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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Athletic

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I grew up as a dancer and competitive gymnast. As an avid fan of Pro-wrestling in my youth, I would play around with the neighborhood boys trying to recreate what we saw on T.V. I grew into a naturally dominant female with a passion for fitness and fighting. These days I stay fit training regularly in Cardio, Resistance Training, Yoga, Barre, Aerial Arts, and Pilates. Ive studying Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 10+ years and love the art of combat. I love to win..and I love wrestling those who like to lose. I may be small, but pound for pound I am solid and very strong. I am known for my creative roleplaying, technical Knock out sessions (I do plenty and LOVE IT), amazingly strong scissors-yes, they KO too, and Ive been told my camel clutch is Killer. :) I am professional, classy, outgoing, clean, fun, chatty, feisty, open minded, and very creative. I would love to hear what you like to explore. I love to play! I do not offer any sort of erotic sessions so please do not ask and make Me uncomfortable. The answer is NO... Sorry, just not my thing. That said, I DO offer one of the best, if not, THE BEST session you ever have! You can judge for yourself! Feel My killer inner thigh muscles! Many guys ask what I do to get them so ridiculously strong. (If you ask nicely, maybe Ill tell you. ::wink::) I am mostly LA based but I do travel a few times a year. Hope to sweep the mat with you soon! xoKO Email Me:

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i saw nikki fierce for second time in boston on april 26th we had a belly punching- fantasy wrestling session nikki is fantastic her punches were solid and accurate she started slowly and really got in to it punishing my belly until i couldnt take anymore if you have a chance to session with nikki take advantage of it she is excellent and very responsive to what your looking for nikki is a real treasure hope to session with her again


I had the pleasure of a wrestling session with Nikki in Las Vegas. She is am attractive woman in a " punk" manner. I usually don't like a lot of tattoed but they fit her personality perfectly. Nikki is a superb wrestler with an extensive repertoire of painful holds and tight unbreakable pins. She would change them at her whim, I was helpless to stop her. She uses a lot of combination holds, such as combining as combining a scissors with an armlock or a full Nelson

She is a great actress and role player and her taunting and trash talking greatly enhanced the session. I asked her to furfil my fantasy of a sadistic wrestling "bitch," and Nikki did it perfectly. She really put me through the wringer, attacking every part of my body with every part of hers. The physical and mental dominance she had was beautiful, almost artistic.

I have had sessions with many women and Nikki ranks up among the very best. If you like wrestling domination with an intelligent highly skilled woman, Nikki would be an excellent choice


I wrestled Nikki Fierce for the first time yesterday, and though she was probably not expecting a competitive match, I went all out to try to submit her; which didn’t ultimately make any difference: as she completely annihilated me with her power and skill — especially her skill — and indeed, for her part, did not encounter any competition from me whatsoever. She merely laughed at my ineptitude, and submitted me to her will with exuberant glee, over and over again with a series of impressive holds.

I’m 5’8” 170, in moderate physical condition, but her well-trained, 5’4” 120 lb. smoothly-muscled, phenomenally sexy body, built on lusciously-muscular legs, overpowered me effortlessly. I was also thoroughly outmaneuvered: I have wrestled many strong women over the years, but Nikki put me in hold after excruciating hold with graceful execution, submitting me not only in body, but also in spirit; leaving me with a bruised and aching body, and an ego smarting from the realization of this beautiful and feminine young lady’s absolutely superior combat skills.

The great thing about Nikki is, she seems to be open to trying new things; she certainly possesses a lively, competitive spirit; and, from what I could determine from this first session with her, a sharp and variously capable intellect.

To be fair: she was a half-hour late to the session; but that made little difference to me. She seems the consummate pro, answering emails within a day or two, and I highly recommend her.

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