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muscular goddess


Location: Miami, USA

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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 185 lbs - 83.9 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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About Me

I am a competitive professional bodybuilder, naturally dominant, who enjoys providing to up-scale gentlemen a mind-blowing muscular worship and domination-submission experience.y combination of feminine beauty and dense, well defined muscularity make me a Muscular Goddess and your session a unique experience. In the session you will have the opportunity to worship and adore my perfect, scultured and magnificient feminine muscles while at the same time I will subdue you in submission crushing your mind and body.  I would like to satisfy your desire of being lifted and carried and thrown around like a little rag doll. Or may be what you prefer is to be trapped between my muscular and massive legs until in complete desperation start crying and begging for mercy again and again. My muscular body wrapped around you will push you to the edges of your mental and physical limits, such that you will never be the same again.

My sessions are mostly sensual domination and muscle worship, but I will be glad providing corporal punishment if this is what you want or need.

Take special attention to the fact that I do not perform any sexual, nude or topless activity. Your safety and mine is priority. I will reject any unsafe, illegal or drug/alcohol related activity. You must attend the session clean and perfectly groomed. I treat every individual with the same respect and courtesy I expect to be treated as a lady and as a professional bodybuilder.

I am available in South Florida by advance appointments only. I am available to travel if expenses are paid. For each session I will require a deposit, which is refundable if you cancel five days in advance. I could ask also for references of girls you have sessioned previously. 

Contact by email is the way to start your muscular experience.

Your Muscular Goddess

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Semi-Competitive Boxing
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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09-09-2021 09-13-2021 Arizona Arizona
I am available for traveling to Europe and the United States if expenses are paid. You can make your request and send details and your ideas by email. Soon I will announce what cities am visiting.

I had my third session with Muscular Goddess. I saw her recently when she visited my hometown, and she was amazing.
She was in preparation of her next contest and was every accommodating to my requests. She has a very warm and kind personality and she is very sexy. Her physique is top notch and she truly aims to make sure you are satisfied.
We had a one hour posing, flexing, muscle worship, muscle comparisons. Expensive rate but worth every money. She is much more muscular now, especially in her upper body. Her traps, back, lats, arms, and chest are big and hard, and hot! Her legs and butt are great too. She is plenty of muscle in her arms, legs and back and shoulders to worship!!
When she started to pose and flex... Those 💪🏼💪🏼are really thick and hard!
I can't wait to session with her when she is close to her competition size.


I had my second session with Muscular Goddess. It was even better than the first one!
She was very large (over 80 kg in weight), huge size, and tremendously strong, amazing. We did many comparisons of our muscles size, in which I was ridiculously dwarfed by her sheer size. There were also posing, flexing, muscle worship, some lifts and carries, some scissors and an incredible armwrestling, in which I did not have any chance to budge any inch her strong arms, and even on one occasion I cheated and used both of my hands but she overcame the strength of my two arms. Her pumped arms measured 41 cm, and mine 28 cm. It was an incredible muscle worship session.


That is interesting. I just emailed her and she doesn't know what lift and carry even means? I am curious. What are your stats? What city did you see her in?

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