Location: Sao Paulo,
E-mail: minhaimperatriz@gmail.com
Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 265 lbs - 120.2 kg
Physique: Curvy
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She is honestly not that strong. She is big but you would think a woman that size can carry men 40-60 pounds lighter than her a little easier and she really can't. Her size and curves are hot but sessions left a lot to be left desired

natasha leonna

Hello anonymous, I am always clear and honest. I always tell in advance that my limit to lift and carry is 70kg. This is for my well being and safety. I use to have like 5 sessions per day, 1h each. Can you imagine lifting and carrying guys for 5h?! And also I really don't want to get hurt or permanent injuries on my body doing crazy things that do not respect the safe limits of my body and heath. Plus, to be sure if I am really strong, just read the reviews here. Thank you for you opinion anyway. Xoxo


After years and years of being a spectator, I had my first ever session and it was with Natasha today. She was incredible. Strong, sexy, sweet, and powerful! She was very kind and friendly. Being that it was my first ever session, she was very accommodating and funny. Her personality and accent were heavenly. I can't wait to see her again.

If you have never had a session with Natasha, I highly recommend you do so!


Natasha is simply the best. She is incredibly strong has got a massive curvy sexy body is extremely playful and provides the most wonderful session one can imagine. She truly loves what she does and you could see how turned on she gets overpowering and dominating a guy through wrestling and physical intimidation. She had me locked up so many times where I could barely breathe that the same move And I felt like I was in heaven. I strongly recommend you see her


I met with Natasha a few weeks ago, and I apologize to her for being laggardly on my review. She's incredibly thick, strong, and sexy as hell. I would love a little bit more space to work with next time we meet and give her more of a go, but she very much knows what she's about and relishes dominating strong guys which is very much what I'm looking for as big as I am. It's rare for me to meet a session wrestler who can physically hang with me, but Natasha certainely can.


Had my second session with Natasha . This time around she was bigger and more powerful . This time she was 270 lbs (against me at 200 lbs) . Even with her giving me handicaps and me going at her 100 % , she still crushed me flat... She pinned me with extra long pins and certain moves and was able to deliver easily. From a one minute to pin to having to win via a triangle scissors (which are beyond crushing and with her thighs suffocating ) . If you want a first rate whooping email her


I had a session with Natasha in Italy and was really great. Was my first time and she did everything to make it be really nice and to make me feel good. She is very kind and comprensive and despite my bad English was really easy communicate with her. She did everything I asked her and my experience with her was really much positive, better than what I thought could be my first session ever. I can only wait for next time she will have a tour in Europe to meet her again. She is really a professional and nice woman and also so much strong and expert in wrestling techniques. Seemed she used only a little % of her strength with me.
Really nothing negative in my experience with her, I can only recommend her to anyone.

natasha leonna

Honey, thank so much for your review! Happy New Year! Hope to see you again in my return to this beautiful country! Love, Nat


I had my 2nd competitive session with Natasha last week . This time around she is bigger than she was last time about 270 lbs. Despite the fact I workout regularly and wrestled in school she crushed me flat. the only thing I was able to do was avoid her holds and takedowns for a time, but eventually she overpowered and won every time. She even gave me handicaps (longer count, she had a win with a certain move or hold) . She first pinned me for a 10 count pin , then a 30 count and then a one minute pin, then she went for wins with certain moves or pins , a win with a big splash (belly), sit down pin and then a triangle leg head scissors . Despite my 100 % effort no only to avoid her doing all that but trying to beat her as well, she beat me each time doing each of those handicaps. I could only delay the inevitable... Natasha is a legit man crusher..

natasha leonna

Thank you so much for your review, honey!! I really hope to see you again! ❤️💋


I saw Natasha last night in Vegas and had an awesome time. I like the bigger and stronger women because I’m a bigger and stronger man and I like to feel the pain. Natasha has the strongest legs I have ever felt. If she puts you in a triangle choke, you aren’t going anywhere. Tap out or go to sleep. She also packs quite a punch, if that’s what you are into. I am. I told her to lay it in and she made sure I was ok with that before she would do it. She dropped me twice; once with a shot to the ribs and once with an uppercut to the balls. It’s 24 hours later and I’m still nursing both. She can be much gentler, but I requested this style of session and she delivered. Natasha is also a very kind person and not a clock watcher. I will be seeing her again.

natasha leonna

Thank you so much for your review, honey!! I really hope to see you again! ❤️💋


Had a great session with Natasha in London recently. She was very communicative and we agreed what the session would involve in advance. I sent a deposit which she honoured.

Natasha really puts a lot of effort into the session, and clearly enjoys her work. She is very sweet, but also incredibly strong, and she showed her strength with the ease in which she overpowered me. I literally was helpless against her. She is also very sensual, and enjoys smothering and crushing her victims ! Her scissors are not something I will forget in a hurry.

I can't recommend this lady enough, she really is one of a kind.

natasha leonna

Thank you so much for your review, honey!! I really hope to see you again! ❤️💋


Natasha is a sweetheart. She was very responsive in setting up the session; delivered exactly what I wanted and was a pleasure to meet. Very strong yet very feminine. I highly recommend this lady!


