quickly. Even though her scissors were tight I thought it was still enjoyable FOR SURE. Talking with her I could tell she is a sweetheart underneath her tough exterior. A true pleasure and honor would recommend her not once but multiple times.


This was my first time doing any sort of session like this. I've lurked online for years. Always toying with the idea of setting something up, but I wasn't going to do it with just anyone. There are some nationally known, gorgeous, super fit, figure/BB women that do these sessions and that's that kind of person I wanted as my first. Still even after emailing some occasionally I never followed through and set up a time to meet up. Even when they came withing a few miles of my house. Today that changed.

I saw a little while back that Muscle Vixen, who is exactly as described above (nationally known, gorgeous, super fit), would be in my city. I waited an waited and waited. Then the other day I contacted her about setting up a time and asked a few questions. After a couple emails back and forth before I knew it I had a time with her and was getting texts with more info. Something I thought about for so long and now she's contacting me by phone. Unreal.

We set up a time for today. I could hardly sleep last night. The day seemed to go by too fast and too slow at the same time. I was nervous all day. Palms sweaty, heart racing... but I was also super excited. I'd finally be able to experience what I've thought about for years and with one of the best in the business. About an hour before our appointment she sent a text reminder. As if I could forget. This was when time started going faster and faster and my heart along with it. To be honest I had thoughts about backing out, but I said no. You waited too long for this. You're THIS close. Just man up and make it happen. I showed up at the hotel. She sent me a text with the room number. I walked to the elevator feeling like I was on my way to get beat up by a high school bully, but that I would love every minute of it. I reached the room. Knocked on the door. And there she was.

She answered the door wrapped in this robe that covered up everything, but hugged her muscle tight enough that even that was getting me going. I put down my bag, handed her my donation, and she asked if I needed to use the restroom. I went in to pee, but mostly to collect myself. This was actually happening! I get out of the bathroom and standing before me now without her robe is basically the living version of the pictures you see on this page.

She was gorgeous standing there in a nice, tight bikini with her muscles popping out all over creating an image that is now seared into my memory. As soon as I walked over to her she started flexing. Pushing her huge biceps in my face, backing up into me so I can feel her glutes and back. After a few minutes we went to the bed where she massaged me. This was a good idea, because as I said I was super nervous and this helped to relax me. After some of that she flipped me over and we began a good while of wrestling/worship. Holy shit... I couldn't do anything! If she really wanted to she could hold me down and do whatever she wanted to me and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it. And she would seemingly love every minute of it. She asked me if I wanted to try some scissors and we did... I couldn't take it. I tapped out before she was even finished squeezing. She is *that* strong. My favorite moments were the grapevines. The muscle goddess on top of me. Holding me down and laughing as I helplessly try to escape. Putting my arms behind my head and smothering my face with her fantastic boobs and then flexing them right on my face making it difficult to breathe. At one point I asked if she could just *let* me pin her. She let me and that was another favorite moment. Me on top of this insanely muscular, beautiful woman. Holding her down, but really knowing that at any moment she can flip me over and make me scream. I gave her the ok to do exactly that and damn... again. She's just so strong and so physically dominant... and I didn't mind in the least. Do whatever you want with me!

This was my first time, so I didn't know really what I was allowed to do or allowed to touch. So I played it pretty safe and was as polite as I could be given the situation. Overall she was very nice, very fun and open to ideas... I just didn't know what to suggest. So for a first time it was fantastic, though I guess if I knew what to ask for or if she knows me better then I'd expect the next time will be even more memorable.

To put it much more simply: Given the chance- DO THIS.

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