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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Slim

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About Me

Im Onyx Kim. Im a 58 Korean Amazon with legs for days made of nothing but lean muscle, and delicately elegant size 8.5 feet. I am most uniquely known for my sweet image contrasting with my pure savagery.

I have always known that I was a beautiful and natural born domme. From wrestling my older brothers friends as a young girl, to even wanting to dress my previous male partners up in makeup and my clothes. I fully embrace the kink lifestyle, as it is a great passion of mine.

I have always been the it girl: catching the attention of virtually any man, as well as the unfortunate envy from other women. I learned early on the power I exude over men and women alike. My beauty, height, exotic features, and charisma made me the center of the room everywhere I went. I realized this was a fate that would never escape me, despite my disinterest to be in the spotlight. What I did enjoy, I found, was the power high I felt when I began to realize what lengths people would go to, to please me. I recognized the measly, weak, insecurity brought out of men and women when they felt they had to compete on my level. But I also saw those that admitted to their inferiority, and simply sought to please, admire, and worship a Princess of such a high stature. 

As I journeyed further into the professional world of kink/Fetish, the power dynamic only increased and I began to indulge in its riches in both my personal and professional life. I have found my calling as a budding dominatrix. Women as strong, sexy, and intelligent as myself do not come often in a lifetime. I feel it is my calling to allow others into the safe space of vulnerability, and lead them to feelings of freedom and fulfillment. After laying your devotion to me, you will be able to say you experienced the warmth from my glowing aura. 

I offer an opportunity like no other for willing and ready individuals to explore their desires, fears, and humanistic needs under my guidance. With my care and expertise, we can navigate the path towards fulfilling your desires in a way that serves to enrich your life far beyond the end of the session. 

if you are coming here seeking sexual release this is not the place for you. I am not here for YOUR beastly desires. I am here to discipline, guide, and explore with curious and respectful subjects. I am a well educated woman with my Masters degree, so make no mistake you are in the precense of a truly well rounded Princess who can warp your mind and soul just as easily as she warps your body. 

I have professionally filmed extensively for many fetish companies, easily seen on my Twitter (https://Twitter.com/OnyxKimx) including primarily wrestling and feet fetish. 

Book a session with me to worship my goddess feet, or be trampled liked the bug you are underneath them. Or if youre  man enough, youll test your strength against the grip of my thighs around your neck. I have a wide array of session experience including feet fetish, tickling, lift and carry, wrestling, scissors, facesitting, beat downs/trampling, female domination.

My personal interests include weight training, wrestling and femdom, and cats! I have 2 and they are almost as bratty as me. 

Email me at onyxkimx@gmail.com to discuss making your fantasy come to life. 50% deposit required at the time of booking. 

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Custom Videos
Belly Punching
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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
12-19-2021 12-23-2021 Raleigh North Carolina
01-08-2022 01-08-2022 Chicago Illinois
01-13-2022 01-18-2022 Boston Massachusetts
01-19-2022 01-23-2022 Manhattan New York
01-25-2022 01-26-2022 New Orleans Louisiana
01-29-2022 01-30-2022 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
02-05-2022 02-06-2022 Washington DC District of Columbia
02-13-2022 02-13-2022 Atlanta Georgia
FULLYCOVID VACCINATED. Onyx Kim is traveling across the coasts to a select few cities to grace you with her presence. She is looking for worthy opponents to test their feat of strength against her anaconda legs and good foot pups to train. She offers sessions in fantasy or semi-comp wrestling grappling sleeper holds femdom facesitting beat downsballbusting and feet fetish. Those worthy of her presence approach with respect and financial ability so that they may be considered. Higher priority to those booking multi hour sessions. Email onyxkimx@gmail.com with 50 percent deposit ready.

I had the absolute pleasure of having a session with Onyx tonight and she was a joy to session with. From the time I sent my first email to the day of the session, everything was smooth and seamless with Onyx. I am still a newbie to this session world so I still have some jitters going into one. Well, Onyx made me feel comfortable the minute I arrived. Easy to talk to and fun to laugh with. Now I'm not much of the wrestling type, but I love to worship feet and a woman's stomach. Onyx has amazing soft gorgeous feet and a beautiful stomach that I could have worshipped for days. A fantastic session all around and I cannot wait to see Onyx again in the future. I highly recommend her to anyone with or without experience in the session world.


How did you get a hold of her? 🤔 I simply assumed she wasn't active anymore.


My session with Onyx was an absolute delight. I was looking for a relaxed and laidback session which is exactly what I got! She was incredibly sweet, welcoming, and made the entire process very easy. She is also STUNNINGLY beautiful in a way that photos can't possibly portray. The session was strictly foot worship and her feet did not disappoint. They're soft, slender, and perfectly maintained. The kind of feet that you dream about!

I don't session often, but I will be booking Onyx every time we are in the same area! I recommend everybody else do the same!

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