I had a 90 minute semi-comp/light domination session with natasha. She is incredibly sweet and sensual, and she showed off her strength quite a bit during our ninty minutes, using scissors, leg locks, and things of that nature (she loved using her thighs). Speaking of her thighs, they are quite voluptuous in person. I would reccomend seeing her if shes in your area, and im looking forward to seeing her again.


I had competitive wrestling with Natasha two days ago in Denver, Denver was not in her original tour and she went out of her way to come her. I sent a deposit which she honored .

As for the session with the rare 3 to 4 decent moves that I got in, she squashed me . tried to get many take downs but could not move her massive legs. very strong and skilled but if that fails she can squash you flat with her weight. if you want a tough match sigh her up :-)


I have dealt with many unprofessional woman in the past, everything from getting cancelled 5 minutes before the session, from having a husband or boyfriend want to stay in the room, to losing hundreds of dollars in session deposits from girls with fake profiles. Natasha is a total professional and someone you can trust. Here communication is great, and she will not disappoint you in any way. She's not a bodybuilder, but rather an extremely voluptuous female with 31 inch thighs. She's different from the girls i typically session with, but i will see her anytime she is in the USA. I recommend her highly.


I spent an hour with her in São Paulo. She is stronger than most men in the world. I loved her extreme strength, but I admit I'm not man enough for her. I recommend her to guys who are well trained and strong. For weak boys like me she is a little too much/too rough.

natasha leonna

Thank you! Sorry if I was too rough... That´s why is important to tell before the session starts how your limits are than we can have fun ;-) sorry, really! Take care! xoxo


You told that you are weak but how tall and weight.?
Did she lifted you?


I'm 183 cm and 100 kg. She lifted me with her feet, she put the soles of her feet to my stomach as she was laying on the bed, and lifted/pressed me up and down. Piece of cake for her. My hundred kilos seemed like ten kilos to her.


I'm posting this review kind of late so my apologizes for that but I met this awesome woman in Vegas back in August and I must say that this woman is not only gorgeous but she is extremely strong and she did many lifts on me and I'm 185lbs. Hopefully she will be back in my city soon.

natasha leonna

Oh babe, it was really a wonderful session! I will come back soon, for sure!! Thank you so much! xoxo


Natasha’s stats look great on paper and even in person looks pretty great but that’s kind of all to it. She SMOKES a lot so she STINKS including her breathe and teeth show signs that she smiles a lot. She is tall curvy and gorgeous but not really that strong. I’m maybe 20-30 lbs lighter than her and an inch or two shorter than her and the only lift she could do was a piggyback (which girls 5’2 and 140 can do) and sit on her lap (she has massive legs). She can be sensual but the smoking and lack of chemistry due to language barrier kind of was a no for me. But I’ve had worse. At least she seemed like she had fun

natasha leonna

Babe, I remember you. Nobody ever had a complaim about my smoking smell and I remeber that you asked me to a blowjob and insisted to kiss me and I refused because I am not a prostitute because you didn´t tell me this before. You seemed to be much more heavier than you said and I can´t take the risk to injury my back since I use to have like 6 wrestling sessions per day, 1h each and I am in a tour for many days, very far away my country (Brazil). I have a very good english as well, thank you ;-) Sorry if it was a barrier for us but anyway it was fun. Thank you! xoxo


I still had fun but I did ask before arriving and you agreed to some things but not sure if you maybe didn’t understand. But I had fun and I will see you again when you come to LA


Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Natasha Leonna for a session. She will satisfy the fantasy of any gentleman desiring to experience submission and domination to a powerful and voluptuous woman.Natasha is approxinately 5'10" and 245. She possesses amazing size and strength. And she is beautiful and charming as well. Meet her if you can!

natasha leonna

Thank you so much, honey!!! You are such a gentleman <3 Hope to see you soon again! xoxo


Just had a fantastic pro style fantasy session with Natasha and it was a blast. It was her first session in NYC and she took to it like a duck to water. Super fun and attentive, she was super sweet and a cutie. Highly recommended and looking forward to a return encounter.

natasha leonna

Oh honey, it was really great to meet you! You are sweet! Thank you sooo much! Hope to see you in February in NYC this city that I just LOVE so much!!! xoxo


Very sweet and very pretty, and easy to talk to. I actually thought it was semi comp, but it quickly turned into domination wrestling. She new what she wanted to do with me from the start. She quickly learned my weaknesses and exploited them. Her extreme strength combined with her knowledge of wrestling and jiu jitsu took complete control, and once she had it, I had no chance. Amazing trash talker and will taunt you at your helpless state. You want a girl who legit wins? Book Natasha.

natasha leonna

Yes babe, It was a blast to have a super fun session with you! Thanks Sasha it was a really great time! I really would like to meet you again! xoxo


I had an early morning session with Natasha during her visit to Sweden. The session was, by far, the best I have ever had. Natasha was very pleasant and attentive and obviously very keen to live up to my preferences. If she succeeded? A big yes! Natasha is very strong and looks great. I will definitely see her again when she is in Sweden next time.

natasha leonna

Honey, thank you so much for your review! For sure I was a pleasure for me too! Hope to see you there again! <3


I met Natasha Roman, she is VERY strong !!
Very sexy female also ! She can win over many men (If she wants)
I Did a session with her and she is very kind woman, and a great wrestler !
Threat her with respect and she do respect you to, and vice versa ! ;-))

natasha leonna

You are so sweet! Thank you, honey!

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