Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Hey there!  I’ve been doing sessions, pro-style wrestling, boxing, kick boxing, jujitsu, beat downs, fantasy, and grappling for several years now.  I have always been very athletic. (gymnastics, cross country running, swimming, snow and water skiing…)  I am a competitive person and always appreciate a fun challenge.   Most of my opponents underestimate my size, strength, and endurance, so victory is twice as sweet!   So if you are up for the challenge, bring it on!!!  I am pretty flexible with a variety of wrestling sessions.  So email me, introduce yourself, and let me know

-what kind of session you are interested in

-what city you want to set it up in

-approximate date/time

If your city isnt listed in my travel plans, and you would like to help sponsor travel, let me know by email,

Talk to you soon!

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Email me at to set up a session - please let me know -what type of session -when -how long of a session -outfit requests -and what city u would like to book. If your city is not listed and you would like to sponsor travel let me know. Thanks! Pandora

I wrestled Pandora in Atlanta in February 2018. She is super strong for her size and is nothing but muscle.


Just had my second session with pandora last night and I'm pretty sure her legs got even stronger from our first time together. She will leave you trapped in multiple scissor holds and when she squeezes her legs, all hope is gone. She is such an easy person to get along with. Personable off the mat, ruthless on the mat. very highly recommend. The perfect combination of strength, skill, and good looks. Don't take her for granted!


Just had a session with Pandora and all I can say is wow. She is incredibly beautiful and very easy to talk to and get along with. Her legs are very powerful and the scissors she had me in were no joke.

Highly recommend a session with Pandora. She will not disappoint!

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