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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

I grew up climbing trees, hanging upside down from monkey bars in the park and picking fights with boys double my size, using judo throws to take them down… not much has changed!

Nowadays you’ll find me training BJJ, wrestling and weightlifting during the day and by night, if youre lucky, you might spot me hanging upside down from a rope performing acrobatics in a sliver of sparkly sequins.

Beneath my femme fatale looks and petite figure, I’m deceptively strong, with killer endurance, an ever increasing arsenal of nasty chokes, holds and submissions, matched with a fiercely competitive bloody mindedness. A force to be reckoned with, I love nothing more than a primal and passionate test of skill, strength and endurance on the mats and relish sadistically inflicting creative new holds and submissions on my opponents.

I’m an intrepid adventurer, and have been lucky that my athletic and artistic pursuits have taken me all over the world in the past few years. My curious mind and boundless enthusiasm lead me to continuously train, develop and refine my skills and I pride myself in my athletic abilities.

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This year, i made 24 sessions most of them with beautiful and very competitive wrestlers. But i have to place my session with Nixie on top of this list.

When you see her dressed, she's a very pleasant girl with a perfect sociability. Easy to talk with, clever and enthusiastic. But when it comes to the mat, beware, Nixie has become a real deal for any guy, even trained.

I'm a regular wrestler, with colored belt in Judo and some Bjj trainings, in good shape. I expected to hold back a bit, but boy, i was totally wrong. It's the first time in so many years i had to submit with body scissors !!!! euh... i had to submit many more times with other holds too...

Nixie has upgrade her training this lasts months either in bjj but with her aerialist job too. She was a bit more muscular than on her photos. She really impressed me with so much strength, flexibility and stamina in such a sweet body. Since she trains a lot currently, maybe you'll suffer still more than I, bouahaha...

Don't hesitate if you can meet Nixie. She's the perfect deal between beauty, competitiveness, perfect social contact.

Manu from France


Imagine someone with the beauty, strength and flexibility of an acrobat combined with a brilliant attitude and an arsenal of BJJ and wrestling holds. Meet Nixie - she's absolutely unique. Her looks are deceiving - you don't know just how much muscle her gorgeous body is hiding. She'll wear you down with unlimited stamina, perfectly executed holds (including scissors that can easily knock you out if you don't tap out, and some pleasantly cheeky banter and play. She is exceptionally fun on the mat, easy to arrange a session with and is super responsive to making the session perfect for you. Catch her whenever you can!

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