Location: Newark, New Jersey
E-mail: pandorafights@yahoo.com
Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Doesn't respond to emails


Sorry, with the whole COVID thing going on I haven’t been checking my emails as frequently. Shoot me another email, and let me know it’s from the Anonymous and I’ll get back to you.


Missed u in vegas. Was trying to set up a session ☹


A little late with the review, but better late than never I guess...
I was lucky enough to meet Pandora on her (I think first?) trip to Germany last year and still find myself thinking about it despite it being quite a while ago now. As usual, was pretty nervous when I stood in front of the door, but Pandora took all of that away immediately. Very cool and fun lady. And then the wrestling...when you first see her you may not think she can do much...cause she's so short and cute looking, but don't let that fool you! This girl is lightning quick, pretty strong, and she's also not above jumping you from behind when you're not ready. So that makes a pretty dangerous opponent.

All in all, I can really recommend a session with this beautiful lil firecracker. She's just great!! And I hope that once this "situation" has released the world from its grip she'll find her way over to Germany again.


I wrestled Pandora in Atlanta in February 2018. She is super strong for her size and is nothing but muscle.


Just had my second session with pandora last night and I'm pretty sure her legs got even stronger from our first time together. She will leave you trapped in multiple scissor holds and when she squeezes her legs, all hope is gone. She is such an easy person to get along with. Personable off the mat, ruthless on the mat. very highly recommend. The perfect combination of strength, skill, and good looks. Don't take her for granted!


Just had a session with Pandora and all I can say is wow. She is incredibly beautiful and very easy to talk to and get along with. Her legs are very powerful and the scissors she had me in were no joke.

Highly recommend a session with Pandora. She will not disappoint!


would love to set up session in NYC in two weeks but e-mails keep on bouncing back


Did you use pandorafights@yahoo.com
? It doesn’t appear like there are any issues with my email.


I recently had a session with Pandora. I have been trying to meet her for a couple years, but hadn't been able to get schedules to line up. I am glad I kept trying.

Pandora is very talented. She is a small girl, but a packs a lot of power in a little body. Nice full, strong legs and she knows how to use them. Great knowledge of holds and good at imobilizing me. Once she got me in a hold I couldn't get out. Most of the time I didn't want to get away, as she is gorgeous. I tapped out more times than I would like to admit.

I had a great time with her and would recommend her.....


Just had my favorite session of all-time a few days ago with Pandora. It was a first session with her but she is so nice after a few minutes of talking it felt like I knew her for years.
I am 6'1 and 215 and Pandora is 5'1 and 115 so I requested a fantasy session with an emphasis on scissoring. It's three days later now and my jaw and neck are just getting back to normal. Oh yea - she is not just strong but a very skillful wrestler with amazing stamina.
From start to finish she was always in control and I found myself laughing a lot through the session because I could not believe how helpless I felt. Pandora is a great trash talker and just seems to intuitively know how to make sure her client / victim is having a great time.
Honestly, I can't wait to meet her again!
Highly recommended.


I had an MMA style, where she could go competitive and I only went semi wrestling. She is a real beautiful girl who is in great shape and is very strong for her petite size. She is such a pleasure to session with as she has such an amazing personality and is a beauty to look at. I will see Pandora again when she is in the area.


I had my first session with Pandora a couple days ago, and she by far exceeded my expectations. We did a scissorhold session and she mixed some smothering in during the session.
First off, this girl is strong! I definitely did not expect that and boy was I wrong. She had my tapping whenever she wanted. Add her trash talking on top of that, and this is a session you won't forget. When we ended the session, she unexpectedly put me in a reverse that had me making a noise I have never made before. We both hysterically laughed at this, and it was just the perfect ending to a great session.
Lastly, and this speaks to her more as a person than a session wrestler, but she is super easy to be around. I felt incredibly comfortable around her and can't wait to see her again.


I just had my third semi competitive wrestling session with Pandora. I’ve had many sessions over the years and I can say without doubt that Pandora is firmly at the top of my favorite list.
For someone as petite as she is, she is incredibly strong, especially her chokes and scissors.
She’s a talent, make no mistake. She is a great trash talker and enjoys putting you in your place
Lastly, she is above all, a lady. Please treat her as such and you’ll have a fantastic time.


Finally had the chance to meet this feisty pandora in vegas late september.

Ive been following her for years, and she didnt disappoint. Shes a natural at trash talking, her scissors are the real deal. Her faceslapping is legit.

Shes very genuine, smart, great mix of grace and grit, and can pack a punch.

Shes a top notch session wrestler, and she knows it


Pandora is a true professional.,more pretty in person and has very strong scissors..from the moment I saw her we talked about our session..she is only about 5'-1" but very quick and someone I will see time and time again..highlight of my trip to Vegas for sure..can't wait to see her again and again.

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